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Year 4

Waste - Summer 2

In Summer 2 the whole school theme is Eco-schools. In Year 4, children will be learning about waste and what is left behind in our school grounds. We will be carrying out waste surveys, to monitor the amount of waste left behind in our school grounds. The children will then analyse this data and attempt to come up with a solution to minimise waste left behind in school.

Additionally, the children will be working on a campaign to reduce waste in school. This will be shared with the other classes and also uploaded to the school website. The children will take part in a class litter pick and turn this rubbish into a colourful new path to brighten up the quad. We can all make a difference to this planet, what small change can you make today that will have a huge impact upon our planet in the long term? Will the children's campaign videos make a difference to the waste left behind in school? Look out for your child in the reduce waste campaign videos!  Alongside the whole school theme, year 4 will also learn about electricity, identify appliances that run on electricity, construct simple circuits, name the basic parts including cell, wires, switches, buzzers and bulbs. We will investigate how lamps light up with simple circuits and finally recognise some common insulators and conductors.

Summer Term 2022 - Year 4I - Litter Survey

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As part of their Eco Schools topic Year 4I did a litter survey in the school grounds.

Sky to Sea - Summer 1  

During Summer term 1, our theme links with rivers and coasts. We will identify key rivers and coasts in the world using atlases and learn about the location and geography of these places. We will also raise some debates about whether commercial buildings should be erected close to our beaches and the human impact on the environment. This term in science, we will be focusing on living things and learning about their habitats. We will be classifying living things and grouping them in a variety of ways. We will be using keys to find features of these living things and designing our own classification keys.

The Mysteries of the Maya - Spring Term 2

During this half term, our work is based around a history theme – The Maya. We will be exploring the Mayan Empire and comparing it to Ancient Egypt. We will be considering how do we know about the Maya people; what evidence is there that tells us about the past and what were the achievements of the Maya civilisation. In our DT we were also be linking our cooking and nutrition work with the Maya; it’s going to be a fun filled term.

Spring Term 2022 - Class 4I - The Lion's Lair

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We created a Dragon's Den style pitch to the 'Lion's Lair' about the Maya achievements. Some of us wanted to 'sell' our modern day inventions for cacao beans thinking carefully about what the Maya had and what they needed. We gave reasons as to why the Maya would need our invention. This is part of our History topic about the Maya. You can find more information at

Spring Term 2022 - Class 4I - Growing Chickens!

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4I have been growing chickens. Here is their video.

Spring Term 2022 - Class 4I - Science day

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On Science day we came dressed up as different sorts of scientists. Here are our pictures.

Spring Term 2022 - World Book Day

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March 3rd.was World Book Day. The children were invited to come to school dressed up as an adjective. During the day they were involved with various reading activities. Here are some pictures of then dressed as adjectives. All the school winners can be viewed at Curriculum - English - Reading.

Mighty Mountains: Spring Term 1

During Spring 1, Year 4 will be learning about mountains in detail across the curriculum areas and largely focusing on geography. We will be locating the key mountain ranges in the world; what are the key features of mountains and understand aspects of physical geography. We will also find out about human geography, how mountains affect tourism, the role of the mountain rescue team and debating whether tourists should be allowed to visit dangerous mountain regions.

We will be using maps, atlases, globes and computers to research, map, locate countries and describe features studied. We will be designing shell shelters in DT to aid survival on mountains.

Spring Term 2022 -

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Autumn Term 2021 - Our Christmas Party

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Need we say more?

Ruthless Romans: Autumn Term

Our first topic during the Autumn term is: Ruthless Romans. We will cover the Roman invasion of England and learn about the rebellion of Queen Boudicca. We will also consider what the Romans did for us and their importance in shaping England as we know it today.

                         Our art focus will be looking at and creating Roman mosaics, and we will be looking               at teeth and digestion in our science work. Our exciting music this half term will also be linked to the Romans!

Our Science topic will be ‘sound’ where we will be investigating pitch and volume and finding patterns between the pitch of a sound and features of the objects that produced it.

Autumn Term 2021 - Harvest Festival

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Here is a video of our Harvest Festival