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6G all dressed as an adjective for World Book Day. Can you guess what adjectives we have come as?

The Big Book Swap!

The Bedtime Box

This year we introduced The Bedtime Box. This is a box that goes home with your child to help encourage reading with parents. In the box is a story book, a teddy bear, a notebook and some hot chocolate. The idea is that the child will sit down with the teddy and hot chocolate and an adult (mum, dad, grandma, grandad, older sibling etc) will then read the story to them. The child can write in the notebook what they thought about the story.

We have had feedback from parents and children about the boxes and they have been a great success! Here are some of the comments from parents:


"We have had it twice this year and we love it. It actually makes us sit down and read a whole book, we couldn't put the last one down until we had finished it."


"A lovely idea! Both of my children really enjoyed this. It also ensured that I set aside a specific time to read with them rather than it being a rushed activity or putting an audio book on."


We have also acted on feedback and are going to include a selection of books in the box, allow children the freedom to carry on reading/be read the book they are currently enjoying at home and let the box stay at home for a couple of nights.


Thank you for your feedback!


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Reading during the Spring term 2022

World Book Day March 2022 - Dressing Up As An Adjective

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The children were asked to come to school dressed up as an adjective. These are the winning adjectives from each Year Group. There are more photos on the Year Group pages.

"I love reading. We read a book called Viking Boy this year and it was brilliant, we got to write our own stories similar to it too." Jacob, Year 6.


"I like the WRAP strategies, they help me understand." Rajan, Year 5.


"I love 'I Fell Into a Fairytale'." Libby, Year 3.


"David Walliam's books are my favourite, I like it when the teacher reads to us too." Theo, Year 4

Spring Term 2022 - Year 6 - A Visit To The Library

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As part of World Book Day all Year 6 walked down to Guiseley Library. They had a talk about the library services and then spent time looking at the books available to borrow. We hope more of our children will now be encouraged to join.

Reading during the Autumn term 2021

We have been reading lots of books this Autumn term at Westfield Juniors, all linked to our topics and some books just for fun! Here they are:

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World Book Day 2021


 World Book Day this year was March 4th and as most of the children were still working remotely at home, we decided to wait until Thursday 11th to celebrate the day. The children (and staff!) were invited to come to school dressed as an 'adjective'. Have a look at the videos below to see who the winners were in each class. The year group pages have pictures of all the children dressed up.


We also decided to take part in a Masked Reader event! A number of staff in school recorded themselves in masks reading extracts from their favourite books. Watch the videos below to see if you can guess who they were and see the reveal video too!

Fancy Dress Winners

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The Masked Reader - The Big Reveal!!!!!

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The Masked Reader - who's behind the mask??

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What our teachers are reading to us........

In 3B, Mrs Clark has been reading The Firework Maker's Daughter by Phillip Pullman.


"It's an adventure story and I love adventures." Sam.

"It's really good, there is a girl and her dreams come true." Zak.

"I liked it because Lila goes on an adventure. I've got the book at home so I'm going to read it again." Aprille.


In 3L, Mrs O'Sullivan has been reading The Treasure Hunt by Nick Butterworth.


"Percy is funny and he finds lots of things." Bella.

"Percy found chocolate coins in his pocket and thought there were treasure." Darcey.


In 4I, Mr Atkinson has been reading Grandpa's Great Escape by David Walliams.


In 4K, Mrs Scargill has been reading The Enchanted Forest by Enid Blyton.


"I love adventure stories and this one is full of gnomes and fairies!" Amber.

"It's exciting and I just want to know what happens next." Will.

"It's adventurous like me! The children climb trees and so do I!" Luke.


In 5H, Miss McGeoch is reading The Beast of Buckingham Palace by David Walliams.


In 5A, Mrs Readman and Mrs Clarkson are reading Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo.


"It's an amazing story! Really dramatic!" Matei.

"It's really good especially when the elephants know the tsunami is coming." Caitlin.

"It's about a tsunami so it's dramatic and sad." Elliott.


In Year 6, both Miss Swallow and Mr Otto are both reading Holes by Louis Sachar. Miss Swallow is also reading the Diary of a Killer Cat series by Anne Fine.


"I love the Killer Cat stories because because Tuffy is so funny and always getting into trouble! Miss Swallow reads him like he doesn't care." Finley.


The books we are reading

Our School Librarians Spring 2 - they're happy to help!

Author visit!

On Tuesday 25th February, the author Eamonn Reilly visited our school. He did an assembly and talked about all his fantastic books - it was brilliant! You can click on the link below to visit his website.

Eamonn left lots of his books for us to buy, which we did - we actually bought 171 books!! Wow! What a lot of books! He came back and signed the books for us. We really enjoyed meeting Eamonn and we're really glad he came to visit.


Eamonn Reilly

World Book Day!

We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 5th March 2020 along with hundreds of other schools in the country. All the children received a £1 book ticket to spend on books and spent the day doing lots of things linked to reading. Some children wrote stories linked to author masterclasses, some spent time in the school library and some wrote stories about a tunnel and what might be instead it. Instead of dressing up as our favourite characters, we dressed up as 'adjectives' (a describing word). The imagination was brilliant! Please have a look at our photographs below and see if you can guess what we are. Thank you to all the parents who helped their children look so great!

The best dressed in each class

Mrs Clark was rather deflated...

6G - can you tell what adjectives we are?