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Year 4

School Closure Week 16

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Hi everyone. This is the last video I will be posting this term of all your creations. I have really enjoyed making them and hope you have enjoyed watching them. A really big THANK YOU to all of you who have contributed material. The pictures, videos, music and comments have all been really interesting and fun to see. I hope the videos have helped you cope with all the strange goings-on!! Have a great summer and we’ll see what September has in store. Cheers, Sam.

School Closure Week 15

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School Closure Week 14

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School Closure Week 13

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This week’s video is our Portrait Challenge, with some bonus content at the end.

School Closure Week 12

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Battle of the Bands 4

A substantial win for Kettlewell again in our fourth Battle of the Bands. Brilliant effort everyone who joined in. Here are the most valued players for each class:


 Kettlewell    Darcey-Nicole, Layla L and Noah G    


 Ingleton       Ashley, Lucas, and Sofia

School Closure Week 12

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School Closure Week 11

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6th June 2020

Hi everyone,

The staff have been working really hard in school for the past couple of weeks getting ready for the Y6 children to come back, along with quite a few more children whose parents are Key Workers.

School is looking a little bit different but once the children get back in I know it will feel like home again. The teachers have set the tables and chairs out so that everyone has a bit more space and we must try really hard to stay 2 metres apart as much as possible to keep everyone in school, and at home, safe. We will be using the work packs in school over the next few weeks but you will also get to do other activities such as PE, Art and Computing. I know you may be feeling nervous but please don’t worry – all the staff will be there to help you and make you feel safe and it will be great to get back together, have some fun and see everyone again. I am sure we will all get used to the new routines very quickly.

For those of you who are not able to come back into school we will still be sending the work packs home every two weeks. The latest ones went out on Friday but if you forgot to collect yours you can still pick it up if you give school a ring. I keep watching the videos you are sending in – the plants you are growing and the arts, crafts and baking you are doing. Some of you have learnt lots of super new skills. Keep the videos coming in and carry on exploring new activities whilst you have this time at home.

Over the past few weeks I have been growing lots of veg plants and some things have grown enough for us to harvest them and eat them. I’ve also been doing the Couch to 5k running challenge and have got to the last week. When I started I could only run for about 1 minute but today managed a 30 minute run from Baildon to Shipley – though if you see me you will notice I run very slowly!

Keep smiling, working hard and being good for the adults at home.

Love from Mrs Piotrowicz


School Closure Week 10

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What or who is COVID19 s?


I am sure that by now you all know a bit about coronavirus from your family, friends and the media. It may be confusing what you have to do, can't do and what it all means.

To help you understand , I have uploaded lots of helpful tools below. These is a story and pictures to help you, you may find them useful.

Some of you will be looking at these with your teachers in school but we recommend those of you at home to have a look at them too. 


Take care

Mrs S



Battle of the Bands 3

Another win for Kettlewell in our third Battle of the Bands. Fabulous effort everyone who joined in. Here are the most valued players for each class:


 Kettlewell    Darcey-Nicole, Layla L, Noah       


 Ingleton       Lucas, Jake, Lexie

School Closure Week 9

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Hello year 4!


Thank you for speaking to me on the phone yesterday!

It was lovely to hear all of your voices again, have a chat and find out what you have been up to over the last couple of months.

Thanks to all grown ups for filling me in with all of the fantastic work and activities you have been doing with your children.  You are doing a brilliant job juggling work, school work and home life!

Take care

Mrs Scargill


Monday 18th May

Hello again year 4,


We hope you are enjoying being at home in this wonderful sunshine. You have all been carrying out fantastic activities and V.E day celebrations over the last few weeks. I have enjoyed looking through all of your work packs looking at your completed tasks. You have been really busy!


I enjoyed looking at the photos you have sent in for the website. Your grown ups are thinking of some great things for you to do.

Aiden, it's super that you are outside playing and also helping out cooking. Your pizza looked yummy, I also had my eye on that salad in background!

