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4I - Ingleton

Summer 2

Our final half term together in Y4, how the year has flown by! This half term we will be seeking all bright sparks while we learn all about electricity in science. The weather is warming up for our seaside topic and our trip to Scarborough. In music we will be creating our very own seaside wraps. We also have a tennis festival to look forward to this half term (fingers crossed for sunshine). Our writing focus is going to be a newspaper report about plastic in the ocean and the damage it is causing to our planet. 

Quiddich showdown

Y4 football skills

Summer 1 


Finally, the weather is looking up and just in time for our pond life topic! We are going on our pond dipping trip and this will help support our science focus on living things and their habitats. In English we will be producing chronological reports based on animals living in and around ponds. Our Art focus will be based on pond life and creating 3D sculptures using wire and music will be based around relaxation music; a great link to our Y4 yoga focus! 

We made fantastic wire minibeasts from wire

On Friday 20th April we went on our pond dipping and mini beast hunting trip to the Denso Marston Nature Reserve on the bank of the river Aire at Baildon.

In the morning we did some pond dipping.

Still image for this video

In the afternoon we hunted mini beasts.

Still image for this video

Spring term 2


This term our focus is based around the water cycle. This will link with our science topic and writing an explanation text in English. The children will design and build their own bridges in DT and of course we will have the chicks to look after! Maths will have a focus around fractions and decimals. 

Building bridges

Spring 2018


SPRING TERM 1 - Mighty Mayans.

We explored the Mayan Empire and compared it with British history. As the Maya discovered cacao beans, we carried out chocolate related activities and practised our culinary skills by creating a Mayan Feast. Our science focus was changing state. Our English was linked to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. We had so much fun.

Science Day-we all turned into inventors

Sophie-"I liked working in different groups and inventing in order to help people!"

Jake-"I liked coming up with my own inventions!"

Millie-"I love inventing!"

Having a lovely time learning about Australia

Olivia-"I enjoyed painting with dots!"

Finley-"I loved drawing a boomerang!"

Iyah-"I liked the art!"


Having a great time cooking and eating a Mayan feast

Chloe-"I liked cooking because we got to try Mayan food!"

Jack-"I enjoyed trying different foods!"

Megan-"I enjoyed making a Mayan god!"

We had a lovely day learning all things ICT

What we thought of the ICT day


Iyah:"I loved taking computers apart to reveal how they are made up!"

Hollie: "Looking inside old computers was fascinating!" 

Kyle:"I enjoyed recording how loud we could clap and scream into the data loggers!"

We had a fantastic time being taught how to skip

Eleni-"I enjoyed learning new skills!"

Charlotte-"I loved learning the Pretzel!"

Maizie-"I enjoy being healthy and active!"

Felicity-"I enjoyed learning the cross over!"

To help launch our Charlie and The Chocolate Factory topic we had to find our own golden tickets. Each one had a very special invite.

Autumn Term 2017


Our first topic during the Autumn term is: Who were the Romans? We will cover the Roman invasion of England and learn about the rebellion of Queen Boudicca. We will also consider what the Romans did for us and their importance in shaping England as we know it today.

Our art focus will be looking at and creating Roman mosaics, and we will be looking at teeth and digestion in our science work. Our exciting music this half term will also be linked to the Romans!

We played Quidditch to help earn extra house points. We competed and had fun trying to catch the Golden Snitch.

All the children have worked extremely hard during swimming this term and enjoyed their treat.

All the children have been enjoying their swimming this half term at Kirkstall.

Oscar, "It keeps me fit!"

Eleni, "It's fun and active!"

Felicity, "I enjoy doing flips!"


We spent the day living as Romans. We learnt how to be soldiers in order to keep the Roman Empire powerful. We trained with swords and spears and fought off intruders.

Oscar, "I loved dressing up!"

Eleni, "I liked writing letters!"

Felicity, "I enjoyed using the shields and swords!"

Making our amazing potions as part of our Harry Potter topic. We used the practical elements of making potions to inspire our writing.

Having fun in science

Coming together to beat bullying

We loved cooking our Harry Potter rock buns

Having fun learning how to orienteer

Welcoming wizardry into the classroom

We have launched our Harry Potter topic by being sorted into houses.

Ava-'I love trying the butter beer!'

Miller-'I like being in a different houses!'

11.10.17 - Enjoying enterprise day finding out about who stole the chocolate!

Ava-"I thought it was exciting!"

Jacob-"I enjoyed working in teams."

Megan-"It was a great chance to learn how to be a Police Officer."

4I enjoying our guinea pigs

Millie-"I thought they were extremely cute."

Hollie-"I loved it when they snuggled up to me."

Iyah-"They made lots of noise!"

Enjoying Roald Dahl's birthday

Loving learning about the digestive system

Louis-"I was really fun because you could see how it goes around your body."

Kyle-"It was really interesting."

Jack-"I like the digestive system because it was really interesting."

Sophie-"It was gross!"