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School Food Ambassadors at YWJS

School Food Ambassador Training - 28/04/2016

School Food Ambassadors

In our school we have four School Food Ambassadors who promote healthy eating in school. Two of the four ambassadors attended a training event at Hillside Conference Centre in Beeston. They learnt all about the Governments Healthy Food Standards which were introduced into schools in 2014.

They had the opportunity to network with other schools and to take part in games and activities.

At the end of the morning they were presented with certificates for taking part.

Well Done Millie and Kokolo

School Food Ambassadors Assembly - 04/05/2016

School Food Ambassadors Assembly - 04/05/2016 1

School Food Ambassadors Assembly


On Thursday 12th May the four School Food Ambassadors led our assembly and introduced this healthy eating scheme to the rest of the school.

Pupils were given the opportunity to share their ideas of what they like about our school dinners.