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Art and design at YWJS

Art and design Statement of Intent


Resilient          Respectful         Inspired       Curious


Artists at Yeadon Westfield Junior School


At Yeadon Westfield Junior school we place great emphasis on the importance of Art and design.  It is one of the only times in which artists have the chance to express themselves creatively, with individuality, but without barriers.  Art and design is often the only opportunity that some children will have to try out new skills and experiences and be inspired by other artists.


We aim to develop curiosity by giving the children the chance to expand and develop their creativity and knowledge whilst nurturing their imagination. Their journey through our school will give them chance to express themselves through a range of chosen mediums whilst experimenting with different materials and bringing their ideas to life. These skills will be enhanced by using great artists, architects and designers from history to inspire their own work.


Art and design is a great opportunity for the children to learn about resilience and respect and to be able to review, refine and master their own and the techniques of others. Our artists will have embedded the key art and design skills needed to create inventive pieces of art.


During their artistic journey thorough YWJS, our artists will have been exposed to and encouraged to develop skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, textiles and printing. They will be inspired by the work of other artists and have been encouraged to use their own curiosity to explore and develop their own ideas.


At the end of their time at YWJS, children will have been exposed to and be able to confidently use their sketch books creatively and analytically to review and improve theirs and others work. This reinforces the resilience of the artist their respect for others.

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