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Summer Term 2 - Eco-Schools

In Year 3, we are focusing on the topic of ’ Healthy Living’ with an intention of

understanding life skills required to look after our bodies and minds.

In Year 3, we will be focusing on ’Healthy Living’ by focusing on what it means to look after our bodies and our minds. We aim to carry this out by creating individual Mindfulness books focusing on personal goals of ways to connect, to give, to keep learning, to be active and to take notice. We have an exciting project planned and led by the children to improve ‘Jack's’ garden in our school grounds where we will decorate with our own wind chimes and dream catchers. Finally, we will celebrate our final project with a picnic in the garden reflecting on our time spent there.

How can you help?

We would appreciate your help in collecting and sending in any old CDs and keys.



Summer Term 2021 - Year 3 - Eco-Schools - Jack's Garden

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We have spent time in Jack's Garden planning how to make it into a more mindful environment.

Summer Term 2021 - Year 3 - Eco-Schools Healthy Living

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We are in isolation at home but we are still doing our school work. This video shows us working on our Eco-Schools Healthy Living topic. We have made wind chimes to listen to and help keep us calm.

Summer Term 2021 - Year 3 - Isolation Activities 1

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We are in isolation at home but we are still doing our school work. This video shows us making practical and artistic use of toilet roll tubes.

Summer Term 1 - Bring me Sunshine

Our first Science theme this term, will involve investigating the different parts of a plant, paying

particular attention to the parts of a flower and the jobs that each part carries out. We will

also find out about plant life cycles. We will try to grow our own plants and investigate

different conditions a plant needs to flourish. Our art focus will be drawing sketching and painting

plants and flowers. In Geography, we look at locating countries around the World and then focus on Europe, identifying key physical and human characteristics of places. France is our final destination, where we will learn about the types of settlement, land use and economic activity before comparing Paris to Leeds.



Spring 2 - Footprints from the Past

Our topic this half term is linked to The Stone Age to the Iron Age period in history where we will be looking at how people lived within this time. In Science, we will be learning about skeletons and muscle during this half term. We will be looking at strengths, challenges and celebrating differences in PSHE and who can inspire us in our RE work.

Spring Term 2021 - Year 3 - World Book Day

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The pupils came in fancy dress.The theme was: ADJECTIVES. Can you guess what their adjectives were?

SPRING TERM 1 - What Makes the Earth Angry?


The first half of this term we will be looking at volcanoes across different curriculum subjects. We will learn about the earth’s structure and different types of rocks and soils within our science work and in Geography, we will be exploring the location of well-known volcanoes. In Art, we will be creating volcano pictures based on work of American artist Margaret Godfrey, introducing children to shading techniques and different mediums. In PE, we will be learning the basics of Karate and we will also focus on dance and the stages of a volcano eruption. We will be making our own volcanoes, using them to produce our own volcanic eruptions!

Spring Term 2021 - Week Ending February 12th

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We have been doing a variety of activities during our learning at home time. Here are some of our contributions.

Welcome to Year 3

It has been great finally getting the children into school and getting to know them better.


Our topic for Autumn Term is ‘Adventure down the River Nile’, where we will be learning about life in Ancient Egyptian times and comparing it with life today. We will began by exploring where in the world the River Nile is located and it’s importance to the settlement of Ancient Egyptians. We will discover the secrets of the pyramids, how and why they were built.

Our English lessons will use Ancient Egypt as a stimulus for writing both explanatory texts and a fictional story about a Temple Cat. We will begin to learn how to word process in ICT lessons and create a moving picture in Design Technology using levers and linkages.

Our Science topic this term is forces and magnets where we investigate things that are attracted to a magnet and explore the force of friction on different surfaces. 

In maths we will be looking at number, with topics on Place value and multiplication and division. 


All Year 3 children will have PE on a Tuesday and Friday. PE will be outside as much as possible so please ensure the children have appropriate PE kit for the cooler days.  


It will be a busy and fun Autumn Term.

Ancient Egyptian Day 


The children have had a fantastic Ancient Egyptian day exploring our tomb! We have read the story of a Temple Cat and discussed what it might be like visiting a real tomb filled with treasures. 


''The collar had jewels that reflect the light with the torch'' ''it was gleaming'' - Charlie E.
''I liked the tomb. It is quite a discreet place. It was dark and had special things. It was almost disguised''- Poppy.

''The temple looks dark and mysterious''- Ameliah C


Ancient Egyptian Day

PTA Pumpkin Carving, Window Dessing and Family Group Competition

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PTA Scary Story Competition

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Halloween Fun Zone


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3B Halloween Boogie!

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All Year 3 have had a fun Halloween boogie this morning to some classic Halloween tunes!

We have been studying the physics of forces. We carried out an investigation into how different surfaces affect the force needed to pull an object and in doing so learnt about friction.


"I liked finding out about friction." Jaxon

"I found it exciting to use a Newton meter." Sophie

"I liked finding out about the pull force needed to move a chair." Owen


"We tested different surfaces for friction. I liked using the Newton force meter because of the spring in the middle." - Ameliah C


"If it was easy to pull on then it used less friction. The more friction was harder." - Maddison 

In the build up to our Big Write, we followed instructions to Mummify a piece of fruit. These are some of the things children thought of the activity:

"I thought it was really fun." Chloe

"It was interesting learning how to do this." Samuel

"It was really interesting how natron can preserve fruit." Emmanuel

" It was tricky to cut the fruit in half." Owen

"Now I know how the Egyptians mummified dead bodies." Amelia

"I have liked watching the tomatoes change. Some of them have got mouldy and some have shrunk with little wrinkles on the outside. The tomatoes without the baking soda have rotted quicker". - Poppy 


In maths, we are learning about Place Value. We have used concrete, pictorial and abstract representations.

Both classes listened to the children who wanted to be a School Councillor, Sport Councillor or Harmony Representative and then we held a secret ballot.