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Year 3

School Closure Week 16

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Hi everyone. This is the last video I will be posting this term of all your creations. I have really enjoyed making them and hope you have enjoyed watching them. A really big THANK YOU to all of you who have contributed material. The pictures, videos, music and comments have all been really interesting and fun to see. I hope the videos have helped you cope with all the strange goings-on!! Have a great summer and we’ll see what September has in store. Cheers, Sam.

School Closure Week 15

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School Closure Week 14

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Hi Everyone,

Well the weather has been a really mixed bag over the last week, lots of rain and some beautiful hot days too. I have been busy marking your work packs and I must say, I am very impressed with a lot of what you have been doing. Make sure you keep up with your joined handwriting and using Times Table Rock Stars. I didn't set up a Battle of the Bands this time but it will be back next week for the final 2 weeks of school.

My evenings have been taken up with Frankie's small bubble, off ice training and I got very wet on Sunday! I hope you have all been keeping fit and getting some fresh air everyday. 


Mrs Clarke's little girl, had her birthday this weekend and they didn't let the weather spoil the day. She had a small party on her street and lots of fun. Mrs Kilby made her a wonderful birthday cake. 


Have any of you had a go at drawing using the Web links I posted? If you have, I would love to see them so ask your adult to send in a photo. There is also the self portrait pictures to send into .


Take care, we miss you all.


Mrs O'Sullivan and Mrs Clarke


Here are some extra activities for you to have a look at:


Monday 29th June –  Start the week with some yoga, this 30 minute stretch, balance and breathing will put you in the right mindset for the week.


Tuesday 30th June –  Have a go at playing the maths game: Hit the Button on Top Marks, you can test your knowledge of Number Bonds, Doubles, Halves, Times Tables or Division facts. Challenge someone in your house.


Wednesday 1st July – Ever wanted to be able to draw faces? Bob Martin the illustrator of Horrible Histories does a great tutorial here have a go and send us a photograph of your work.


Thursday 2nd July – Have a look at the video clip about the 3 Little Pigs on Literacy Shed   a modern- day report on events. Can you write a Newspaper Report or video yourself being a News Reporter. Perhaps it might be a report about how a young boy called Jack grew the tallest beanstalk in the world or how Goldilocks broke into the 3 bears house.


Friday 3rd July – Why not enter one (or more) of the competitions on the National Geographic website there are lots of other things to do on this website too.






School Closure Week 13

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This week’s video is our Portrait Challenge, with some bonus content at the end.

School Closure Week 12

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Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well, here are some extra things you might want to check out this week. 


Monday 22nd June – Let’s get moving with the video clips on  they are all high energy, cool dance moves.


Tuesday 23rd June – I have been loving watching the farmers at Canon Hall Farm every morning as they check up on the animals. There second television programme airs tonight on Channel 5 at 8pm (You can watch the first programme on My5), This week on the farm, meanwhile take a look at the video clips on their website What is your favourite animal? Perhaps you can research or make a short documentary video about your pet.


Wednesday 24th June – Look on find out more information about a topic of your choice or click on the Earth button and see how much you can remember about volcanoes in the quiz.


Thursday 25th June – It’s Pobble day again! look at the picture of the day and answer the questions, perhaps you could draw your own secret city.


Friday 26th June – Time for another drawing lesson, the tutorial on this

you tube channel are great for drawing flowers,   I have seen some of the sunflowers you drew from the work packs which were brilliant, have a go at the rose or tulip.

Battle of the Bands 4

Wow, yet another win for Burnsall in our fourth Battle of the Bands. Brilliant effort everyone who joined in. Here are the most valued players for each class:


 Burnsall    Kaleb, Oliver and Jack       


 Leyburn    Jamie, Eoin and Isaac

June 10th 2020

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are finding lots of things to do in the wet weather. Well done all those children on T.T. Rock Stars you are fabulous for practising your Times Tables. Eden, thank you for sharing photographs of what you have been doing, I love the artwork which will be a great reminder of this time in your life. Super letter and an amazing amount of work completed. We love to see photographs from our children so please keep sending them in to   


Mrs Clark is busy teaching a Year 6 bubble of children and I have been busy looking through all the work packs that were returned on Friday. Frankie and I have also been rescuing wildlife in the garden this week it, was another bee and a damselfly who had both been jumping on our trampoline! 


