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Clubs at Yeadon Westfield Junior School

Some of our clubs will run all year, whilst others are seasonal or related to local Leeds City or Aireborough cluster competitions (eg Tennis/Basketball). A lot of our clubs are run by our own members of staff. We have also supplemented these with some clubs run by outside providers, trying to provide a mix of payable clubs and free clubs. Every effort has been made to ensure there are a wide range of clubs offered throughout the year for a variety of ages, gender and abilities. If further opportunities arise or particular clubs are requested by pupils in school, we will try to add these to the timetable if they are possible and viable. We are also limited in some ways by the fact that we only have one school hall to use on dark winter nights and in poor weather. This timetable is revised termly to account for any additional competitions or opportunities that may cause it to change as we progress through the school year. 

Timetable of Clubs 2017/2018

Summer - Timetable for clubs - 2016-17

Spring -Timetable for clubs 2016-17