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School Closure Week 16

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Hi everyone. This is the last video I will be posting this term of all your creations. I have really enjoyed making them and hope you have enjoyed watching them. A really big THANK YOU to all of you who have contributed material. The pictures, videos, music and comments have all been really interesting and fun to see. I hope the videos have helped you cope with all the strange goings-on!! Have a great summer and we’ll see what September has in store. Cheers, Sam.

School Closure Week 15

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School Closure Week 14

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School Closure Week 13

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This week’s video is our Portrait Challenge, with some bonus content at the end.

School Closure Week 12

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Y5 Daily Challenges (to accompany home-learning pack 6)

History Challenge

How much do you know about the Olympic Games? Do you know how they began and what types of events were held? Do some research or ask your teacher if you're in school and we are sure you will make some weird and wonderful discoveries. Follow this by challenging yourself to create a dramatic and exciting opening ceremony using the sheets provided.

PSHE - BLM Challenges

You've probably heard about some of the protests taking place around the globe in response to death of George Floyd in America. Had we all been in school, we would likely be talking about this during an assembly our reflection time in class. I'm sure many of you have already been having these conversations at home but we've included some helpful resources below to help. We suggest you have a look at these with your parents/carers in case you have questions or are affected by any of the content.


We also suggest you watch:


Art & Mindfulness Challenges
Miss McGeoch's Yoga Challenge

Battle of the Bands 4

Appletreewick made a come back in this Battle of the Bands winning easily against Haworth. Brilliant effort everyone who joined in. Here are the most valued players for each class:


 Haworth    Charlie, Frankie  and  Aidan T   


Appletreewick   Elliot, Jessica, Oliver B

School Closure Week 12

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School Closure Week 11

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6th June 2020

Hi everyone,

The staff have been working really hard in school for the past couple of weeks getting ready for the Y6 children to come back, along with quite a few more children whose parents are Key Workers.

School is looking a little bit different but once the children get back in I know it will feel like home again. The teachers have set the tables and chairs out so that everyone has a bit more space and we must try really hard to stay 2 metres apart as much as possible to keep everyone in school, and at home, safe. We will be using the work packs in school over the next few weeks but you will also get to do other activities such as PE, Art and Computing. I know you may be feeling nervous but please don’t worry – all the staff will be there to help you and make you feel safe and it will be great to get back together, have some fun and see everyone again. I am sure we will all get used to the new routines very quickly.

For those of you who are not able to come back into school we will still be sending the work packs home every two weeks. The latest ones went out on Friday but if you forgot to collect yours you can still pick it up if you give school a ring. I keep watching the videos you are sending in – the plants you are growing and the arts, crafts and baking you are doing. Some of you have learnt lots of super new skills. Keep the videos coming in and carry on exploring new activities whilst you have this time at home.

Over the past few weeks I have been growing lots of veg plants and some things have grown enough for us to harvest them and eat them. I’ve also been doing the Couch to 5k running challenge and have got to the last week. When I started I could only run for about 1 minute but today managed a 30 minute run from Baildon to Shipley – though if you see me you will notice I run very slowly!

Keep smiling, working hard and being good for the adults at home.

Love from Mrs Piotrowicz


Y5 Daily Challenges (to accompany home-learning pack 5)

Geography Challenge

How well do you know South America?  Can you label all the countries and add their flags?

Mindfulness Challenges
Miss McGeoch's Yoga Challenge

What or who is COVID19 and what's with all these weird changes?


We're sure you have heard all kinds of things about the coronavirus from family, friends and the media. It may all feel a little confusing, what with all the change and people acting strangely and doing things differently. You may have felt different yourself or just noticed that other people around you are feeling different. This is all ok and very normal during these times. It doesn't matter if you're one of the children in school, at home or shortly due to be returning, your situations are all very different to what they were and will be for some time yet. To help you understand these times coping with the virus, we've uploaded lots of helpful tools below. These are stories, activities and tips to aid your understanding and we really hope they help! Some of you will be looking at these with the teachers in school but we strongly recommend those of you at home make use of them also. 


