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Our topic for the whole of this term is Yorkshire. We will look at sketching and drawing landscapes in art as well as the art of David Hockney. In Science we will be studying living things and their habitats, classifying them and studying Carl Linnaeus, a pioneer in classification. In Geography we will learn about the counties of the Uk, geography and particularly focus on the human and physical features of Yorkshire.

We will, of course, be getting ready for going to Herd Farm, so a lot of our topic work will be linked to this. We will plan routes to Herd Farm and research the local area.

We will also complete a lot of work on transition to high school, including learning how to back books and we will practise bringing books in on the correct time using planners similar to those we will use at high school. And we will, of course, be practising for our Leaver’s Concert!

Soccer Skills! 14.6.18

Soccer skills session as part of our football celebration day!

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More soccer skills!

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Even more soccer skills!!

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A great DT day making Fairground Rides with mechanical systems! 23.5.18

We had a great day out at the Brownlee Triathlon today! 21.5.18

The Brownlee Triathlon

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"This was the best afternoon ever! We got to try lots of different Yorkshire foods - it was great!" William L.

19.4.18 Super Science! We have spent this afternoon being taxonomists! We grouped 36 animals based on their similarities and differences. Have a look at how we classified the animals below.

Today we all became Inventors!!! Science Day 21.3.18



Our first topic during the Spring term is Castaway. Through our book study of Kensuke’s Kingdom we will be doing lots of work based around being stranded on a desert island including an artist study of Hokusai, a Japanese artist who painted amazing images of tsunami waves. In Science we are looking at Evolution and Inheritance and our music work looks at The Rite of String by Stravinsky which Disney used as a background to a cartoon about the evolution of the planet. Pupils will write their own evolution music to a short cartoon. In Geography we will polish up our map-reading skills through studying mountains: we will identify mountain ranges around the world. All the fun of the fair!

After February half term our next topic is ‘All the Fun of the Fair!’. We will learn about theme parks and fair grounds, circuses and fun fairs! Our Science theme links into electricity and circuits and we will be trying to make fairground rides in DT using an electrical circuit.

31.1.18 This afternoon we explored how different types of mountains are formed!

29.1.18 In English we have been writing formal letters to the Head teacher requesting a leave of absence for Michael (from Kensuke's Kingdom) so he can go and travel around the world in the Peggy Sue with his parents. Have a read of Paddy's letter.... Would you grant the leave of absence?!

5.1.18 A great morning putting our measuring skills to good use. We made Rio themed mocktails linked to our new book for this half term: Kensuke’s Kingdom.

4.1.18 Have a look at our fabulous sketches of all the different animals we expect to see on or around Kensuke's Kingdom!

Autumn Term 2017

In Autumn 1 our topic will be World War 2, a real favourite within school – it is linked to a local history study where we will learn about how the industrial estate at Yeadon Airport was used to build Lancaster bombers, how Thwaites Mill made putty to help with the war effort and the visit of Winston Churchill to Leeds. We will make shelters in DT and we will be learning about light in our Science topic linked to the blackout. In Music we will learn WW2 songs and link this to remembrance in November.


In Autumn 2 we will be learning about The Vikings! We are excited to find out what made them such good warriors, where they came from and how they travelled to Britain. We will research what The Vikings ate and will have a Viking feast at the end of the topic which links

with our DT. In Science, we will learn about animals and humans.

Have a look at our Christmas cards that we made. They were complicated but we worked hard! We’re feeling very festive in 6M now!

We had a great time at our Christmas party! 18.12.17

Anti-bullying Week 2017 - All equal - All different together!

Viking Workshop 9.11.17


We had a great day learning about the Vikings thanks to the people from Jorvick Viking Centre. We learnt about what Viking homes were like and we looked at and handled artefacts. We listened to Viking Sagas and helped act them out - this was really fun! Finally, we also took part in Viking battle training and made Shield walls to help us in battle! 

Viking Saga drama!

Vikings in the woods! 6.11.17

We had a fantastic morning down in Esholt Woods imagining we were Vikings who had just landed in Britain and were exploring their new surroundings for the first time. We had to think about our 5 senses (what we could smell, see, touch, feel and taste) to generate descriptive phrases to help us with our English work. 

DT DAY - Building Anderson Shelters! 16.10.17

"I liked sawing the wood and using glue guns to stick the frame together! It was good to decorate the shelters and make them look camouflaged." Ehssen, 6M
"I found making a shelter exciting because you got to make and design your own small Anderson Shelter. We did tests as well like dropping weights on them to see if they were strong enough!" Thomas, 6M

Our finished Shelters - Don't they all look fabulous?!

We have loved Orienteering with Simon from Airienteers this half term! 12.10.17

"I have enjoyed Orienteering because you get to use your sense of navigation and it also gets you active because you run around with a map! You get to search for objects, flags and key places." Paddy, 6M
"I like Orienteering because it is fun, and without knowing it, you are getting fit by running. We used electronic dibbers to time how long it took us to complete a course by following our maps. We had to make sure we kept the map facing North at all times!" Grace, 6M

Re-enacting an air-raid siren and sheltering in the Anderson shelter!

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"At Thwaites Mill, we got to see how an old Mill worked, we went inside an Anderson Shelter and thought about what it would have been like in the war. We also made our own paper gas masks. It was great!" Ruby, 6M