Here are some extra online activities for each day. 


Wednesday 10th June – Draw with illustrator Rob Biddulph have a go at drawing the Gregosaurus and send in your drawings to so we can make a gallery. I will post mine on here later.


Thursday 11th June – Take a look at the picture of the day on Pobble and have a go at describing what you would see. It reminds me of the view Jack would have had from the beanstalk.


Friday 12th June 10.30am - Watch the live stream from the Natural History Museum about volcanoes if you miss it you can catch up later.


Take care

Mrs O'Sullivan and Mrs Clark



School Closure Week 11

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6th June 2020

Hi everyone,

The staff have been working really hard in school for the past couple of weeks getting ready for the Y6 children to come back, along with quite a few more children whose parents are Key Workers.

School is looking a little bit different but once the children get back in I know it will feel like home again. The teachers have set the tables and chairs out so that everyone has a bit more space and we must try really hard to stay 2 metres apart as much as possible to keep everyone in school, and at home, safe. We will be using the work packs in school over the next few weeks but you will also get to do other activities such as PE, Art and Computing. I know you may be feeling nervous but please don’t worry – all the staff will be there to help you and make you feel safe and it will be great to get back together, have some fun and see everyone again. I am sure we will all get used to the new routines very quickly.

For those of you who are not able to come back into school we will still be sending the work packs home every two weeks. The latest ones went out on Friday but if you forgot to collect yours you can still pick it up if you give school a ring. I keep watching the videos you are sending in – the plants you are growing and the arts, crafts and baking you are doing. Some of you have learnt lots of super new skills. Keep the videos coming in and carry on exploring new activities whilst you have this time at home.

Over the past few weeks I have been growing lots of veg plants and some things have grown enough for us to harvest them and eat them. I’ve also been doing the Couch to 5k running challenge and have got to the last week. When I started I could only run for about 1 minute but today managed a 30 minute run from Baildon to Shipley – though if you see me you will notice I run very slowly!

Keep smiling, working hard and being good for the adults at home.

Love from Mrs Piotrowicz



Hi Year 3s,


We hope you have all had a lovely half term week in the glorious sunshine. Today is a lot cooler but the rain is much needed to water the plants some of you have been growing and for wild life. It was lovely to speak with most of you on the telephone and hearing what you have been doing. We are missing seeing some of the photographs and video clips of what you have been busy with so please keep sending these in. Isabella, we loved your rock art and pictures of you on your bicycle rides that have been posted on the Year 5 page. 

We have been busy looking through the work packs that have been sent back to school, preparing and printing the new packs for you all. Please keep learning and get practising for the next Battle of the Bands that starts on Monday. 


Take care and keep safe.


Mrs O'Sullivan and Mrs Clark


School Closure Week 10

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Battle of the Bands 3

Another win for Burnsall in our third Battle of the Bands. Fabulous effort everyone who joined in. Here are the most valued players for each class:


 Burnsall    Oliver, Kaleb and Jack       


 Leyburn    Lola, Jamie and Isobel

School Closure Week 9

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Another busy fortnight with Ms Clark plus VE Day celebrations!

Hello year 3!


It looks like you have all been super busy again over the last couple of weeks. Mrs O’Sullivan and I were really pleased with all of the amazing work we saw in the packs that you have retuned so far. Well done to everyone for their hard work and also to your parents for their amazing effort during this hard time!


So, yet another two weeks goes by. I am missing seeing everyone in class so much, but it is lovely to see the videos of what has been happening at home – please do keep them coming. Please email videos and photos to and don’t forget to put your name and year group in the Subject!


Wow, this last couple of weeks you have been a busy lot:


Well done Isla – your wormery looks fantastic and those painted rocks will certainly cheer anyone who sees them! Hope the horses are all ok, too?


