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Covid Lockdown Letter 4th January 2021

Autumn Behaviour Report Letter

End of Summer Term Letter

ALPT Statement on Summer Provision

Dear Parents


Throughout the pandemic the local Head Teachers have met regularly via zoom to discuss the best provision for our children. We are all awaiting more information from the council and DFE regarding the return in September. One area of discussion has been whether we have any capacity across the cluster for summer provision or catch up lessons. Due to building works we do not have capacity to open over summer, but have all also agreed that the best way forward is to get the children back in school in September so we can assess their learning over the recent months and therefore effectively begin from the correct starting points for any additional booster interventions etc. The ALPT statement attached clarifies this decision making. We look forward to getting the children back in and helping them to progress well after the summer break.


Lisa Piotrowicz

Parent's Evening March 2020

Survival Taster Sessions

Harvest Festival - Wednesday 16th October 2019

Homework 2019

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Letter that accompanied the report and optional parents evening info

Scooter letter for year 3 and 4

Teddy donation

Parents' Evening letter (Year 6)

Parents' Evening letter (Years 3-5)

Attendance and Behaviour Report letter


------------------------------ Academic year 2016-17 ------------------------------------

Earrings in PE - Jan 2017

Healthy packed lunches - Jan 2017

Scooting at school - Jan 2017

Safeguarding after school sports clubs - Sept 2016