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Year 3

Remembrance Day Art

In Art, we used mixed media to create a Remembrance pictures based on the poem In Flanders Fields. We used watercolours, pastels, tissue paper and poster paints. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
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Picture 8
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Picture 10

Adventure down the Nile

In the Autumn term we begin with transition activities where the children will learn about life at the Junior school and settle in to our routines. We will also be discovering what life was like 3000 years ago in Ancient Egypt in our exciting topic ‘Adventure down the River Nile. We will be learning about farming, the importance of the River Nile, the fascinating pyramid, some of the Pharaoh’s and beliefs. In Science, we will be looking at ‘Forces and Magnets’, comparing and grouping a variety of everyday materials based on whether they are attracted to a magnet. We will then be investigating human and animal skeletons. Design Technology will involve investigating and making levers and linkages during our mechanical systems work. In computing we will learn word processing skills and in PE we will be practicing our basketball skills.

In other areas of the curriculum, Year 3 will be starting to learn French, including greetings and numbers to 10, as well as basic classroom instructions.

Temple Cat Book Launch


The children wore some fantastic costumes for the launch of our English Topic the Temple Cat. We began the morning hot seating the Ancient Egyptian characters and then thought of more specific questions we would ask the Temple Cat. 

Voting Day

We had heard from all the candidates for our School Councillors, Harmony Rep and Sports Rep, who did a fantastic job of setting out their intentions should they be voted in and then on Friday morning the children went to the Polling Station in the Whitby room for a secret ballot. 

Leeds Discovery Centre 

We had an excellent day when the Leeds Discovery Centre visited Year 3. The lady showed us photographs of the Discovery Centre and collections held there including a giant squid and the bandages of the Mummy in Leeds Museum. We then went outside to make a human timeline and grasp just how long ago the Ancient Egyptians lived. When we returned to the classroom we split into groups and took part in activities such as being an Ancient Egypt Town Planner and examining personal possessions from Ancient Egyptian times. We even got to hold some objects that were over 3000 years old!

I loved it, I wish we could do this everyday,' said Matilda.

It was great 'I liked being part of the time line,' said Lex-Mae.

'I enjoyed being a town planner,' said James.

'I loved the necklaces they wore,' said Kayla.


This half term the children have the opportunity to learn Karate in PE. The children all got stuck in with surprising strength and enjoyed their first lesson:  

'I love to kick and punch the pads.' 

'This is so much fun.' 

'You have to be really strong to hold the big pads.'

Egyptian Art

The first week of school has been all about settling in to life at the Junior School, routines and having fun. We began to think about this terms topic 'Adventure down the River Nile' by producing collaborative art work for a mini exhibition. The children could choose who they wanted to work with across the year group and enjoyed putting their Egyptian exhibit.