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Mathletics is an exciting, interactive resource which improves numeracy skills in a challenging way!

Mathletics club runs on a Tuesday and Thursday after school until 4.30pm. The club is run by Mrs Mahmood.

We have a great time having the opportunity to improve our mental maths skills and earn lots of points and certificates.

Have a look at our Mathletics club page at some of the great things we think about Mathletics club.

We hope your child has enjoyed attending the Mathletics club this term. We would appreciate it if you could follow the link below and complete a very quick questionnaire about the club. Thank you.

Fun at Mathletics Club


"I have really enjoyed Mathletics because we can do maths with technology. It is also good because Mrs Mahmood can help us if we need it, she is awesome for that and other reasons too! I heart Mathletics."

By Alice Friel 6G 


"I love Mathletics because there are lots of fun games to play and we also have the opportunity to do our homework."

By Ella Murray 4I


"I really enjoy Mathletics because this is another way to use ICT and I really like ICT! When my friends and I enter the ICT suite all we want to do is Mathletics!!!!"

By Millie Harrison 6G

"I love Mathletics; my favourite part is live Mathletics as you can challenge people from around the world."

By Edie Leighton 3L


"I really like Mathletics because it is fun and educational at the same time. It gives you an opportunity to play fun games and earn certificates."

By Chloe Bull 6M

"I have enjoyed Mathletics with Mrs Mahmood because she is very kind and helpful and is always there when we need help. I really heart Mathletics!!!"

By Chloe Henshaw 3B


"I like Mathletics because it has good games and activities such as timestables, additions and subtraction etc. It is good and fun and I really enjoy it."

By Bethany Naylor



"I think Mathletics is really fun as you learn Maths in a really fun way.The best thing about Mathletics is Live Mathletics as it exciting and a good way to learn maths quicker" by Amelia Barber in 6M



"I love Mathletics because its a fun way to learn and boost your maths with your friends. When you earn credits from playing your friends, you can spend them and style your avatar. The best thing is winning against your friends!" by Chloe Law in 6G



I really like Mathletics because it is much more fun and you can do your homework!!!! by Kameron Edwards 6M


I like Mathletics because it is fun and you get to do home work as well and you get to play on different games and Live Mathletics By Freya -Mae 3B


'Mathletics is Amazing!!!' 

 by Joseph Ellison in 4I

'Mathletics is good because you get the chance to VS people from around the world.'

by Alex Robinson in 4I

'Mathletics makes me feel excited and safe.'

by Georgia Robson 5H

'I have enjoyed Mathletics in many different ways as I have loved learning enjoyable maths questions, VS friends and people from around the world. 

I have loved playing games related to maths and it's also given me the chance to complete my homework.'

by Kokolo Finn-Hirose 5A

'Mathletics is amazing because it gives you the chance to complete your homework.'

by Lucy Murphy in 3L

'I have enjoyed Mathletics because it gives us the opportunity to do our homework.'

by Georgia Murphy in 5H

'I have really enjoyed Mathletics because it gives us a chance to do our homework. Mrs Mahmood is really nice as she has given us this useful opportunity.'

by Alice Friel 5A

'I really enjoyed Mathletics because it is a quick way of learning maths and it is super fun to attend. It gives me something to look forward to.'

by Katie Wilson 5H 


'Alana really enjoys going to Mathletics club. She has fun playing the online games and has a real

enthusiasm for maths.'

Kevin Sumpter


'This is the first time Thomas has done after school Matheltics and he is really enjoying it. I think its made a bit more fun by doing it on the computer'

Rebecca Briggs


'Talia has really enjoyed Mathletics. She has found it fun and interesting.

I have found it invaluable, providing a free yet interesting and informative afterschool club.

Thank you !'

Debbie Wood 

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