Lola, your Lego skills are brilliant, and I hope you like pickled beetroot?


Maya, the bunting you made for VE day was fantastic – I hope you all enjoyed a lovely socially distanced day celebrating?


Lucy, yet another fantastic effort with the bunting and I hope you played lots of games of hopscotch. It used to be my favourite game at school! I don’t know if anyone has seen, but the playground at school has new markings that have been added and we have a set of four fabulous new hopscotch games!


Chloe, you have been so busy! I love your new scooter and your hair looks so different! The salt dough sculpture looks a fabulous idea and I like your healthy cooking too.


Holly, I see you have discovered Oak Academy! It is a great website and well done on keeping going. I hope your ratios and fractions were correct – that patio building looks like hard work!


Isabella, well done on your hard work. The pebbles look fantastic and I can’t believe how cute that little froglet looks! Your mask is brilliant, and I hope you enjoyed your pizza!


Jorja, once again you and your Dad have made an amazing sculpture! Olaf looks so amazing! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your spa day looked fabulous and the party food looked really yummy!


Michael, your BBQ marshmallow toasting really made my mouth water! I hope they were just crispy enough.


Sandy, well done on your maths homework! You look like you have been making the most of being outside and exercising too, I am envious of your huge trampoline! 


James, I am glad you managed to catch the very first photos of the new swans in the park. Aren’t they beautiful? 


Zak, well done on rising to Mr Otto’s PE challenge. Your catching skills are really impressive. Keep going! 


It has been a really busy fortnight, with VE day celebrations and long walks on a weekend for me (I managed a 7-mile walk on Saturday!) and I we have been busy preparing your home learning and clearing out school ready for the deep clean before half term.  New packs are coming out today and hopefully the balance is better now following the feedback we have had and also the fact we have been able to see what you have been getting through from the returned packs.


This time, we are sending out three weeks of extra challenges to have a go at.  These websites can all be used to help with any work you might be struggling with at home, too. This next work pack covers this week, then from Friday, it is the Spring Bank holiday week so we haven’t set any work for you to do over that week. Take some time to just be with your family. Maybe go on a nature hunt or just enjoy playing with your favourite toy!


Monday 18th May -  Do you fancy entering a competition to make people laugh?


Tuesday 19th May – Watch the video and have a look at the Literacy Shed website for a pack of activities you can download and have a go at!


Wednesday 20th May – Check out Pobble again look at the photo and have a go at some of the activities from the page!


Thursday 21st May – Have a look at Nrich and try this puzzle.


Friday 22nd May – Mindfulness and meditation can be a great life skill to have. Why not check out headspace for some ideas and have a go at some meditation



Half term


Monday 25th May - Ever wondered how old maths is?


Tuesday 26th May – Check out this fabulous challenge from Dash from the Incredibles! Can you keep yuppy?


Wednesday 27th May – There are five fantastic activities to try here that are lockdown safe – have a go at one (or all of them!)


Thursday 28th May – Are you missing PE? This is a really good collection of videos to inspire you by the Yorkshire Sport Foundation!


Friday 29th May – Have a go at a few of these fun indoor exercise activities to keep you fit on a rainy day!




Monday 1st June – Have a go at this maths puzzle –


Tuesday 2nd June – Do you fancy learning how to code? This is a fun website – have a go at one of the coding games!


Wednesday 3rd June – Can BBC Bitesize help you with your maths this week?


Thursday 4th June – 

Watch this video and draw a poster about what you have learned


Friday 5th June – Visit here and listen to the elevenses for today


We would love to see what you have been up to and how many of you have accepted our challenges?!


We will hopefully speak to you all soon!


Mrs Clark and Mrs O’Sullivan

School Closure Week 8

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Battle of the Bands

Great work Burnsall and well done to all the children who took part in Battle of the Bands. Congratulations to the winning Band.

