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 Water - Summer 2

In Summer 2 the whole school theme is Eco-schools. Year 6 will focus on Water. Water is our most important natural resource, but we are currently experiencing a crisis with local water supplies across the world.  Despite progress, billions of people still lack water and sanitation services. In Summer 2, we are going to cover a wide range of issues from how to save water at home and in school as well as why developing countries have limited access to clean and safe water. Our year 6 project focus will be on the school pond where we will be investigating the habitats, cleaning it out and also making water filters from natural materials.

We will, of course also, be getting ready for going to Herd Farm and will complete a lot of work on transition to get ready for high school.


Summer Term 2022 - Year 6 - Fire Safety

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Year 6 were very fortunate to have a visit from the fire officers from our local station. They parked the fire engine on the playground and showed the children the tools needed for different emergencies. The children were challenged to try to knock down a cone using the hose! They even got to climb into the fire engine to see what it was like. In the classroom, the fire officers spoke to the children about fire safety in the home, discussing common causes of fires and what to do in an emergency. Water safety and the importance of wearing a seatbelt whilst travelling was also discussed. The children were really engaged and asked lots of questions!

Summer Term 2022 - Year 6 - Rites of Passage

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Reverend Caroline visited us to explain the Christian rites of passage 'baptism and confirmation'. We learned what happens to prepare for the ceremonies and what happens during the ceremonies. We discussed the promises made and the difference these make to a person's life.

Castaway - Summer 1


For our Castaway topic we will be reading the Michael Morpurgo book ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. In Science, we will be starting our living things unit, we will be searching for mini beasts in the school grounds and in the pond. We will also be finishing our DT fairground rides using electrical circuits. In Geography, we will learn about the counties of the UK with a particular focus on the human and physical features of Yorkshire. We will also be looking at the continent of Europe and compare the countries within it.  In PSHE, we will develop our understanding of keeping safe when out and about in our local area. We will also look at relationships and changes that happen to us during puberty. In art, we will look at the artwork of the Japanese artist, Hokusai to link to our Castaway topic.

Summer Term 2022 - Year 6 - Creative Writing

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Our Creative Writing topic is Castaways. To 'hook' us into the topic we read part of Robinson Crusoe and then built our own islands using string and found materials.

The Sunshine State - Spring Term 2


This half term our next topic is The Sunshine State, which is linked to our Geography theme. In Geography, we will be studying the continent of North America and comparing and contrasting countries within North America. Our Science theme becomes electricity and circuits, and we will be making fairground rides in DT using an electrical circuit. We will continue to have specialist teaching in music, enhancing our skills on the ukulele and PE, hopefully making use of the better weather! It’s going to be fun!

Spring Term 2022 - World Book Day

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March 3rd.was World Book Day. The children were invited to come to school dressed up as an adjective. During the day they were involved with various reading activities. Here are some pictures of then dressed as adjectives. All the school winners can be viewed at Curriculum - English - Reading.

Invade, Raid, Stayed! The Vikings! Spring Term 1


In Spring 1, Year 6 will be studying the Vikings. We will learn who they were and where they settled; where they travelled and the similarities and differences between Viking and Ancient Greek warfare. In Science, we are looking at Evolution and Inheritance, including the exciting task of designing our own dogs! In Computing we will be using TinkerCAD to create 3D models, and in RE we are deepening our understanding of Judaism. In Art, we will be making colleges linked to Viking longboats.

Spring Term 2022 - Muddy Puddle Day

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We used our Muddy Puddle Day (no mud and no puddles this year!) to do some combined maths and art outside. This video shows what we were up to.

Spring Term 2022 - RE - Esther and Purim

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In RE we have been learning about the festival of Purim. Esther's story from the Bible is part of this. We read out the story and mimed to it.

Spring Term 2022 - Esther's Story

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This is the complete story we used in the video above.

Keep Calm and Carry On!: Autumn Term


In Autumn, our topic will be about World War 2, a real favourite within school – it is linked to a local history study where we will learn about how the industrial estate at Yeadon Airport was used to build Lancaster bombers; how Thwaite Mills made putty to help with the war effort and the visit of Winston Churchill to Leeds.


We will make air-raid shelters in DT and we will be learning about light in our Science topic linked to the blackout. We will create art work based on The Blitz and look at what life was like for people living through the war. In Computing, we will be learning about communication through the internet.


After half term, we will be learning about the human body in Science and we will design and

make pizzas for our Christmas party. In Computing, we will be learning how to use computers to do 3D modelling.

Towards Christmas we will be involved in lots of different festive activities!

Autumn Term 2021 - COP26

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In light of COP26, Year 6 have been considering the impact of climate change on our world. We looked at the impact human activity causes in the following six areas: Food and farming, Oceans, Forests, Energy, Travel and Transport and Health and Happiness and considered possible solutions to reduce the human impact on our world. The children chose one of those six areas to create a poster and then presented the information to the class. Please use the pause button if you want to examine a poster more closely.

Autumn Term 2021 - Remembrance

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We went to the memorial in Nunroyd Park on Nov. 11th. We laid a poppy wreath, observed a minute's silence and shared thoughts about different groups and individuals.

Autumn Term 2021 - Halloween Disco

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Here are some pictures of pupils dressed up for the Halloween Disco.

Autumn Term 2021 - Tasty Life Skills

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Some of the boys walked up to Aldi, bought ingredients, and then made some iced biscuits.

Autumn Term 2021 - National Fitness Day

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We has to pick from a selection of activities. Then we had to do 30 activities for one minute each making 30 minutes exercise in all. Here are some videos of us in action.