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Maths Statement of Intent


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Mathematicians at Yeadon Westfield Junior School


At Yeadon Westfield Junior School, we recognise that mathematics is a powerful tool that helps us understand the world and is essential to everyday life. As such we want our children to be empowered by their solid knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts and develop a sense of curiosity not only for maths but the world in which they live.


We aim to inspire our children by fostering a positive ‘can do’ attitude as we believe all children can achieve in mathematics, through careful planning, manageable steps and secure, deep understanding of mathematical concepts. Children in YWJS, are encouraged to be resilient learners when problem solving, and school is a safe place where mistakes and misconceptions are essential parts of learning. This breeds perseverance in our children when seeking solutions.


Our mathematics curriculum is shaped by our whole school vision and specifically, children are taught maths through an enjoyable and varied spiral approach. Each year, children at our school build on prior maths knowledge following a learning journey that includes concrete modelling, where children are able to visualise concepts, and fundamental fluency understanding in which children recall and apply their knowledge. This is further practiced through exciting and challenging problem solving which embeds children’s knowledge, modelling real life scenarios with increasing sophistication. Finally, mastery of mathematics enables our children to be inspired to follow lines of enquiry, be curious in developing and experimenting with solutions and present justifications and arguments in a respectful manner using mathematical language and oracy skills. All of which leads to satisfaction and enjoyment through being resilient learners.


We are committed at YWJS, to ensuring that our children progress beyond our school knowing the importance of mathematics in the wider world. Being fluent in the fundamentals of maths and having the skill sets needed to confidently reason and problem solve will equip them beyond their school life.

Autumn Term - Barvember - Year 5

Autumn Term 2023 - Year 4 Muddy Puddle Day - Black History Day, Roman Maths and Art

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We made Roman numerals using lolly sticks and soled problems containing Roman numerals. We wrote our answers in chalk on the playground. We also created Art in the afternoon as part of this Black History Month task:

Black History Month artwork
Choose a black person who inspires you. They could be someone you have learnt about from Black History or a famous black person in the present.
Think about their qualities and what they have achieved. Perhaps there are certain words, colours or symbols that come to mind when you imagine them?
In groups or individually, draw an outline of their portrait onto a piece of black card with a pencil. Use materials from around the school grounds to add colour or patterns to the space inside the outline. You could include images related to their life or quotes from them.
Display your creation proudly where you can look up to your inspirational person every day and feel inspired.

Summer Term 2023-Year 6- Measuring angles

Summer Term 2023 - Year 4 - Maths and Art Muddy Puddle Day

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Art: We carried out our printing activities outside on Muddy Puddle Day. We had already planned, sketched and painted watercolour designs of the fish we were going to print. We then made our templates using card and straws and printed them onto paper using the rollers and trays.
We also used polystyrene to etch our drawings into and printed them onto paper. These were really successful.
Maths: We used the orienteering maps to find the geometric shapes at each different number on the map and then wrote the properties of each shape on our sheet.
We created acute and obtuse angles using lolly pop sticks then compared the size of the angles by ordering them in ascending or descending order according to their size.
We drew 2D shapes on the playground or found 2D shapes around the school grounds. Then, with chalk, drew the lines of symmetry for that shape. We then drew simple shapes or found simple shapes and drew them alongside a line of symmetry.
We created different 3D shapes using plasticine and art straws using challenge cards.
Everyone enjoyed being outside in the fresh air being creative and mathematical!

Here are some of things our children think about Maths


What is Maths?


'Maths is all about numbers. We learn maths to get further in collage, better jobs and be successful in life in general.' Year 3 child.


'Maths is finding out answers.' Year 4 child.


'Maths is where we learn addition, multiplication, division and subtraction. In the future it can help with your job and daily life.' Year 5 child.


'Maths is where you learn different methods to do with number. Learning maths gives us the life skills we may need in the future.' Year 6 child.


Do you enjoy Maths?


'It's a bit challenging and a bit fun, maths is my favourite subject in school.' Year 3 child.


'I enjoy maths. I love Times Table Rock stars.' Year 4 child.


'I enjoy times tables.' Year 5 child.


'Maths is challenging but that's good, if you don't get challenging work it would be boring. I loved learning long multiplication.' Year 6 child.



What are your best achievements in Maths?


'How fast I can recall times tables in TTRs. When I manage to solve a problem I am really proud.' Year 3 child.


'Knowing my times tables and being able to work on greater depth questions.' Year 4 Child.


'Improving my TTRs results over a two week period.' Year 5 child.


'Answering greater depth challenge questions are my greatest achievements.' Year 6 child.



What do you learn from doing discussion problems in Maths?


'I learn team work and sometimes even if you don't like the answer you have to go with it and co-operate with other people or explain why you disagree clearly.' Year 3 child.


