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Sponsored assault course - July 2017

Thank you to Curry's for donating prizes to our Effort Earners from the assault course!

Dominic Year 3 - 'I enjoyed the bouncing and jumping and we also did skipping'.


Lucas Year 3 - 'In the assault course I liked the Oxygen trampoline'.


Charlotte M Year 3 - 'I enjoyed the assault course as you did it in bare feet. It keeps you fit and healthy'.

Ray year 6 - 'I really enjoyed the inflatable run'.


Olivia W year 6 - 'My favourite part was bouncing on the trampolines'.


Rhys year 6 - 'It was really fun and we raised a lot of money for the bungalow'.


Molly year 6 - 'The assault course was a great way to get active and organised!'.​​​​​​

Zak Year 4 - 'I really liked the inflatables'.


Lottie B Year 4 - I enjoyed the assault course because the Oxygen jump was awesome and keeps you fit'.


Emma W Year 4 - 'The assault course was lots of fun because we raised a lot of money for the bungalow'.


Adam Year 4 - 'The assault course was an exciting experience that some other schools don't get the opportunity to do'.

Year 5 - 'I liked the basketball area'.


Riley Year 5 - ' I liked the trampolines'.


Year 5 - 'I liked the assault course because then I could get fit'.