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Year 6

Our thoughts about our Castaway topic....


"The sensei is very enthusiastic so I really enjoyed doing karate." Finlay


"So far in electricity, it has been very exciting making circuits. My favourite lesson has been making burglar alarms, it was very noisy!!"  Hannah


"I enjoyed electricity this half term because we got to experience building circuits for ourselves. At the start I didn't know much, but when we were taught the symbols, I understood it clearly." Jorja


"In karate, our teacher taught us a variety of different skills to learn. We went from blocks to kicks and punches. I really enjoyed the karate lessons." Ollie


"I really enjoyed doing the Hokusai art because we learnt about his life being an artist and I enjoying trying to recreate one of his most famous pieces of art." Gracie


"This half term we have been building circuits and learning about electricity. I enjoyed it because we got to work as a team and create different circuits." Izzy

Our amazing Hokusai wave pictures!

Building circuits in Science

Building circuits in Science 1

Fund raiser for Great Ormond Street Hospital


Some very caring and thoughtful girls in Year 6, led by Jorja Cousins decided they wanted to raise money for the hospital as it had helped to look after Jorja's baby sister who sadly died when she was just 11 days old.


Jorja, along with Gracie, Mia and Ella M held a fund raising day in the Scout hut behind St Peter & Paul's school on Saturday 11th March 2019.


They raised an amazing £2401.75!!!! Well done girls on such a huge achievement.


Fund raising

Castaway - Spring 1


After an exciting start to the new term, where we have looked at volcanoes, flooding, mountains and earthquakes during Our Powerful Planet project, Year 6 will be continuing to polish up their map-reading skills through studying mountains: we will identify mountain ranges around the world. Through our book study of Kensuke’s Kingdom, we will be doing lots of work based around being stranded on a desert island including an artist study of Hokusai, a Japanese artist who painted amazing images of tsunami waves. In Science we are looking at Evolution and Inheritance and our music work looks at The Rite of String by Stravinsky which Disney used as a background to a cartoon about the evolution of the planet. Pupils will write their own evolution music to a short cartoon

The Vikings - Autumn 2

In Autumn 2 we will be learning about The Vikings! We are excited to find out what made them such good warriors, where they came from and how they travelled to Britain. We will research what the Vikings ate and will have a Viking feast at the end of the topic which links

with our D.T. In Science, we will learn about animals and humans.

A super DT morning developing our chopping, grating and slicing skills whilst making pizzas for our Christmas party! 18.12.18

29.11.18 A very interesting afternoon at St John's church.

We loved our Viking Workshop led by Jorvick Viking Centre!

We loved our Viking Workshop led by Jorvick Viking Centre! 1

World War II - Autumn 1

In Autumn 1 our topic was all about World War 2, a real favourite within school – it was linked to a local history study where we will learnt about how the industrial estate at Yeadon Airport was used to build Lancaster bombers; how Thwaite Mill made putty to help with the war effort and the visit of Winston Churchill to Leeds. We had great fun designing and making shelters in D.T. and learnt about light in our Science topic linked to the blackout. In Music we learnt WW2 songs and linked these to Remembrance in November.

To celebrate the end of our WW2 topic, we had a party similar to how people celebrated the end of the war in 1945. We had buns and juice, and played board games whilst listening to Vera Lynn!

"I enjoyed our VE day party - I liked doing the mindfulness colouring in sheets because it made me think about the people from WW2 whilst I was colouring. The juice and buns were yummy too! It was nice to spend time with my friends." Ella C 6M

Have a look at our completed shelters we made in DT. They had to withstand a 1kg weight, be waterproof and air resistant. We all worked really well in our teams!

"I enjoyed this DT topic because WW2 is an interesting subject, but when we did the tests, our Anderson Shelter did not survive the water test!"

Emma, 6M

"I thought my shelter was going to collapse when we carried out the different tests because we didn't think it was strong enough, but it was strong enough which made me happy!"

Matthew, 6M



In Science, we explored what colour light is. 10.10.18

"I enjoyed going outside and using the prism - I found out that when light is refracted, you can see the true colours of light and not just white."

Jay, 6M

"I have really enjoyed orienteering because I like reading maps!"

Harry, 6M


"I liked that you had to run around. There were lots of different races that we could do and I don't run as much out of school so this was good fun for me."

Annabelle, 6M

We are enjoying constructing our WW2 Shelters in DT! 11.10.18

"It was a lot of fun because we got to use a lot of equipment that we don't normally use - like glue guns and saws!"

Jake, 6M

"I really enjoyed the whole day - I liked learning about the different coins and the rations because it was very interesting to find out how much food they had in a week and what coins they used to buy it."

Libby, 6M

Thwaite Mills Visit

Still image for this video
This trip was part of our World War II studies.

Roald Dahl Day

Thursday 13th September was Roald Dahl Day! We all got dressed up and had a great day! These are 6G's pictures.


We had fun trying to put up tents for our shelter topic in DT!