'Working with other partners means more ideas to discuss and two heads can be better than one.' Year 4 child.


'I learn how other people's brains work.' Year 5 child.


'We are able to discuss other ways to solve problems.' Year 6 child.


How can Maths help people overcome problems?


'If you are a builder in New York, you would need to know measurement and addition and be able to use it in architecture.' Year 3 child.


'When sharing things out to make things fair, partitioning and dividing.' Year 4 child.


'Maths help people in everyday life when facing something needing maths knowledge. You wouldn't go far in life without maths.' Year 5 child.


'Overcoming problems at high school as we will have prior knowledge and in the future to get jobs.' Year 6 child.




Year 6 taking part in the Numberfit Global Timestables Challenge!

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Spring Term 2023 - Year 5 Maths On Muddy Puddle Day

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We spent part of our MPD measuring the perimeters of large shapes. This is the video of this part of the day. The other two videos are on the Outdoor Learning page.

Spring Term 2023 - Year 4 - Maths on our Muddy Puddle Day

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We used this Muddy Puddle Day to combine our maths with art to create geometrical artwork. We went indoors to make some Mayan style wraps and enhance our food preparation skills. Back outside we cooked and ate the wraps round the fire pit, learning more Health and Safety skills.
We warmed up playing Pok-a-Tok. This is a ball game where you can't use your hands or feet to move the ball. Challenging but fun.
We also acted out some of our Mayan stories.

Spring Term 2023 - Year 5 - Maths and Muddy Puddles

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The coldest Muddy Puddle Day yet for Year 5.
Maths: The children learned about 2 dimensional polygons (ask one of the children to explain). They made regular and irregular shapes from found materials.
Art: Inspired by Kandinsky they turned their maths into art.
History: To warm up they re-enacted the Battle of Hastings.
Science: they devised ways of separating a mixture of materials.

Autumn Term 2022 - Year 4 - Another Muddy Puddle Day - Roman Maths

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We spent the whole day outside. First we dyed wool using natural Roman methods. Then we worked out challenges using Roman symbols and lollypop sticks. Finally we made mosaics out of tiles. We had a fantastic time.

Summer Term 2022 - Year 4I - Outdoor Maths

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We have been doing our maths in the sunshine!!

Summer Term 2022 - Year 4I - Summer Muddy Puddle Day

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The children took part in a litter survey of the school grounds followed by a litter pick linked to our eco schools topic. After break they did some outdoor maths linked to the topic of properties of shape and drew acute, obtuse and right angles on the playground in chalk. The children went into Jack's garden in the afternoon and sketched what they could see through a view finder, using Monet as inspiration, and created a water colour landscape painting.

Year 3 Recognising fractions as decimals

Year 3 Measuring length and Perimeter

Classroom Displays Summer 2022

Year 3 Finding 2D and 3D Shapes in the environment

Spring Term 2022 - Year 5 Muddy Puddle Day

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We decorated our earthquake art with stick pictures and labelled the angles acute, obtuse, right-angle or reflex as appropriate.

Spring Term 2022 - Class 6G - Muddy Puddle Day

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We used our Muddy Puddle Day (no mud and no puddles this year!) to do maths outside. This video shows what we were up to.

Spring Term 2022 - Class 6M - Muddy Puddle Day

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We used our Muddy Puddle Day (no mud and no puddles this year!) to do some combined maths and art outside. This video shows what we were up to.

Maths Week November 2021

Year 3

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During Maths week 2021, all of the children took part in Numberfit which combined maths times tables puzzles and fitness in a fun team based competition.


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Year 6

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Autumn Term 2021 - Year 4 - Roman Maths

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As part of Muddy Puddle Day the Year 4 pupils learned all about Roman numerals. They practised their skills using lollipop sticks on the school yard. This is the longer version of the maths part of the video viewable on the Outdoor Learning page.

Year 3 Place Value topic

----------------------------------------------------------- 2020-2021 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Summer Term 2021 - Class 6G - Maths Workshop

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With the Tokyo Olympics in mind we set our Year 6 pupils a puzzle to challenge their maths skills.
The team of Olympians from the tiny country of Berellia is in turmoil. They're all cyclists, you see - and someone has sabotaged each and every one of their bikes! So our pupils had to delve deep into the murky underworld of the velodrome as they surveyed the crime scene, examined the evidence and sifted through the suspects - all in a bid to crack The Case of the Criminal Cyclists!

Summer Term 2021 - Year 3 - Outdoor Maths

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We had to hunt out analogue clocks around the school and then convert the analogue time into digital time.

Times Tables Rockstars Festive Competition 2020!

Classroom Displays


Below are pictures of the Maths displays which are on classroom walls during the Autumn term.

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6