Eddie and Flo, what a great celebration on V.E day and an ingenious outdoor room using your camper van!

You have carried out lots Autumn , I bet it was great doing maths in the garden with your dad and your Maya mask was very careful.

Evie, you look as though you have a little classroom going on with lots of creative activities, pictures and books in it. How nice to write a poem for Nana and Grandad, I bet they love it. How are the worms doing? It it all mulched up inside yet?

Miren and her family clearly had a great time on V.E. day, all of your costumes were fabulous, your mum is really organised sorting all of that out!  Spencer and Darcey also carried out super activities.

Josie, I don't have an X-Box and I didn't even know you could draw with one, that is really clever, I thought you could just play games on them!

I have also been watching the nesting birds near me, like Elizabeth has. I have taken a photo and added it to the ones below. Most of the birds near me are pheasants and grouse.


I have been working lots, some in school and at home. When I finish at the end of the day I run or walk. I went back to the same spot on the moors with the gorgeous highland cattle with my phone so I could take a photo for you, which is below

I have eaten a lot of baking which my daughters do, they have now moved onto making sweets like crunchie bars, which are so nice, but are gone in an hour!


All of the teachers are missing you, and are looking forwards to seeing you. Keep up all of the hard work and sending those wonderful photos in.


Take care

Stay safe

Love Mrs S.smiley


Activities to have a go at this week.


Tree identification activity. There are lots of types of these online to have a look at.


Make a den. Inside or out! Use blanket/table/cushions. 

There are so many amazing dens online to look at.  This was one of my favourite things to do when I was little.


Write a postcard to a friend or family member.


School Closure Week 8

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Battle of the Bands

Great work Kettlewell and well done to all the children who took part in this weeks Battle of the Bands. Congratulations to the winning Band.

Here are the Most Valued Players:

          Kettlewell                                        Ingleton

      Darcey-Nicole                                 Lucas

     Layla L                                            Jake

     Noah                                               Evie

Here are some links to great music lessons our school music teachers from Artforms have created, so that the children can still continue their music lessons from home.

Click on the links and have a go!

School Closure Week 7

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Hello all,

The Leeds North West School Sport Partnership website has compiled a wide range of #STAYHOMESTAYACTIVE resources, including: strength, cardio and stretching activities; challenges set by the Leeds Rhinos and England Netball teams; and scavenger hunts.

I had a go at the challenge card below. Can you beat my score of 40?

Have a happy and healthy week,

Mr Otto

Activities to try for this week.

On Friday 8th May it is V.E day, which we would of recognised in school.

Watch the short clip below to find out more.

Street parties to celebrate were common, people made decorations, baked and had a lot of fun.

You have a go at one of these activities which children would of done then. 

Make a celebration hat.

Make bunting

Play some traditional games such as marbles,

Make a traditional pudding such as bread and butter pudding.

If you look carefully you can see the whole family of grouse. Also my poor dog before her groom and mid groom.

4th May 2020


Hello year 4!


Hope you are all keeping well and have enjoyed yourselves at home over the last couple of weeks, the weather has continued being beautiful, I bet you have been playing out in the sunshine.


I have really enjoyed watching your videos and seeing photos of what you have been up to. Elizabeth, you are clearly destined to take over ITV, Layla well done for your fabulous Maya mask.

I cant wait to look through your work packs this week to see what you have been doing when being home schooled.


My weeks have been the same on repeat! We have baked a lot. Everyday my girls have produced something yummy! We have had so far this last week, a victoria sponge, peanut butter biscuits (which were amazing!) fairy cakes, butterfly buns and plain biscuits! One of my twins also baked a birthday cake for our neighbours 80th birthday. My eldest daughter is back from university doing her lectures online so is loving all of the home cooking and baking! The others should be doing GCSE's this year so have a lot less work to do.


We have taken cuttings from plants and have lots more seeds to plant. I have ordered succulent seeds for my daughter to grow. Although when I looked at my order they are coming from abroad, so they may take some time to arrive.