Here are the Most Valued Players:

          Burnsall                                         Leyburn

          Oliver                                            Jamie

         Jack                                              Isobel

          Kaleb                                              Isabella

School Closure Week 7

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Hello all,

The Leeds North West School Sport Partnership website has compiled a wide range of #STAYHOMESTAYACTIVE resources, including: strength, cardio and stretching activities; challenges set by the Leeds Rhinos and England Netball teams; and scavenger hunts.

I had a go at the challenge card below. Can you beat my score of 40?

Have a happy and healthy week,

Mr Otto

Hello year 3!


We hope you are all staying safe and well at home?


We have been busy preparing your next work packs that will have been made available to collect for this week. We hope that this is as exciting to do, as it was to plan. Have you read Jack and the Beanstalk? If you have then you will be in great shape to work through our tasks for this week!


We have loved looking at your videos and photographs you have sent in. There are so many things to mention!  

Ethan, what an amazing pineapple carving you made! Very impressive! 

Holly, you look to have been super busy, the Acro gymnastics looked very impressive and so did your post digging lunch! 

Jasmine, the kite flying looked amazing and we can’t wait to see your potatoes when they have grown! 

Jorja, another mention for your fabulous Pinocchio! 

Lola you have been super busy this last few weeks – we particularly enjoyed the alternative Jenga!

Lucy’s baking looked delicious and your sewing was amazing, well done!

Zak has dome some baking too as well as burning off the buns by climbing trees and cricket! What a fabulous idea to write it down in a diary, too!

Isaac, your scones looked delicious and that robot was absolutely brilliant! 

Happy birthday to Chloe too – you look like you had a great time despite being on lockdown. The blanket you got looked like a lovely gift, too!

Eden, your poem was beautiful and we hope to see some pictures of the caterpillars when they grow into butterflies. Mrs Clark grew some in her classroom last year and they were stunning!

James, we are very impressed at your flower pressing and your bearded dragon looks super scary! We hope he helped you with those times tables?

Keira did some impressive dance practice and some fabulous science, erupting cola with mentoes! The Roots fruits and shoots salad looked really delicious too!


Finally, a huge well done to Carys, for starting her brilliant blog. We will be checking that out. You have done some super work with your sentences too. We were also very impressed to see you riding your bike so well! Well done, Carys! 


So for the extra challenges for this week, we have added a few different websites from the Department for Education recommended list. There are so many amazing things available out on the Internet so please do check these out!



Monday 4th May - Can you make an insect out of flowers and leaves?


Tuesday 5th May  - What is resilience? How can this help us with our daily lives and building friendships?


Wednesday 6th May – Check out the Poetry Mix It Up on Poetry by Heart. Choose a poem and then have a go at performing it out loud to your family!


Thursday 7th May – Have a go at some fun place value games:


Friday 8th May – Do you know what VE day is?


Monday 11th May – Have a moment to think about how life has changed. How do you feel about the changes we have had to make?

This website is also a very good place to visit for advice on dealing with stress and anxiety during the lockdown and the potential relaxing in the near future. 


Tuesday 12th May – Get yourself moving with some fabulous Disney inspired workouts:


Wednesday 13th May - Try a fun number sequencing game -


Thursday 14th May – Ever wonder why bees are attracted to flowers?


Friday 15th May – How does music make you feel


Stay safe everyone!


Mrs Clark and Mrs O'Sullivan


Busy fortnight with Mrs Clark

3rd May 2020

Hi everyone,

I have been sending lots of emails and texts to your parents and carers over the last couple of weeks, though haven’t written to the children who are not in school for a couple of weeks. I do, however, feel I know a lot about what you have been up to as I have watched your videos and seen all the amazing art, cooking, baking, gardening, science, music and other activities that you have been doing. I also saw quite a few of you when you came for the last work packs and look forward to touching base with all the families who make a brief visit tomorrow to collect the next packs. I have seen pictures of you all working hard on your school tasks. It would be really good if you could keep having a go at the work your teachers send. I know it is hard to do this at home as it is so different to working in school, but it will help you when you come back to school if you have kept your brain ticking over. Don’t worry if there are some things you cannot do – there is a lot in the pack – just do your best and have a go. Then, when we do come back to school, it will help you get back into the routine more easily.