Take care,

Y5 Staff :)

Battle of the Bands 3

Great win for Haworth in our third Battle of the Bands. Fabulous effort everyone who joined in. Here are the most valued players for each class:


 Haworth    Monty, Kyle and Frankie      


Appletreewick   Elliot, Paige, Cameron

Caterpillar update!


Beautiful Butterflies


After a week as chrysalides, Mrs Irwin's butterflies emerged as beautiful Painted Ladies. They spent two days in the butterfly holder feasting on fruit. They particularly liked apricots and old bananas! They were then released into Mrs Irwin's garden to enjoy life in their natural habitat. They were very friendly before they were released and happily sat on your hand before flying away. How wonderful!

Thursday 28th May


Hi Year 5s!


We hope you're all well and enjoying the half term week off in this glorious sunshine! We thoroughly enjoyed catching up with you all on the telephone last week. It was such a pleasure to hear your voices and what you have all been busy with. Thank you also to the parents and carers for catching up with us and for all your continued hard work at home.


We've had another couple of weeks of exciting videos and pictures shared by you guys so thank you. There are so many of you to mention...


Libby you've been busy again with all sorts of exciting activities. Not only have you been working hard on your school work and daily exercise, you've has also been baking and growing your own food! Wow - we can't wait to see how your tomatoes and potatoes turn out.


Flo and Eddie, it's great to see that you celebrated VE day in style in the garden having a picnic amongst some lovely decorations. 


Well done Lola for working hard on those fractions - looks like you're improving every day, keep it up!


Matei and Isabella we are so impressed by your art, we think melting old crayons to decorate rocks is such a great idea - we may have to have a go at this ourselves! We are also super jealous of those scrummy looking pizzas you've been cooking - save us a slice next time please! Carrying out nature studies on your bikes is also a great way to combine exercise with outdoor learning, well done.


Charlie, it's great to see you're keeping up the aikido via online Zoom classes and your competition drawing is amazing, you'll have to let us know how you get on! We are also really proud of your garden fundraiser, that is such a selfless act of kindness. And that giant fish you caught whilst night fishing with Dad...incredible! 


Frankie, the mystery of your carpentry is finally solved - a bug house! A colourful one at that! This is a great way to attract all kinds of wildlife to your garden. We are also so impressed by your photography skills, is this a new hobby? The bee picture is wonderful. We wondered if the bee was drinking sugar water? Your stone painting is very clever too, you must have a really steady hand - great job!


Will, you have a frog in your pond, fantastic! Perhaps you could do some research on how they metamorphosise, as this is what we would usually be learning about in science during the summer term. I'm sure Miss Swallow will be just as impressed as we are with your survival skills too. Sounds like you had fun camping and toasting marshmallows - yummy!


And last but by no means least, Jude... what a brilliant piece of independent science you've produced! We;re sure you had lots of fun learning all about the organs within the human body. You're diagram is beautifully presented and has loads of detail - well done!


That's all for now. Keep your eyes peeled for the next set of challenges we will be posting on here next week to go with the home learning coming out on the 5th June. Keep working hard and having fun! 


Take care,


Y5 Staff :)


School Closure Week 9

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School Closure Week 8

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Ups and downs of lockdown by Libby Elsworth

Battle of the Bands

Well done to Appletreewick and all the children who took part in this weeks Battle of the Bands, it was a very close result. Congratulations to the winning Band.

Here are the Most Valued Players:

          Appletreewick                                        Haworth

          Ryan                                                    Charlie

      Matei                                                   Josh

          Elliot                                                   Alannah

Thursday 14th May


Hi Year 5s!


We hope you are all well and enjoying the added exercise and fresh air. Looks like the sun has come out for us yet again so that helps too! Thanks again to those of you who have sent in pictures and videos - they're fantastic! 