I have a routine going, I work during the day on weekdays, then we go for a run or a walk across the moors.

My eldest daughter has been running with me sometimes. Before lockdown, she used to go to the gym everyday and has never run before, she ran 11k in under and hour the other day, which was a fantastic achievement. 

We have lots more new routes across the moors. Finally we have found the curly ginger cows. They are enormous, have long thick coats and fringes. The lambs are all growing bigger as are the grouse which have been nesting noisily over the past few weeks. 


I have cut all of the girls hair and one of them has had two different colours of pink hair, so far in lockdown. I cut the dogs hair with clippers in three sessions over two days,  to try to make it even. I am not destined to be a groomer. She still looks like she is wearing moon boots and is now afraid of the hair clippers! 


Well done 4K for your TT Rockstars win!


Take care year 4.

Hope to see you soon

Love Mrs S.



3rd May 2020

Hi everyone,

I have been sending lots of emails and texts to your parents and carers over the last couple of weeks, though haven’t written to the children who are not in school for a couple of weeks. I do, however, feel I know a lot about what you have been up to as I have watched your videos and seen all the amazing art, cooking, baking, gardening, science, music and other activities that you have been doing. I also saw quite a few of you when you came for the last work packs and look forward to touching base with all the families who make a brief visit tomorrow to collect the next packs. I have seen pictures of you all working hard on your school tasks. It would be really good if you could keep having a go at the work your teachers send. I know it is hard to do this at home as it is so different to working in school, but it will help you when you come back to school if you have kept your brain ticking over. Don’t worry if there are some things you cannot do – there is a lot in the pack – just do your best and have a go. Then, when we do come back to school, it will help you get back into the routine more easily.

I have also been really busy. I have been in school with Miss Swallow and the teachers who are able to come in most days and time passes very quickly! When I have done lunchtime duty I have been trying to get the grounds looking nice for when we are all back at school. Michael, Alana and Kayla have helped to plant up the hanging baskets and pots and clear the flowerbeds. We had fun (and got wet!) cleaning the bike shed. The gardening company that come to school have planted wildflowers where the adventure trail was removed and have fenced it off to start to develop a wildlife garden which looks great so far.

At home I have joined the bake off gangs amongst you, making bread and cakes!



 I have done more gardening and planted out the beans I have grown from seed. I am really proud that I have got onto Week 5 of the couch to 5k challenge. I am a very slow runner and when Pippa came with me today I ran at the same speed as she walked. I told her I was saving my energy! On other days I have walked and done yoga. My walk yesterday took me through Spring Woods at the bottom of Baildon and the bluebells and dam were beautiful in the Spring sunshine.


Take care everyone, stay busy and hopefully it won’t be too long before we can all be together again in school.

Love from Mrs Piotrowicz.

May 1st

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Battle of the Bands

Well done to all the children who took part in our first ever Battle of the Bands. Congratulations to the winning Band.

Here are the Most Valued Players:

          Kettlewell                                        Ingleton

      Darcey-Nicole                                 Sofia

            Layla L                                            Kingsley

     Noah                                               Sam

April 24th

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A fantastic lockdown video made by Elizabeth - lots of great tips!

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Year 4 toilet roll entries and winner.....

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Join in our Battle of the Bands -  4K against 4I.


Who will be the winner?


Between today and Sunday, we will be competing on Times Table Rockstars. Simply login in and play any games on TTR as much as possible, to earn points for your class team whilst refining your own skills.


At the end the winning band will be announced!


Have a go, show us your skills and see which class wins the battle!





A quiz from Mrs Jennings - answers to follow later!

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April 20th


Summer 1

These supplementary tasks below link directly with the  curriculum. Some of this is revision for the year, some of the fraction work we had begun in class.


We use the White Rose Maths Hub in school as our scheme for maths. These daily lessons (for the coming two weeks) are great. There are power points and also have someone talking through the work.