I have also been really busy. I have been in school with Miss Swallow and the teachers who are able to come in most days and time passes very quickly! When I have done lunchtime duty I have been trying to get the grounds looking nice for when we are all back at school. Michael, Alana and Kayla have helped to plant up the hanging baskets and pots and clear the flowerbeds. We had fun (and got wet!) cleaning the bike shed. The gardening company that come to school have planted wildflowers where the adventure trail was removed and have fenced it off to start to develop a wildlife garden which looks great so far.

At home I have joined the bake off gangs amongst you, making bread and cakes!


 I have done more gardening and planted out the beans I have grown from seed. I am really proud that I have got onto Week 5 of the couch to 5k challenge. I am a very slow runner and when Pippa came with me today I ran at the same speed as she walked. I told her I was saving my energy! On other days I have walked and done yoga. My walk yesterday took me through Spring Woods at the bottom of Baildon and the bluebells and dam were beautiful in the Spring sunshine.


Take care everyone, stay busy and hopefully it won’t be too long before we can all be together again in school.

Love from Mrs Piotrowicz.

May 1st

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Hello Year 3!


Well done to Burnsall on winning Battle of the Bands on TTRS and especially Finley, Jack and Oliver for being the MVP's this week. Keep going and next week Leyburn, you have to try and beat us! I also want to make a special mention for Jorja in 3B too. She has made an amazing model of Pinocchio from paper mâché with her Dad over the last few weeks. Jorja, once again you have amazed me with your brilliant model making skills! Check out the new video and see if you can spot it!


Well this week has been a real mix of challenges for me. Working hard to get the packs together for you all for the next few weeks work as well as trying to enjoy a bit of the sunshine and spend some time with my two children. We have made dens, been out for a long walks and I even had a go at running! Robert did beat me though but I am determined to get faster! 


This week I have added a few more challenges for you all to have a go at. I will email this list out as well but these are from some of the websites that the Department for Education recommend may be helpful to you all to support your learning at home. I would love to see photos of you all doing some of them!


Year 3 Challenges – Week 2 After Easter


27th April – - Have a look at lesson 1 on the fractions unit!


28th April – watch film and discuss questions on the website about Bullying


29th April – Koo Koo Kangeroo - have a go at the Awesome Rainbows dance.


30th April –

Watch the short video from Charanga about Rhythm. Can you make your own rhythm? Try using different things in your house. Perhaps you could try making a glass xylophone to help?


1st May –  Try Explorify at Home – and see what you can find out about plants!


Hope you are all keeping safe at home and I may see a few of you in school this week.


Mrs Clark 




Battle of the Bands

Well done to all the children who took part in our first ever Battle of the Bands. Congratulations to the winning Band.

Here are the Most Valued Players:

          Burnsall                                         Leyburn

          Oliver                                             Jamie

          Finley                                              Isaac

          Jack                                                Isobel




April 24th

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Year 3 toilet roll entries and winner......

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A quiz from Mrs Jennings - answers will follow at a later date!

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Battle of the Bands

Join in our Battle of the Bands -  3L against 3B


Who will be the winner?


Between today and Friday we will be competing on Times Table Rockstars, simply login in and play any games on TTR as much as possible to earn points for your class team.


At the end Friday the Band winner will be announced along with the 3 most valued players in the class.

Hello everyone!


Hope you have all had a good and safe Easter break. I have been busy enjoying time with my family and trying out new things at home. I can see from the videos that a lot of you have been busy – Holly, your handbag looked amazing and so did your scones! Chloe, your dancing was brilliant and those crispy buns looked delicious. Well done on tidying up and I hope you didn’t get too wet! Melissa, I was so impressed with your beautiful Bullfinch photograph – what a talent you have for taking a good photo! Sandy, your bread looked delicious and what an amazing trampoline you have! Oliver, what great football skills you have – that goal was brilliant! I am also very proud of you all out clapping for our amazing NHS - I have been out every week clapping, too!


