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Music Statement of Intent


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Musicians at Yeadon Westfield Junior School


Music is a thriving subject at YWJS with all pupils taking part in a musical activity every week. Most classes are taught by a music specialist once a week to further inspire and facilitate their musical development and curiosity.  The children all learn to sing a variety of songs from a range of styles, genres and cultures. They also have the opportunity to learn a selection of musical instruments taught by specialist teachers, such as violin, guitar, drums and keyboard. As a whole-class, pupils receive lessons for recorder and ukulele.


By engaging children in making and responding to music, we offer them opportunities


  • develop their understanding and appreciation of a wide range of different kinds of music so that they can find their own style and musical preferences,
  • give constructive feedback on the work of their peers that teaches them respect when delivering the feedback, and resilience when listing to their peers’ comments,
  • develop skills, attitudes and attributes that can support learning in other subject areas and that are needed for life and work, for example listening skills, the ability to concentrate and follow instructions, creativity and curiosity, intuition, aesthetic sensitivity and the dedication needed to master an instrument.


Each year group is taught music in 6 half-termly units.  Each unit contains opportunities to cover, in increasing depth, the main strands of the NC programmes of study for music. Each unit links songs to a thematic structure allowing children to sing, listen to, compose, perform and evaluate a wide range of musical genres across different times and cultures. 


We ensure that we incorporate technology into our music curriculum by using iPads to record and edit performances, as well as using programmes such as Charanga and Garageband to broaden their musical and ICT skills.


Extracurricular Music is popular at Yeadon Westfield Junior School with a thriving choir. As part of the Aireborough Learning Partnership Trust, our choir sings at many festivals and celebrations around the local area, such as carol singing in local residential homes, and at the ALPT celebration exhibition each summer. For many, the challenge of performing to an audience outside of the school setting builds resilience and confidence, thus preparing them for secondary school and beyond.

Autumn 2020

The 6G Ukulele Band play "Let It Be".

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Harvest Festival 2020 - Year 3

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Harvest Festival 2020 - Year 4

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Harvest Festival 2020 - Year 5

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Harvest Festival 2020 - Year 6G

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Harvest Festival Year 6M - Harvest Poems

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Harvest Festival - Year 6 M&G - The Human Drumkit

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Instrument families

Today in music, Year 5 discussed different instruments, their features and their sound by listening to musical extracts.

We talked about the organisation of orchestras and considered how families of instruments are seated together and why.

In small groups, the pupils were given pictures of each instrument and worked together to sort them into their instrument families. These were either brass, percussion, strings or woodwind.

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Year 6 ukulele playing Roar by Katy Perry

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ALPT Choir

Children from YWJS are part of the Aireborough Learning Partnership Trust Choir and were priviledged to sing at Guiseley Morrisons for the local community.

The Greatest Day

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Year 6 are learning to play ukueles - here are some of their first attempts are playing together, brilliant.


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Weekly instrumental lessons

Musical performances around the Christmas tree.

The staff, pupils and parents thoroughly enjoyed listening to the choir and Year 3 pupils performing in Sing Song Assembly. The choir performed 'show tune' songs and Year 3 performed songs about Egyptian Mummies.


"I really enjoyed singing in front of the choir, especially as my family came to watch. I wasn't nervous at all. It sounded really good as we sang in sections that overlapped." Year 5 pupil


"I got to play percussion along with the Egyptian songs. It was great fun." Year 3 pupil.

Year 3 enjoying a Bamboo Tamboo workshop

Ukulele Club

Singing Christmas Carols in Morrisons.

Instrumental performances of our favourite Christmas carols.

Well done to Poppy Metcalfe for her Merit Certificate for achieving the silver award in clarinet.

Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company

Audience participation!

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Well done to Olivia Brear (Year 5) for passing her Grade 1 Clarinet exam with Merit!

Composing and performing in year 4

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Year 4 pupils composed their own relaxation music using keyboards and percussion. They learnt how to play the c major scale and how to write it as music notation.


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Recorder club performing at Easter Church Service

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Young Leaders of the Groove Music Project receive their well-earned certificates.

Recorder club - hot cross buns!

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Alan Summers from Music for Schools Foundation

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We enjoyed Alan's performance when he came in to teach us about the trumpet, cornet, clarinet, saxophone and flute. We enjoyed singing along to the pieces we recognised.

Alan Summers

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Music Policy February 2016

Watching the Leeds Symphony Orchestra

A number of pupils went to watch the Leeds Symphony Orchestra perform their Tom Oram Concert for Children. 


Olivia said, "I liked it when they played Uptown Funk. My favourite instruments are in the string section, particularly the violins."


Evelyn said, "I liked it when the lady introduced us to the different sections in the orchestra. It has made me want to play the larger instruments, such as the cello and double bass."



Wind Trio Performance

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Performing an Ostinato

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Charlotte and Evelyn wrote and performed an Ostinato about 'shops.'