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Dinner Menu Spring 18-19

Dinner Menu- Autumn (1) 2017-18

We have fantastic lunchtimes here at YWJS, much to popular demand we now have a music system too!

Quotes from happy children!

"I enjoy listening to the boom box as it has a mixture of music."

Gracie-Horner Glister 4I, Riley Dunn 5A and Marek Beran 5Asurprise


"I enjoy dancing at dinnertime because I feel like I can break free and it is more FUN when everyone joins in!!"

Chloe Dutton 4K and Zane Watson 4K


"I really like the boom box as I enjoy dancing at lunchtime!"

Darcey Hunter 4K and Corben Bridgeman 4I


"I enjoy scootering at lunchtime!"

William Healey 4I


"The music was great and I loved heart dancing to it!"

Evie Woolford 5A


"I really liked the MUSIC!!!"

Isla Wilkinson 5A and Erin Hanson 5Afrown


"I like lunchtimes as it gives us time to socialise with our friends."

Katy Fishburn 5Ano


"I really enjoy playing on the space hoppers because they are jumpy and fun!"

Millie Harrison 5Amail





Dinner Menu - Spring 1 2017

The Golden Table

The Golden Table 1
The Golden Table 2
The Golden Table 3
The Golden Table 4

Well done to the children who got on the 'Golden Table'.

Fun at dinner time

Fun at dinner time 1
Fun at dinner time 2
Fun at dinner time 3
Fun at dinner time 4
Fun at dinner time 5
Fun at dinner time 6
Fun at dinner time 7