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Science at YWJS

Science Statement of Intent


Resilient          Respectful         Inspired       Curious


Scientists at Yeadon Westfield Junior School


Science is a systematic investigation of the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the world which relies on first hand experiences and other sources of information. At Yeadon Westfield Junior School, we are passionate about believing that science is important in every aspect of daily life and we want the children to be naturally curious, explain concepts confidently and continue to ask questions and deepen respect, care and appreciation for the living and non-living world around them.  We build on science capital by fostering the acquisition of knowledge, skills, positive attitudes through experiences and resources in order to inspire them to be excited and enthusiastic about learning future science.


  • At Y.W.J.S, teachers will create a positive attitude to science by using a whole school progressive topic-based approach, reinforcing an expectation that all children are capable of achieving high standards. Working scientifically, skills are embedded into lessons and the children are challenged. As they become more proficient at working scientifically, and their knowledge and understanding increases, they are encouraged to be resilient, ask their own questions, choose scientific equipment, collate and interpret results and make conclusions on real evidence using correct scientific language and vocabulary. Teachers find opportunities to develop children’s understanding of their surroundings by accessing outdoor learning and workshops with experts.


  • Our scientists have rich vocabulary, articulate their ideas clearly and will have high aspirations which will move them forward to further study, careers and take these skills into adult life.  They are exposed to a range of different scientists from a range of different backgrounds, understand how science has changed our lives and is vital to the worlds’ future prosperity. Children at Y.W.J.S feel they are scientists, and this results in motivated learners with good scientific understanding.


We are really excited at the arrival of our chickens. They are now living in their pen and chirping very loudly all day long!

Year 5 Investigation - Soluble and Insoluble Materials

We are pleased with the arrival of the rare breed chick eggs! We learnt lots about how they develop, what conditions they need to survive and will be taking good care of them over the coming weeks.