 My knitting is coming along slowly and I have made another batch of soap with Elizabeth to hand out to our neighbours (at a safe distance) and I have been busy cooking new things and baking. When it was nice and warm, we had a go at den building and making some bug hotels!


I have made a nice batch of brownies and some delicious scones with Robert and some crispy buns with Elizabeth and we have been busy planting some seeds to grow our own veggies. So far we have courgettes, carrots, peas, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes and I have also managed to grow some blueberries, too! We have planted some potatoes outside as well so hopefully by the summer we will have a good crop of delicious home grown food. This is also linked to what we would have been learning in class – Roots, Fruits and Shoots! 


I also had a go at doing my own Loo Roll challenges. Did anyone guess which character I made? Look at the photographs to see if you can guess?


So, over Easter, you all had some exciting challenges to try. Well, here are a few more for you to have a go at. These have all been emailed out to your parents as well. 


Year 3 Challenges – Week 1 after Easter


20th April – Visit and do the activity of the day!


21st April – Check out and make a poster about what you have discovered!


22nd April – have a go at the game:



23rd April – visit and create your very own Lock Down Diary entry!


24th April  – “Speech marks anyone?” Mrs Clark asked!

Watch the video then have a go at writing a short story using speech marks!


Have fun and don’t forget to keep sending in photographs of what you have been doing to the and don’t forget to add your name and our Year group to the subject!


Take care all of you, I am missing seeing each and everyone in 3B and hope that you are all staying safe?


Mrs Clark 

Hi Year 3,

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter and not eaten too much chocolate!


I really miss you and enjoy looking on the website at what you have been up to over the last few weeks.


I hope you are trying to do some of the homework sheets, reading and keeping up learning your times tables. The days are very strange at the moment and it is difficult for everyone not being able to go out. I have been doing ‘home school work’ too as well as trying to get Frankie to switch off his PS4 and complete his work.


I try to start the day with Joe Wicks PE workout like some of you and Frankie has got me on the trampoline once or twice! I have also had a go at the loo roll challenge.  My new love is doodle art, it keeps me calm. Perhaps you can have a go and send in some of your pictures. This morning, Frankie and I made some rice crispy buns which I can't wait to eat. 


I try and go out for a walk or cycle once a day to make sure I get some exercise and the lovely weather we have had makes being outside in the garden fun too.  


Keep sending in those fantastic photographs of the things you have been doing, they really make me smile and keep doing a brilliant job of keeping you and your family safe. 


Love from 


Mrs O'Sullivan

April 17th

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A story from Miss Swallow

Still image for this video
Miss Swallow has written a story about a Little Bird who has a very bad case of the hiccups! If you would like to do some illustrations for her story, draw some, take some photos and then email them to news@ or draw some on the computer and email them. She would love to see some fantastic pictures to go with her story.

Easter message from the staff.

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Clapping for the NHS.

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April 9th

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Our NHS banner

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A little song from Miss Swallow

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April 3rd

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Keep in touch with us!

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                                                                                                                1st April 2020

Hi everyone,

What a strange week or two this has been! I am thinking of everybody at home – I know from speaking to the staff that we are all missing the children a lot. I was in school for the first couple of days but then my daughter and I had symptoms so I have had to leave the school in the capable hands of Miss Swallow and the other teachers and staff. They have done a brilliant job and I hope to be back in next week. Meanwhile I am also doing lots of “Homeschool work” too back in Baildon and speaking to Miss Swallow about fifty times a day to keep the show on the road between us all! My home office is not as nice as some of the little offices you have made at home.

The children who are still in school have been having lots of fun I know, but those of you who have sent in videos and photos of you at home are doing some amazing things too. I have been making bread with my daughters but not sure it is as good as yours Louis! I have eaten it this morning for breakfast and it tasted good for a first attempt. I can recommend the kneading of the dough to get rid of a bit of energy!



I have also been planting and growing seeds – runner beans, tomatoes and chilli’s. We are going to get the onions into the garden next. The children who were in school in the first week planted onions and potatoes in the school plot so we should have a harvest to look forward to at school too.