Milly and co, we love your advertisement! How creative, did you write the script yourself? Either way we're sold and would love to visit a place where a magical unicorn bakes cakes and we get pampered with cocktails in glorious surroundings - not sure about the hummus face mask though?


Thanks to Will and Charlie too. Charlie we can't wait to read your diary if it comes in with the next work pack, looks like you've been working hard on your writing - well done! Will it is a shame you missed the sunrise but your photography editing skills are brilliant, we really enjoyed those.


Hats off also to Alannah for her fabulous lesson in figurative language! I think we may need to ask her to teach this lesson when the time comes - so inventive and engaging - big well done!


We've been keeping busy here too. Mrs Irwin's caterpillars are still chrysalides but the butterflies could emerge any day now. Very exciting!


She has enjoyed looking through some learning packs that have been sent in to school. Her favourite part was solving some of your secret rune messages using the Anglo-Saxon alphabet! As well as preparing the next home learning pack, she has also been taking her little boys on lots of walks around their village. They loved looking at the flags and bunting to celebrate VE Day.


Some of you will also have seen her around school and she's been really enjoying going in each week to see some of the staff and pupils. She's hoping it isn't too long before our school is full of happy children and fun learning once again.


It's been another busy couple of weeks for Mrs Clarkson too. She's been into work over the last few weeks with the key worker children and had a lovely day this Tuesday teaching them something new and challenging but lots of fun. They looked at who Bridget Riley is and Mrs Clarkson showed them how to create an optical illusion and use shading to show form. She had a practice of this at home beforehand with her own children and they loved it too. Have a look at her finished product below, she's very proud of it.


If you would like to have a go yourselves go to Oak National Academy, Year 5, foundation, creative lesson 3 or follow this link:


After working at home and home schooling her two boys, she has also been out getting some much needed fresh air. They've been walking through the woods and exploring; using their fishing nets in the river (they think they caught some sticklebacks) and a bit of gardening. Have a look at how much Mrs Clarkson's seeds have grown.


Miss McGeoch has not been able to come in to school to see any of you and is missing you all lots. She has kept busy working from home and has really enjoyed looking through all the home learning packs that have been returned and is busy prepping the next round. 


She has kept up her colouring and yoga and is still enjoying growing things - this week she has sprouted two types of lentils, check them out below. She has also made some scones but ran out of sultanas so had to chop up dates instead - they worked a treat luckily. Her neighbour (a little girl from next door) also surprised her with a quiz through the letter box so her and Mr Loughlin have been trying to answer some tricky questions and are wondering what the prize could be!




Mrs Jones has continued to run and tend to her lovely garden when the weather has been nice and has been upping her skills with lots of online training - we are really impressed by her hard work! She's also been in school helping with classrooms and work packs and even did some 1:1 baking with Liam this week.


Miss Farnell has also been studying hard online as well as home schooling her daughter Tizzy. They've been doing lots of phonics work, country walks with their dog Thor, foraging for wild flowers and even growing their own fruit and vegetables. Miss Farnell is most proud of her tomato planters and is hoping they produce some lovely juicy, red tomatoes soon.


Take care everyone and hopefully see you soon!


Year 5 Staff :)

Alannah has made an incredible video teaching you all about figurative language - I think she may put some of us teachers out of a job!

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Attention all budding musical superstars!


If you enjoy singing and would like to learn a new song, watch this YouTube singing lesson taught by our new music and choir teacher, Mrs James:


And don't forget to send us a video if you record a song of your own, we'd love to hear it!




Year 5 Staff

Operation Bletchley


I saw this today: it's an advert for a walking / puzzle solving challenge that's going LIVE in July. 

It's exactly my cup of tea and I know some of you would love it too! So if you and your family are enjoying getting out and about for your daily exercise, why not sign up for this challenge in July? If you and your family enjoy escape rooms (normally), maybe you'd enjoy this too! It will help you lovely Year 5s get ready to study the impact of WW2 on Leeds when you move up to Year 6.