Classroom secrets is the maths we sent home last term and what we often use in school.

This link below provides weekly maths activities.  It also provides answers and guidance.

Click the link and scroll down to year 4 week 1 for all of their free learning packs.

There are also SPAG activities too.

It is also worth having a go at some of the

practical ideas section.








English non-chronological report writing.

20th April

Hello Year 4,

It looks as though you have all been busy doing great Easter activities! I liked your painted stones Autumn, especially the silver one . I have been baking like you Layla and I have also done lots of planting and taking cuttings like Freddie and Finley, although I don't think I will be getting many fruit from my banana plant any time soon. 

My big girls had an chocolate Easter egg hunt in the house, although that all was eaten a while ago, with possibly quite a bit of help from me!

I have all been running every day across the moors where I live, the evenings are so peaceful and gorgeous with this lovely sun.

My job for today is to give my dog a haircut.  I've never used clippers on her before, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can make her stay still long enough do a good job!  I am sure there will be a lot of treats involved, although I can't promise she will look fit to leave the house!

Enjoy this lovely weather and I will look forward to seeing what you have all been up to!

I have added a few activities below in addition to those you have been emailed if you fancy giving them a go.


Love Mrs S


We missed the end of our Maya history topic, which is one of my favourite of the year. 

Here are a few ideas if you are interested in doing something a little different to the packs we sent you.


1. Design a Maya mask using cardboard. Paint it or decorate in bright colours. We used gold paint last year.


2. Make Maya food. We were planning on making Maya style pancakes with typical Maya fillings which we had already researched in school.


3. Design your own Maya village using whatever you can find in your house or garden.

Science Activity.

We missed this investigation in school. It is a fun one to do at home.

April 17th

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A story from Miss Swallow

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Miss Swallow has written a story about a Little Bird who has a very bad case of the hiccups! If you would like to do some illustrations for her story, draw some, take some photos and then email them to news@ or draw some on the computer and email them. She would love to see some fantastic pictures to go with her story.

Easter message from the staff.

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Clapping for the NHS.

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April 9th

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Our NHS banner

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A little song from Miss Swallow

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April 3rd

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April 2nd...

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Keep in touch!

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Hello Year Four!

I have missed all of your happy, smiling faces every morning!  However, I have really enjoyed looking at your photographs and finding out what you have been up to.  You have been busy helping at home, doing a bit of school work, being creative and playing outside.  


This week I have done some school work,  a yoga session every day, baked (a lot!) and painted with my girls. My dog is having the best time as she has company all day and is getting walked on the moors by all of them when they go for their daily exercise. I have been running for my exercise and saw lots of newborn lambs yesterday.


Can't wait to hear your news.  :)

Love Mrs S.   



                                                                                                                1st April 2020

Hi everyone,

What a strange week or two this has been! I am thinking of everybody at home – I know from speaking to the staff that we are all missing the children a lot. I was in school for the first couple of days but then my daughter and I had symptoms so I have had to leave the school in the capable hands of Miss Swallow and the other teachers and staff. They have done a brilliant job and I hope to be back in next week. Meanwhile I am also doing lots of “Homeschool work” too back in Baildon and speaking to Miss Swallow about fifty times a day to keep the show on the road between us all! My home office is not as nice as some of the little offices you have made at home.

The children who are still in school have been having lots of fun I know, but those of you who have sent in videos and photos of you at home are doing some amazing things too. I have been making bread with my daughters but not sure it is as good as yours Louis! I have eaten it this morning for breakfast and it tasted good for a first attempt. I can recommend the kneading of the dough to get rid of a bit of energy!

I have also been planting and growing seeds – runner beans, tomatoes and chilli’s. We are going to get the onions into the garden next. The children who were in school in the first week planted onions and potatoes in the school plot so we should have a harvest to look forward to at school too.