My daily walks have taken me all over the village but also up onto Baildon Moors. I will definitely try to keep up this new exercise routine when school life returns to normal. I have also managed to fit in a few exercise routines in my front room!

Keep sending the photos and videos in everybody – it is great to see what you are doing, Hope to see everyone soon. Thank you to all your parents and carers too for working so hard with you – they are doing a great job.

Love from Mrs Piotrowicz.

A message from Mrs Jennings, one of our Governors.

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Week 1...

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April Fools' Day..

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Footprints from the Past - Spring term 2

Our topic during the spring term was linked to The Stone Age to the Iron Age period in history, where we will looked at how people lived within this time.

Our Trip to Nell Bank was a great introduction to this period. In Science, we examined rocks and soils during this half term. We began to look at strengths and challenges and celebrate differences in PSHE and who can inspire us in our RE work.

Year 3 - Journey Planner - Spring 2

The chicks have hatched!

Class 3B have four lovely fluffy chicks that have hatched out this week. They will stay with us in school until the end of next week and children will have the chance to handle them and help look after them until they go back to the farm to run free! 


The chicks are so cute and they are really soft. Jasmine.


It was nice holding the chicks because they were soft, cute and small. Sandy.

World Book Day

Fantastic costumes, great adjectives and a fun day. More pictures and information about our World Book Day on the English Curriculum page. 

Our trip to Nell Bank was an excellent way to launch our new Stone Age topic. We began the day walking back in time with each step representing 10 years. We past through World Wars, Victorians, Romans, Iron Age and Bronze Age until finally arriving in Stone Age times. 

We worked together in groups to make shelters from branches, cave paintings and tried our hand at weaving. We all found making fire tricky until we had a little help from modern times with flint and steel and cotton wool. 

Luckily, the weather was kind and we all had a fantastic time. 

I enjoyed making Stone Age Dens.   Lucas

I really liked building a den with sticks and fur to keep out the cold. James

It was fun when I lit the fire. Isobel

The cave painting activity was my favourite because it was just like going back in time and drawing like Neanderthals would have done. Ethan and Zara

When we did the Time line trail I found out lots of information about events in the past. Eden

It was tricky to make fire but joyful when I finally did it. Mia

I loved the basket weaving as it was clever of the Stone Age people to make weaved shaped baskets to carry things in. Michael


I really liked building the dens. Sam T

What I liked best was making the fire. Harry T

My favourite but was the playground because of the awesome tunnel and the fire lighting. I lit the cotton wool! Matthew H

I liked building dens and lighting fire the best. The playground at the end was fun. It was a great way to spend my birthday! Aprille O


What Makes the Earth Angry? - Spring Term 1


The first half of this term we will be looking at volcanoes across the curriculum. We will learn about the earth’s structure and different types of rocks within our science work and in Geography, we will be exploring the location of well-known volcanoes; describing and understanding the key aspects of this part of physical geography. In Art, we will be creating volcano pictures based on work of American artist Margaret Godfrey, introducing children to shading techniques and different mediums. Dance in PE will focus on the stages of a volcano eruption and we will be making our own volcanoes, using them to produce our own volcanic eruptions! In computing, we will be learning how to communicate safely on the internet whilst using email.

Year 3 Geography journey planner - Spring 1

EGG-citing news!


Yesterday, YWJS was visited by EGGucation who gave us all a fantastic talk on chickens as well as bringing two of their rare breed chickens for us to meet. They have also left year 3 and 4 with some eggs in an incubator. We are really excited to watch these eggs and will hopefully have some cute and fluffy chicks in the weeks after we return from half term! In year 3 we hope to have some Cream Legbar chicks, Andalusian chicks, Vorwerk chicks and a Welbar Bantam chick. Photos of the hatched chicks will be posted as soon as they emerge! 


PE - Volcano dancing

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Volcano dancing in year 3.

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This half term in year 3 we have been looking at improvisational dance. Following our topic on ‘What makes the earth angry?’ We have studied the different phases of a volcanic eruption and turned this into dance.

Even more volcano dancing

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Our volcano dancing

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Volcano dancing

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Mount Vesuvius erupts!


