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Design and technology at YWJS

Design and technology Statement of Intent


Resilient          Respectful         Inspired       Curious


Designers at Yeadon Westfield Junior School


At YWJS, each child will have the chance to design, innovate and become a resilient evaluator. They will inspire their curiosity by identifying needs and opportunities and responding to them by becoming inventors and risk-takers. Our children have opportunities to be involved in projects to make products and systems and be able to use and stretch their creative, practical and analytical skills.


Using practical and hands on experiences, our designers will look at real life situations, contexts and famous designers and inventors to be inspired in order to solve problems and create solutions in a controlled, respectful and safe environment.

They will be taught elements of:

  • Design
  • Making
  • Evaluation
  • Innovation

Our designers will have had chance to create high quality prototypes, driven by detailed plans that have been reviewed, critiqued and evaluated against a specific criteria.  Our designers will be encouraged to constructively criticise each design, which in turn builds their resilience and respect whilst ensuring we inspire them and build on their curiosity by giving them a wealth of skills for future development.   


Autumn 2020 Year 3 Levers and Linkages Egyptian Style.

Autumn 2020 Year 6 Building a Shelter - final video

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Autumn 2020 Year 6 Building a Shelter - video 2.

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Having learned about shelters and practiced some craft skills we are here cutting and glueing the wood to make our own shelters.

Autumn 2020 Year 6 Designing and Building a Shelter - Video 1.

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Initial investigation of shelters, building small scale shelters and learning some craft skills.
---------------------------------------------------  Design Technology 2019-2020  ---------------------------------------------------------

Year 5 made mechanical space vehicles in DT - Autumn 2 To infinity and Beyond

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Who will win?

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