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Herd Farm Year 6 Residential - June 2017

All Herd Farm Year 6 Residential group photos have been added to individual group pages.

Here are the groups for the 2017 Herd Farm trip.


Group 1 - Sam R, Isabelle, George S, Grace HS, Rhys, Grace HW, Ruby S, Mollie, Jake S, Dylan, Morgan, Alice (Miss Swallow)


Group 2 - Ruby M, Ivan, Ryan Ke, Georgia M, Gracie, Charlotte, Katie W, Callum, Talia, Madison, Leah, Poppy, Matilda (Miss Johnson)


Group 3 - Ben, McKenzie, Kai, Lewis, Megan, Hannah, Nancy, Ray, Chloe, Bea, Olivia B, Pavan, Karen (Mr Atkinson)


Group 4 - Heather, Emily, Ryan Kn, Millie, Dan, Kitty, Lucy, Reuben, Jake M, Josh, Sam S, George R, Harrison (Mrs Clarkson/ Mr Hiley) 


Group 5 - Amaara, Libby, Martyna, Georgia R, Olivia W, Harvey, Harry, Ethan, Holly, Kokolo (Mrs Thornton/Mr Swallow/Mrs Hopps)

Isabelle - 'I am so pleased with myself because I found my confidence and my bravery. I've made such amazing memories with my friends that i can share for the rest of my life. I achieved so much I thought i'd never do in my life. It was simply great'.


Chloe - 'Herd Farm game me the opportunity to push myself to try new things. I tried so many things i thought i'd never do. Overall it was incredible.'


McKenzie - 'A great bonding experience'


Kokolo - 'Herd farm was amazing! The activities were filled with fun! Some people got a bit homesick (including me) but the teachers are really comforting'.


Kai - 'I liked the giant swing'.


Heather - 'I liked Herd Farm because i conquered my fear of heights and was only half a pull away from the top of the giant swing'.


Alice - 'I loved Herd Farm and faced my fear of heights ( a little bit) because I went on the zip wire and the giant sing'.