Good Luck!


Mrs Taylor

School Closure Week 7

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Hello all,

The Leeds North West School Sport Partnership website has compiled a wide range of #STAYHOMESTAYACTIVE resources, including: strength, cardio and stretching activities; challenges set by the Leeds Rhinos and England Netball teams; and scavenger hunts.

I had a go at the 60 Second Challenge card below. Can you beat my score of 40?

Have a happy and healthy week,

Mr Otto

Milly would like to brighten up your day by taking you on an exclusive Spanish experience to Casa 51!

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Y5 Daily Challenges (to accompany home-learning pack 4)

Find the countries of South America on a map:


Find the countries of Europe on a map:


Miss McGeoch's Yoga Challenge - Sun Saluations

Monday 4th May


Hi Year 5s!


We hope you've all had a great weekend and are all set for the next set of home learning that your parents/carers will be collecting today.


Thank you to those of you that have sent us pictures and videos of what you have been getting up to again. We just love your updates and seeing what you've been doing with your time. Alannah, we are so impressed with your newsletter! It is very varied and interesting and you've pitched it just right for your intended audience, well done! Frankie, we are so pleased to see you caring for nature and building a bird house - we're sure they will really appreciate that. Camping in the garden looked like great fun too and we cannot wait to hear all about it! And Louis, how amazing your spinner art is! You've inspired us to get creative with the paints this week.


The Year 5 staff have been busy too...


Miss McGeoch has an ever growing baby bump and has been busy doing all kinds of things from home. She even popped into school this week to rescue her plants from the classroom - they were looking very sad without their classmates and in need of a good drink! Besides working hard from home, Miss McGeoch has kept busy with walking, yoga, art, cooking, growing and making things and doing some home learning of her very own. Check out the pictures below to see what she's been doing.

Meanwhile, Mrs Irwin's caterpillars have been busy growing again and are going through the next delicate stage of metamorphosis. They are hanging from the top of the container and forming a J shape. Here they begin to harden into a chrysalide. An amazing transformation is taking place inside - wowee! She also celebrated a birthday at her house as her little boy Theo turned 1 year old! They had a family party and enjoyed eating a Fireman cake, sounds wonderful! 

Mrs Clarkson has been super busy too, keeping her boys occupied with home schooling and lots of fun as you will see from her recent update below. She even took them out on their bikes to ride up and down each street in their local area - we wonder if they can remember all the street names?


Mrs Jones and Miss Farnell have also been busy bees, working and doing lots of home learning of their own. Miss Farnell has created an obstacle course in her garden for her daughter to tackle and has completed lots of online training to keep her brain busy. Mrs Jones has been a great help around school as some of you may have seen if you've been in, and she's kept busy at home with lots of DIY, running and time in the garden. 


Keep sending us your updates and don't forget to make use of all the resources we are providing to keep yours minds busy. If you're looking for some extra challenges scroll down the page to find 2 week's worth of extra learning activities to keep you occupied. We will be uploading some more later in the week if you're a real eager beaver!  


Take care and we miss you lots.


Year 5 Staff :)


Hi Year 5,

I am really missing you all but I hope that you are all keeping safe and looking after one another. It is really lovely to see what you are all doing at home so keep sending your photos or videos to Mr Swallow on the email address.


I thought that I would just share with you a couple of things I have done with my family. We decided to take part in the loo roll challenge... the challenge for you though is which one is mine!

During the Easter holidays, we planted some seeds. Do you like the pot? Anyway, they are now starting to grow... I will keep you posted with pictures on here but I wonder if you can guess what they will grow into.

