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Year 4


The Ruthless Romans


Welcome back!

Miss Whitaker and Mrs Scargill have been so pleased to have the children back in the classroom. They have settled back into new routines well and have really enjoyed seeing their friends again. They have had a fun filled few days and there were a few tired faces by Friday home time! Thanks to all parents as we had children dropped off promptly at the new time, hair tied up and water bottles remembered each day.


We will be beginning the new term by recapping and supporting the children with their key numeracy and literacy skills, trying to ensure we fill as many gaps as we can. Our first few weeks of writing will have a grammar and punctuation focus, linking with our history topic. We are calling this 'Every Time We Write' and will be encouraging the children to use accurate punctuation, from full stops to inverted commas to prepositional phrases. Maths will be place value, addition and subtraction reinforcing and extending their existing knowledge.


Our topic in the Autumn term is ‘The Ruthless Romans’, where we will study the Ancient Roman way of life, the Roman Empire its impact on Britain today.  We will find out about their  achievements and compare this to our way of life today and also the Ancient Egyptians which the children studied in year 3.

Art is fantastic this term. Children will study the skill of mosaic making and will create their own. They will also study Roman architecture and do plenty of sketching, using new skills to provide shade and tone to their work.



P.E. days for both year 4 classes will be  Thursday and Friday.  At present swimming lessons are postponed until further notice, until we get the go ahead, so children will be doing a second P.E session in school. They do not need to come to school in their PE kit. PE will be outside as much as possible so please bring warm outside kit.

Also remember if they have a school hoodie they can wear that inside school at the moment if the feel the need, as we will be opening windows to ventilate the classroom.

Thank you!