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Computing Celebration Day Jan 2018

We have been celebrating our achievements within Computing at Yeadon Westfield Junior School. Mrs Clarkson organised for a range of activities to take place across the school on Tuesday 23rd January for Years 3 and 4 and then on Wednesday 24th January for Years 5 and 6.


During the Computing Celebration Day children (and staff!) were able to:


  • Take apart old laptops and look at what was inside a laptop and how they worked.


  • Use 'Codebugs' to create their own coded messages.


  • Use a variety of activities from the 'Hour of Code' ideas  - both plugged and unplugged.


  • Use the 'Log-Box' equipment to find out 'who had the loudest voice in the class' or 'who had the warmest coat'.


  • Use the computer suite to crack codes and create their own Scratch games/animations.


Have a look below at the fantastic fun we have had.

"I enjoyed using the code bugs" Lily


"It was great to see our own messages flash up on the code bugs and write messages for our friends to read!" Eleanor 


"I liked taking the computers apart and seeing what was inside" Nikita 

"We loved every activity we did but especially taking the computers apart!" Iyah 4I

Year 5 take some old laptops apart - it was not an easy task!

'I have had lots of fun.' Charlie 3B