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History at YWJS

History Statement of Intent


Resilient            Respectful                 Inspired                Curious


Historians at Yeadon Westfield Junior School


At Yeadon Westfield Junior School, History is a fun, creative and engaging subject which motivates and inspires our children through gaining knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. By studying individuals, societies, cultures and countries, History enables pupils to gain awareness of what happened in the past and reasons for these events. History helps our children understand complexity, the changes and challenges over periods of time and to respect diversity of the different cultures. Local area studies enable children to develop empathy and understanding.


At Yeadon Westfield, children learn through a sequence of carefully planned lessons which develop transferable historical skills. These skills, developed through historical enquiry, have a wide application to the wider curriculum and everyday life. Our rich, exciting topics inspire our children through the inclusion of dynamic visitors, workshops, Educational Visits and a wealth of enrichment activities which bring the past back to life and which generate a curiosity for historical events, people and societies. Historical awareness also promotes responsible citizenship and challenging enquiry promotes resilience.


A curriculum map provides a framework for the History taught within YWJS. The whole school plan ensures learning is progressive and that historical skills are central to learning. Links are made between themes of History studied, so that the pupil’s knowledge is not episodic, ensuring good chronological understanding. This also gives children the skills to compare and contrast events and note trends over time.


By the end of Year 6, our children are curious historians, using a range of historical skills confidently to unpick and ask questions about the past, as well as understanding how events of the past have shaped modern Britain and the wider world.

Classroom Displays


Below are pictures of the History displays which are on classroom walls during the Autumn term.

Year 3 - Ancient Egyptians

Year 4 - Romans

Year 5 - Ancient Greeks

Year 6 - World War 2

Year 3 Trip to Nell Bank for their Stone Age topic - Spring 2020

Year 4 - Ruthless Romans - Autumn 2019. History linked to our Art work inspired by Roman Mosaics.

Year 5 - Groovy Greeks Topic - Autumn 1. We linked the Greeks across the curriculum including History, English, computing, art and DT.

Year 6 - Trip to Thwaite's Mill linked to 'Keep calm and carry on!' World War II topic - Autumn 2019

Remembrance Service - November 2019


'A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.'

Marcus Garvey