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School Dinners

School lunches operate as a “Family Service.” This is where the pupils are seated 8 per table, 2 pupils are appointed as servers and they are all shown how to set and clear away their table. Pupils must decide to stay for lunch from Monday to Friday each week. Pupils can change from school dinner to pack lunch on a termly basis. 


Meals are provided by the Leeds Catering Agency which our cook prepares daily. The kitchen staff try to maintain a healthy eating policy and vegetarian food is always included. Please see the menu below.


The cost of school lunches from September 2021 is £2.40 per day for each child. The method of payment is ‘ParentPay’.  Please visit the parent pay link for more information.


Four weeks written notice is required if you wish to change from school lunches to sandwiches because the food has to be ordered 4 weeks in advance. Please note that if you are more than two weeks in arrears with dinner money you will be contacted by the office staff and asked to provide sandwiches for your child until the debt is cleared.

Food Policy

Quotes from happy children!

"I enjoy listening to the boom box as it has a mixture of music."


"I enjoy dancing at dinnertime because I feel like I can break free and it is more FUN when everyone joins in!!"


"I really like the boom box as I enjoy dancing at lunchtime!"


"I enjoy scootering at lunchtime!"


"The music was great and I loved heart dancing to it!"


"I really liked the MUSIC!!!"


"I like lunchtimes as it gives us time to socialise with our friends."


"I really enjoy playing on the space hoppers because they are jumpy and fun!"