Stay safe everyone

Mrs Clarkson 



3rd May 2020

Hi everyone,

I have been sending lots of emails and texts to your parents and carers over the last couple of weeks, though haven’t written to the children who are not in school for a couple of weeks. I do, however, feel I know a lot about what you have been up to as I have watched your videos and seen all the amazing art, cooking, baking, gardening, science, music and other activities that you have been doing. I also saw quite a few of you when you came for the last work packs and look forward to touching base with all the families who make a brief visit tomorrow to collect the next packs. I have seen pictures of you all working hard on your school tasks. It would be really good if you could keep having a go at the work your teachers send. I know it is hard to do this at home as it is so different to working in school, but it will help you when you come back to school if you have kept your brain ticking over. Don’t worry if there are some things you cannot do – there is a lot in the pack – just do your best and have a go. Then, when we do come back to school, it will help you get back into the routine more easily.

I have also been really busy. I have been in school with Miss Swallow and the teachers who are able to come in most days and time passes very quickly! When I have done lunchtime duty I have been trying to get the grounds looking nice for when we are all back at school. Michael, Alana and Kayla have helped to plant up the hanging baskets and pots and clear the flowerbeds. We had fun (and got wet!) cleaning the bike shed. The gardening company that come to school have planted wildflowers where the adventure trail was removed and have fenced it off to start to develop a wildlife garden which looks great so far.

At home I have joined the bake off gangs amongst you, making bread and cakes!



 I have done more gardening and planted out the beans I have grown from seed. I am really proud that I have got onto Week 5 of the couch to 5k challenge. I am a very slow runner and when Pippa came with me today I ran at the same speed as she walked. I told her I was saving my energy! On other days I have walked and done yoga. My walk yesterday took me through Spring Woods at the bottom of Baildon and the bluebells and dam were beautiful in the Spring sunshine.


Take care everyone, stay busy and hopefully it won’t be too long before we can all be together again in school.

Love from Mrs Piotrowicz.

May 1st

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Alannah has written this fantastic newsletter. It is in the video but a little hard to read, so here it is in full! Thanks Allanah.

Hi everyone! 


We hope you're all well. The sunshine may have gone in but we're still staying safe and enjoying ourselves and just think, the earth is getting some much needed rain and nutrients. 


Caterpillar update:


Creepy Crawlies! Look at how much Mrs Irwin's caterpillars have grown in ten days. Over the next few days, they will hang from the top of their container and start to form chrysalises. Then their incredible transformation into butterflies will begin....

Battle of the Bands

Well done to all the children who took part in our first ever Battle of the Bands. Congratulations to the winning Band.

Here are the Most Valued Players:

          Appletreewick                                        Haworth

          Ryan                                                    Charlie

               Matei                                                   Samantha

          Maris                                                   Frankie

April 24th

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Year 5 toilet roll entries and winner.....

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Hi Year 5s!


Check this out...


Mrs Irwin has started growing her own butterflies after buying five caterpillars online. They have tripled in size in less than a week because they eat all day!


More photos to follow as they begin their metamorphosis.


One of our summer term topics will be looking at life cycles in science. Mrs Irwin's project is providing a great opportunity to observe a life cycle in real time. Maybe you will be inspired to do something similar from home? 


We look forward to seeing their development over the next couple of weeks.

Join in our Battle of the Bands - 5H against 5A


Which class will be reign supreme and be crowned the winning team?


Between Wednesday and Saturday we will be competing on Times Tables Rock Stars. Simply play any of the games as much as possible to earn points for your class team. The Band winner will be announced along with the 3 most valued players in the class at end of play on Saturday.


Let the battle commence!

A quiz from Mrs Jennings - answers to follow later!

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Hi Year 5s!


We hope you've all had a lovely Easter and enjoyed the glorious sunshine. Thank you for sharing what you have been up to, we love hearing from you all - keep it up!


All these clear skies have meant we've had some lovely starry nights too. Grace looks like she has been making the most of these like us. I wonder how many of you saw the big pink super-moon a couple of weeks ago?