My daily walks have taken me all over the village but also up onto Baildon Moors. I will definitely try to keep up this new exercise routine when school life returns to normal. I have also managed to fit in a few exercise routines in my front room!

Keep sending the photos and videos in everybody – it is great to see what you are doing, Hope to see everyone soon. Thank you to all your parents and carers too for working so hard with you – they are doing a great job.

Love from Mrs Piotrowicz.

A message from Mrs Jennings, one of our Governors.

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Week 1...

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April Fools Day...

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Spring 2 - The mysteries of the Maya

Our second topic this spring term is all about the Maya. We will be exploring the Maya Empire and comparing it with British History. As the Maya discovered cacao beans, we will be carrying out chocolate related activities and will practice our culinary skills by creating a Mayan Feast during our design and technology work. Our science will focus on the changing state of matter.

History Learning Journey - Spring 2 - The mysteries of the Maya

World book day - Dress as an adjective day.

Nugget, Chip, Sugarplum, Buttercup and Chickzilla are all doing well, very chirpy and enjoying their space under the heat pad and playing out in their pen.

Our first chicks have hatched ! The children voted and have named them Nugget and Chip! We are hoping for more little ones over the next few days.

Mighty Mountains - Spring Term 1

This half term we will be describing and understanding key aspects of mountains within our physical geography work. We will be using maps, atlases, globes and computers to research, map, locate countries and describe features studied.

In English we will be writing creative mountain poetry, starting off with raps! We will also be designing shell structure shelters in D.T to aid survival on a mountain.

In computing, we will be meteorologists and present the weather!

Year 4 Geography learning planner - Spring 1

A huge amount of excitement in year 4 today! The chicks arrived!

DT - We made our shell structures. It was hard to make them stable and secure!

'It was a bit tricky making nets in D.T.!' Lauren

We used slices of bread to learn how mountains are formed!

We were meteorologists today! We recorded using data loggers and designed more traditional ways to record weather data.

'I really enjoyed going outside and using data loggers because you could measure the temperature.' Olivia 


'I liked checking the wind speed and direction.' Ben

'My poem was great!'  Ruby

Today we wrote onomatopoeia raps.

Powers and Potions - Autumn 2

Our second topic this term was: Powers and Potions. Our work revolved around the creation of imaginary worlds and adventure stories. Our Science topic was 'sound’ where we investigated pitch and volume and found patterns between the pitch of a sound and features of the objects that produced it.

We loved our trip!


'I loved seeing the magical things inside.' Will


'Seeing the crystal lights on the ceiling was amazing. They used lots of different techniques.'  Layla


'I liked how we actually saw the magic happening.' Ruby


'I loved the Christmas art and the Harry Potter wand.' Amber


'The birds were exciting.'  Elijah


'The trip was a lot of fun.' Ethan



Fantastic draft writing by Ben!

'I loved the Powers and Potions topic, my favourite part was the Big Write.' Laila 

We loved our trip to Harewood House.

In Science, we created Sound Maps in different places around school. 'What I enjoyed about sound maps is that we went outside and had to listen carefully to the cars and birds.' Finley

Amazing dragon sketch by Miren. 'I liked using the techniques.' Miren

Detailed shading using hatching and cross hatching.

Ruthless Romans - Autumn 1

Our first topic during the Autumn term was: Ruthless Romans. We learnt about the Roman invasion of England and the rebellion of Queen Boudicca. We also considered what the Romans did for us and their importance in shaping England as we know it today.

                         Our art focus was to examine and create Roman mosaics which was an enjoyable task. In our science we looked at teeth and digestion. Our exciting music this half term was

also linked to the Romans!

Fantastic Roman mosaics by Evie and Lacey.

We used objects we found in our natural environment to create Roman style mosaics.

Busy collecting and designing.

Take a look at our gruesome Science experiment - we recreated the digestive system and tracked the food as it travelled through our bodies.

'The digestive system was disgusting, but so much fun!' Luke


'I loved seeing it come out of the tights!' Jacob