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Guiseley Group Wednesday to Friday

We have arrived!

The Guiseley Group arrived this afternoon and have taken part in some activities this afternoon of MTA kits (big building blocks), orienteering and the Puzzle Palace.

We will put links to the three different groups below and list of the groups so you can find your child's group and see what they have been up to.

Group 1

Sandy, Bea, Surayah, Evelyn, Matthew M, Melissa, Aprille, Eden, Daisy R, Chloe

Group 2

Leo, Kyle, Lucas, James R, Daisy MH, Isobel, Queena, Michael, Isaac, Connor, Sam

Group 3

Lucy, Isla, Scarlet, Phoebe, Saskia, James A, Eoin, Jacob, Sophie, Pheobe