Looks like there is lots of baking and cooking still taking place. We'd love to try some of your chocolate banana bread Robert when we all make it back to school - delicious! Maybe we could sample some following a grilled main course from Charlie? He seems to have skills on the grill.


Cameron, Alfie and Paige are keeping us motivated with their daily exercise and Alannah is saving us all from boredom with her podcast (what a great idea).


Thanks to Martha for sharing her pet stick insects with us and providing us with a wonderful presentation all about them. We've learnt so much, how fascinating. Maybe you could bring them in for show and tell one day?


We are also loving the den building too guys - Poppy, Charlie and Emilia you've got some serious construction skills, we are impressed!


And how creative have Amy, Alannah and Finlay been with their Saxon and superhero model art? Fantastic!


Thank you and well done to all of you for clapping and showing your support for the NHS and key workers each week, so many of you have drawn and painted rainbows to show your support, Jude even made one out of Lego - wow!


You've all been so busy and it's great to see. 


Stay safe and stay in touch.




Y5 Staff :)





April 17th

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A story from Miss Swallow

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Miss Swallow has written a story about a Little Bird who has a very bad case of the hiccups! If you would like to do some illustrations for her story, draw some, take some photos and then email them to news@ or draw some on the computer and email them. She would love to see some fantastic pictures to go with her story.

Easter message from the staff

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Clapping for the NHS.

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April 9th

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Y5 Daily Challenges (to accompany home-learning pack 3)

Mindfulness Practice 


During a recent MindMate lesson we discussed our mental well-being and how to exercise and take good care of our mental health as well as our physical bodies. One of the approaches we took was to practise mindfulness - also known as meditation. We followed an audio on Sound Cloud by Annaka Harris to help us practise. During this time in lockdown it may be even more important to check in with your minds and ensure we are taking good care of them. You may wish to combine this with Miss McGeoch's Yoga Challenge or complete it following your morning work out with Joe Wicks. You can practise this at any time of the day and as often as you like. Why not get the whole family involved for a peaceful few minutes together?


To access the audio, click on the following link:




Y5 Teachers

Our NHS banner

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A little song from Miss Swallow

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April 3rd

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Hi Year 5s!


We hope you're all well and enjoying time with your loved ones. We are missing you tonnes and can't wait until we are reunited and back to normal at school. For now you are all busy with your home learning and family activities, which are looking great so thanks so much for sharing and keep it up! If you would like some extra activities we will be uploading weekly tasks here on our page (see below) to keep you busy and don't forget to get involved with Miss McGeoch's challenges too if you're keen! We will also continue to set you some new activities on Mathletics and Spelladrome and don't forget to practise those TT Rock Stars! Be sure to take photos and videos of yourselves doing these things and keep us posted - we love hearing from you. 


Take care,


Year 5 Teachers :)

Y5 Daily Challenges (to accompany home-learning packs 1 & 2)

A message from Miss McGeoch

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Miss McGeoch's challenge list

Keep in touch!

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                                                                                                                1st April 2020

Hi everyone,

What a strange week or two this has been! I am thinking of everybody at home – I know from speaking to the staff that we are all missing the children a lot. I was in school for the first couple of days but then my daughter and I had symptoms so I have had to leave the school in the capable hands of Miss Swallow and the other teachers and staff. They have done a brilliant job and I hope to be back in next week. Meanwhile I am also doing lots of “Homeschool work” too back in Baildon and speaking to Miss Swallow about fifty times a day to keep the show on the road between us all! My home office is not as nice as some of the little offices you have made at home.

The children who are still in school have been having lots of fun I know, but those of you who have sent in videos and photos of you at home are doing some amazing things too. I have been making bread with my daughters but not sure it is as good as yours Louis! I have eaten it this morning for breakfast and it tasted good for a first attempt. I can recommend the kneading of the dough to get rid of a bit of energy!




I have also been planting and growing seeds – runner beans, tomatoes and chilli’s. We are going to get the onions into the garden next. The children who were in school in the first week planted onions and potatoes in the school plot so we should have a harvest to look forward to at school too.



