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Summer Term 2022 - Year 4 - Making Electric Lamps

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A triple whammy here! 4I have been making a simple circuit for a lamp. The lamp was designed and built in their DT lessons (topic Electricity) out of recycled materials which links with their Eco Schools topic of waste. Their science topic is also electricity and their electricity objective was to make a simple circuit, a circuit with a brighter bulb and a circuit with more than one bulb.

Summer Term 2022 - Marine Conservation

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Our Eco Warriors spent time learning about conservation in the oceans. They came dressed as sea creatures or in marine colours.

Summer Term 2022 - Eco-Warriors Review

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One way we can help improve the environment is to start using re-useable drinks bottles.
You must NEVER pick up litter with your hands - use a litter picker.
NEVER pick up sharp/ dangerous or smelly rubbish.

Spring Term 2022 - Planting trees

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Planting trees and litter picking - A big 'thank you' to the Tree Council for supplying us with 5 fruit trees.

Understanding the importance of COP26 in PSHE lessons.

Re-homing second hand uniform and reducing waste.

Sorting our second-hand uniform donations.

Eco Advent Calendar

Can you try some of the items on the Eco Advent Calendar? We tried some in the playground.

Eco advent calendar