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Year 3

Summer 2 – Healthy Living

In Summer 2, the whole school theme is Eco-schools. In Year 3, we will be focusing on ’Healthy Living’ by focusing on what it means to look after our bodies and our minds. We aim to carry this out by creating individual Mindfulness books focusing on personal goals of ways to connect, to give, to keep learning, to be active and to take notice. We have an exciting project planned and led by the children to continue to improve ‘Jack's’ garden in our school grounds where we will decorate with our own wind chimes and dream catchers. Finally, we will celebrate our final project with a picnic in the garden reflecting on our time spent there. Alongside the whole school theme, year 3 will be studying ‘Light’ (plenty of sunshine required!) in science and we have a food focus in DT, learning about healthy and varied diets.


Summer Term 1 - Yorkshire

Our first Science theme this term, will involve investigating the different parts of a plant, paying particular attention to the parts of a flower and the jobs that each part carries out. We will also find out about plant life cycles. We will try to grow our own plants and investigate different conditions a plant needs to flourish. Our art focus will be drawing sketching and painting plants and flowers. In Geography, we look at look at the human and physical features of the United Kingdom with a focus on Yorkshire.

Physical Education: Orienteering

This half term we are taking part in orienteering as part of our PE lesson. We began learning the importance of using a key by working in small groups to make 'silly faces' using sports equipment and a map. We thought of different ways to travel from the map to the equipment. 

Science: Soil layers and formation.

In science we have been learning about the different layers soil is made made up of and how these layers are formed. We had fun making an edible version of the layers.

Spring Term 2 - Volcanoes

In Spring 2, we are focusing on Volcanoes. Our topic launch, enabled us to work in small groups to make a volcano which we had lots of fun exploding using coke and mentos. In English, we will be writing volcano shape poetry and we use the text, 'Escape from Pompeii' to freeze frame the day in AD79 when Mount Vesuvius exploded. In Geography, we will be studying the layers of the Earth, how volcanoes are formed and where in the world are the most famous volcanoes. We link the volcanoes to our art work, looking at the work of Margret Godfrey, shading techniques we can use to represent the layers of the Earth and in outdoor learning we will be using splatter techniques to make our volcano artwork really explode from the page. Science this term is all about rocks and soils, we will be learning about the three main types of rocks and investigating their properties. We look as how fossils are formed and the properties of different types of soils. 

Year 3 Decorated Eggs!

Escape from Pompeii - Freeze frame drama

When it snows, what better than to make snowflake shape poetry?

PSHE: MindMate: Dealing with difficult situations - Working together to cross the shark invested playground!

RE: Islam Creation Story and the importance of bees.

Geography - What happens at the Earth's boundaries?

Science - Naming and Classifying rocks

Topic Launch - Exploding our volcanoes

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Spring Term 1 2023 - The Stone Age

During Spring 1, following the excitement of our Horrible Histories event, we will continue to look at life in The Stone Age. We will explore questions such as ‘Were Stone Age people merely hunter-gatherers?’ and How much did life change when Stone Age people became farmers?’ We will try our hand at cave painting as a means of communication and will be visiting Skelton Grange to use our knowledge to survive a day in the life of a Stone Age person. In Science, we will be learning about different types of skeletons and investigating using our muscles. We will learn the basics of Karate in PE and in computing, we will be learning the concept of sequencing in programming through Scratch. 

Experiencing Stone-Age life at Skelton Grange

Spear throwing

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Spear throwing

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Spear throwing

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Autumn Term 2022 - Year 3 - Christmas Tree Festival

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We walked up to Yeadon Methodist Church to see their Christmas tree display. We had a grand time!

Autumn Term 2022 - The Ancient Egyptians

In the Autumn term, we begin with transition activities where the children will learn about life at the Junior school and settle into our routines. We will also be discovering what life was like 3000 years ago in Ancient Egypt in our exciting history topic. We will be learning who the Ancient Egyptians were, their place in history, daily life, the importance of the River Nile and the fascinating pyramids. In Science, we will be looking at ‘Forces and Magnets’, comparing and grouping a variety of everyday materials based on whether they are attracted to a magnet. During our work on forces, we will investigate how things move on different surfaces. Design Technology will involve investigating and making levers and linkages during our mechanical systems work. In computing, we will learn how to log on and about digital devices. In PE we will begin with fundamental of movement before going on to practise our ball hockey skills. In other areas of the curriculum, Year 3 will be starting to learn French, including greetings and numbers to 10, as well as being able to say how old they are. RE focus is all about God’s covenant

with Abraham and Moses and in PSHE we look at our strengths and challenges.

Egyptian Tug O' War

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Egyptian Tug O' War

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Art: Making clay Scarab beetles

PSHE: Team work: The marble run challenge