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School Admissions

School Admissions


Most pupils join our school from Yeadon Westfield Infant School at the end of Key Stage 1 by applying through Leeds admissions. Pupils transferring from Yeadon Westfield Infant School are given a prioritised place. At Yeadon Westfield Junior School we adhere to the nearest priority school system for admission in September. 

We are a foundation school and the admission authority is  our Governing Body.

The school’s admission authority sets the admission policy every year. You can read our school’s admission polices below: 

· In-year applications to start at our school between September 2021 and July 2022 – read our 2021/22 policy.

· Applications for Year 3 places in September 2022 – read our 2022/23 policy.

· Applications for Year 3 places in September 2023 – read our 2023/24 policy.


How to apply for a September 2022 place

If you are applying for a Year 3 place for September 2022, all applications are made in advance. Offers are made by local authorities on national offer day.

You must apply to the local authority who empties your bins. If this is Leeds, click here.

The LA website is a composite prospectus for all Leeds schools and includes information about:

· all of the steps you need to go through to make an application

· the key dates

· a search tool to see if your home address gives any higher priority for admission to any school(s)

· an explanation about how places are offered if there are more applications than spaces (oversubscribed)

· the online application portal - apply online and you’ll be sent your offer by email

· a summary of each school’s individual admission policy criteria

· data about who got a place in the last 3 years - this will help you work out if there is a reasonable chance of your child qualifying for a place.

· Information about applying under a specific admission criteria (such as your child being previously looked after). It is really important to ensure you submit all supporting evidence by the deadline to show you meet any such criteria.

You can also watch the Leeds City Council school admissions video: click here to watch.

The council’s social media pages will also tell you about any Q&A sessions where you can ask questions.

You can also see information about our school, including previous admission data, on our school page on the Leeds City Council’s website page. Click here.

To find this, you can also use the school search at Check a School's Admission Details.


Application timetable - The below timetable applies to applications made to Leeds City Council. If you apply to another local authority, they may have different dates.

1 November 2021Applications open. You can apply online at 
15 January 2022National deadline for applying
28 February 2022Final date Leeds City Council uses for adding late applications or receiving change of address evidence. Any new applications received by Leeds City Council after this date will not be offered a school place until the first round of reallocations in May
19 April 2022National offer day (first working day after 16 April)
2 May 2022First cut off for waiting list requests to be submitted to Leeds City Council
16 May 2022Deadline for accepting offers and first cut off for appeal forms.
May to August 2022Places are allocated from waiting lists
June to July 2022Appeals heard by independent appeal panels
September 2022Start school


In-year applications.

If you're moving into Leeds or want to change schools in Leeds, you need to make a school transfer – often called an in-year application.

Moving schools can be a difficult experience for a child. You should always speak to your child's current school before trying to move to see what support they can offer you.


How to apply for an in-year place

We are part of the Leeds central in-year application scheme. This means you can apply for a place online using the Leeds in-year application form at Before you move schools ( . You can apply for places at our school and most other Leeds schools at the same time on this form.


If you have moved house, please upload evidence of the house move with the online application. You can find out what you need to provide on the above website.


We have to offer places by applying our admission policy criteria to your child’s application and we will contact you with our decision about offering you a place. We will tell you our decision no later than 15 schools days from when you apply.


If we cannot offer you a place, we will

· write to you to explain the reasons,

· explain how you can appeal and

· add your child to our waiting list in case a place becomes free.

Our waiting lists are kept until end of each school year. You will need to make a new application if you want to be on the waiting list for the following school year.



If you are not offered a place at the school you requested, you will have the right of appeal. The appeal panel is independent of the school and council and the decision is legally binding.

Before you appeal you:

· should accept any place that you have been offered in case your appeal is not successful

· should think about why you are appealing and check if it's likely to be successful

· could read the advice for appealing school places on GOV.UK

· could get independent advice on making an appeal from a charity


Leeds City Council arranges our appeals and you can find the appeal form at School Appeals.

If you are applying for a place for September 2022, you need to submit your appeal form by the above deadline to ensure the appeal will be heard before the summer holidays.


Other appeals - You can appeal because you want your child to attend a particular school. These are successful if the panel agree that the reasons for your appeal outweigh the school's decision not to admit any more children.

Wanting your child to go to a school because you think it is the best one in the area is not likely to convince the panel that your child should get a place there.


If you would like your child to join us in year at Yeadon Westfield Junior School you can also phone the school office (0113 2503395) to enquire about the availability of a place.


At Yeadon Westfield Junior School we have two classes per year group from Year 3 to Year 6. Each class contains up to 30 children.  In the event of additional pupils requesting a place the Headteacher may accept one additional pupil per class without consultation with the governing body. Beyond this the governing body would decide whether to allow additional pupils to a maximum class size of 32 on an individual basis.


If you require further information this can be found in The School Admission Policy, which can be found under the Policies section of Key Information.

Parents who have general admissions enquires can call Leeds Admissions.

0113 2224414