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Google Expedition Visit - May 2017

Dan Year 6 - 'I absolutely loved the google virtual reality, it was so AMAZING!'


Poppy Year 6 - 'It was so fascinating looking at the views from the google virtual reality googles. We looked at lots of places, we even saw giraffes!'


Emily Year 6 -'I have never experienced virtual reality before so it was lots of fun...AWESOME!'

Edie Year 3 - 'I really enjoyed google expedition because we went inside a volcano!'


Finlay Year 3 - 'I loved the Paris sightseeing'.

Year 5 - 'I liked the VR's because we got to look at different places around the world in real life'.


Year 5 - 'I loved seeing the rhinos and giraffes'.


Year 5 - 'I loved exploring the Amazon Rainforest'.

Charlotte Year 6 - 'It was really great fun putting on the virtual reality goggles because it was like you were actually at the place'.


Joe Year 6 -'The Goggle Expedition experience was mesmerising and so realistic because it was 3D'


Georgia M Year 6 - The Google Expedition was an amazing experience'

Millie P Year 4 - 'It felt like i was swimming with the fish and the sharks'.


Finlay S Year 4 - 'It was a mind-blowing experience!'


Harry S Year 4 - 'It was awesome because we were in space, then a volcano, then the sea! the best part was with the Great White Sharks'.


Jorja Year 4 - 'My favourite part was swimming with dolphins'.