Year 3 had a visit from Flavia, a time traveller from Pompeii who survived the eruption of Vesuvius. In our English, we then looked at the time line of when and how Vesuvius erupted and had a go at some still improvisation of our own reactions to Each phase of the eruption. It was quite a day!

Rock investigation!


We have been looking at the different properties of rocks in science this half term to link in with our topic on Volcanoes. We have been doing various experiments to find out whether rocks are permeable or impermeable, whether they are soft or hard and if they are durable. We then went into the playground and found some rocks we then tasted and compared against those we had investigated in class previously. 

Adventure down the Nile - Autumn Term

In the Autumn term we began with transition activities where the children learnt about life at the Junior school and settled in to our routines. We discovered what life was like 3000 years ago in Ancient Egypt in our exciting topic ‘Adventure down the River Nile. We learnt about farming, the importance of the River Nile, the fascinating pyramids, some of the Pharaoh’s and beliefs. In Science, we learnt about ‘Forces and Magnets’ by comparing and grouping a variety of everyday materials based on whether they are attracted to a magnet. Later in the term, we investigated human and animal skeletons. Within Design Technology we researched and made levers and linkages during our mechanical systems work. In computing we began to improve our word processing skills and became familiar with using our computer suite. In PE we practiced  our basketball skills and even learnt some karate! In other areas of the curriculum, Year 3 started to learn French, including greetings and numbers to 10, as well as basic classroom instructions.

Art: Clay Scarab Beetle Amulets

Art: Paper Batik Gods

Year 3 Visit the library.


As part of the guided reading sessions, we visited the school library and had a look around. The children enjoyed taking part in a scavenger hunt where they were looking for items in the library. We had a lovely discussion about the difference between fiction and non-fiction books and also learned where to find the title and author of a book.  We then looked at the features of a non-fiction book and chatted about how they are different. Some children enjoyed changing their library books.


Jaxson said, "It has been really good because there are lots of really good books to read." Some other children were equally as excited with Evelyn saying, " I like it because it is a place you can be silent and read." Oliver agreed with Jaxson and said, "It is really good because there are lots of non-fiction books that I can choose from."

Remembrance Day Art

In Art, we used mixed media to create a Remembrance pictures based on the poem In Flanders Fields. We used watercolours, pastels, tissue paper and poster paints. 

Temple Cat Book Launch


The children wore some fantastic costumes for the launch of our English Topic the Temple Cat. We began the morning hot seating the Ancient Egyptian characters and then thought of more specific questions we would ask the Temple Cat. 

Voting Day

We had heard from all the candidates for our School Councillors, Harmony Rep and Sports Rep, who did a fantastic job of setting out their intentions should they be voted in and then on Friday morning the children went to the Polling Station in the Whitby room for a secret ballot. 

Leeds Discovery Centre 

We had an excellent day when the Leeds Discovery Centre visited Year 3. The lady showed us photographs of the Discovery Centre and collections held there including a giant squid and the bandages of the Mummy in Leeds Museum. We then went outside to make a human timeline and grasp just how long ago the Ancient Egyptians lived. When we returned to the classroom we split into groups and took part in activities such as being an Ancient Egypt Town Planner and examining personal possessions from Ancient Egyptian times. We even got to hold some objects that were over 3000 years old!

I loved it, I wish we could do this everyday,' said Matilda.

It was great 'I liked being part of the time line,' said Lex-Mae.

'I enjoyed being a town planner,' said James.

'I loved the necklaces they wore,' said Kayla.


This half term the children have the opportunity to learn Karate in PE. The children all got stuck in with surprising strength and enjoyed their first lesson:  

'I love to kick and punch the pads.' 

'This is so much fun.' 

'You have to be really strong to hold the big pads.'

Egyptian Art

The first week of school has been all about settling in to life at the Junior School, routines and having fun. We began to think about this terms topic 'Adventure down the River Nile' by producing collaborative art work for a mini exhibition. The children could choose who they wanted to work with across the year group and enjoyed putting their Egyptian exhibit.