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3L - Leyburn Archive: 2017 - 2018

Aireborough Rotary Club Presentation

Thank you to Aireborough Rotary Club for presenting all the children in Year 3 with a dictionary today. We were all very excited.
Design, technology day
Roots, Fruits and Shoots

We have had a brilliant day evaluating, designing, making and eating healthy sandwiches.


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In science, we worked together to demonstrate the life cycle of plant. Can you spot growing, flowering, pollination, fertilisation and seed dispersal?

Practical maths measuring the height of our plants.

Maths Celebration Day
We had another great celebration day. Today we began with Maths in Art, looking at geometry using Composition VIII by Kandinsky. We then had a go at drawing our own piece of art in his style and practised using watercolours to paint it. In the afternoon, we logged into Rock Star Maths before joining with the other Year 3 class in the hall to save our school through fun, team problem solving tasks. Everyone had a fantastic time learning that maths is definitely not boring!

Spring Term 2018

Footprints from the Past

Our topic in the second spring term is linked to The Stone Age to the Iron Age period in history where we will be looking at how people lived within this time. In Science, we will investigating rocks and soils. During this half term, we will be looking at strengths and challenges and celebrating differences in PSHE and who can inspire us in our RE work.


Cave paintings and homework

Science Celebration Day

World Book Day 2018

Footprints from the past

We had a brilliant start to our new topic with a trip to Herd Farm. We learnt so much about the Stone Age, including how people in the different periods of Stone Age made tools,  gathered food, hunted and made shelters. We had fun making our own shelters, spear throwing and hunting. The rain didn't dampen our spirits and actually helped us realise the importance of making fire and how hard life must have been for Stone Age people.

Herd Farm - Inside the Stone Age huts

Shelter building

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Spear throwing 1

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Spear throwing 2

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Making a fire

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Spring Term 2018 What makes the Earth angry?


We were inspired by the work of Margaret Godfrey to produce our own volcano art work using tissue paper layering. Here are some photos of us creating our masterpieces.

We had a great start to Spring term today launching our new topic: 'What makes the Earth angry.' The children were inspired by watching video clips of volcano eruptions. They brainstormed ideas for language to describe the eruptions and then worked together in small groups to produce their own volcanoes. In the afternoon we all went out to erupt our coke and mento volcanoes and then finished the day by writing about the different stages of a volcano explosion. 

What makes the Earth angry? Launch Day

Autumn Term 2017

In the Autumn term we begin with our transition topic where the children will learn about life at the Junior school. We will also be discovering what life was like 3000 years ago in Ancient Egypt in our exciting topic ‘Time to Meet a Mummy’. We will be learning about farming, the importance of the River Nile, the fascinating pyramids, the pharaohs and the different stages of mummification! In Science, we will be looking at ‘Forces and Magnets’, comparing and grouping a variety of everyday materials on whether they are attracted to a magnet. We will then be investigating human and animal skeletons. In music lessons we will be composing and performing Egyptian music. DT will involve investigating and making levers and linkages during our mechanical systems work. We will be practising our basketball skills in PE.

Super Christmas party

Museum Services visit.

We made Egyptian bracelets like the children of Ancient Egypt would.

We were Museum Curators identifying artefacts and labelling them.

We learned all about the Muesum Service in Leeds.

Hot seating

Our English writing topic was launched with a dress up in an Egyptian costume day. We had lots of Temple cats, Egyptian Pharoahs and Queens and even a Mummy. 

" I felt excited that we could dress up and bring Egypt into our classroom."



Temple Cat

In D&T, we made Egyptian cat pictures with levers and linkages.


Roald Dahl Day

The children looked fantastic in their Roald Dahl themed costumes. We played 'guess my character' and in maths we used our place value knowledge to work out numbers hidden by Ronald Dahl characters. 

Roald Dahl Day


Ancient Egyptian Artwork

All the children in Year 3 spent an afternoon in the hall working in pairs to produce a picture to represent Ancient Egypt. It was very messy but lots of fun.