My daily walks have taken me all over the village but also up onto Baildon Moors. I will definitely try to keep up this new exercise routine when school life returns to normal. I have also managed to fit in a few exercise routines in my front room!

Keep sending the photos and videos in everybody – it is great to see what you are doing, Hope to see everyone soon. Thank you to all your parents and carers too for working so hard with you – they are doing a great job.

Love from Mrs Piotrowicz.

A message from Mrs Jennings, one of our Governors.

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Week 1...

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Week 1 Part 2..

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Spring 2 - Smashing Saxons

During the second half term, our work is based around a history theme - Britain’s settlements of the Anglo-Saxons and Scots. This will include an exciting trip to Dunston’s Hall in March, where we will learn about life and much more about the Anglo-Saxons. We will make Anglo- Saxon food and also dress up for the day to really get a feel for life in this era.

Within our science work we will be continuing to learn about properties and changes of materials. During the whole term, we will really be trying to develop our group working skills during our PSHE and RE work. In computing we will use scratch to create our own Anglo-Saxon themed games.

Wonderful World Book Day in Y5H!

Today we have celebrated our love of reading and books by creating our own character descriptions and dialogue. We took part in an author masterclass by Nadia Shireen where she shared with us her tips and ideas around how to create a successful character. She challenged us to create our own beast and villain characters. We then had loads of fun exploring our characters using role play and improvised dialogue. We shared these with our classmates and provided each other with feedback and suggestions to improve our characters further. We then used some character description examples from Roal Dahl to help us to write our own for our beastly characters. In the afternoon we had fun re-thinking alternative plots for David Walliam's Gangster Granny story and we got to draw really funny selfies of ourselves with Gangster Granny. We ended the day listening to our current class book The Beast of Buckingham Palace (another Walliam's classic) and celebrated our achievements and best dressed during assembly.


Wonderful World Book Day in Y5A!

Today we have celebrated our love of reading and books by creating our own stories.  We made jigsaw stories where different people in the class wrote different sections of each other's stories. We ended up with all sorts of themes including: a grumpy grandad, football stories, a nasty gingerbread man and a story about Gerald the duck!  We had fun writing and reading them to each other.  We also designed the book cover to match with the story, which included writing a blurb.

We had fun testing our book knowledge by playing 'Guess Who?' with familiar story book characters. Would you be able to guess the story book character from the clues: his best friend is Christopher Robbins and his favourite food is honey? A member of our class guessed the character after only these two clues alone!

We also did book speed dating where we had one minute to convince our partner that our favourite books were worth a read.  From these speedy descriptions lots of us realised there were lots of books we had not known about but would now love to read! Well done 5A, keep up the fantastic reading!

Exploring Science!

We enjoyed a very interesting Science lesson when Mrs Redman and Miss McGeoch gave us lots of dry materials that had got into a terrible mess and we were asked to sort them back into individual groups of materials.  Unfortunately Mrs Redman and Miss McGeoch did not give us any sieves or filters, so we had to get creative with the resources she gave us.  We were ingenious enough to make holes in a paper plate to make a sieve and one group even made a shaker to separate out the materials.  It was a messy afternoon, but fun nonetheless!

Amazing Art


In Art this week we've been exploring line drawing. We looked at different artists and examples of popular and famous line drawings and used these to inspire our own line drawing designs. After practising the techniques we chose items from around the classroom and had a go at drawing them using a continuous line  - it was pretty challenging but we loved it!

Spring 1 - Our Active Planet – Earthquakes

During Spring 1, Year 5 will be learning about earthquakes in detail across the curriculum areas and largely focusing on geography. We will be researching what an earthquake is and what causes them. We will be using our map reading skills to find out where earthquakes occur, as well as developing our understanding of grid references and co-ordinates. We will also be looking at the impact of an earthquake and what you should do in an earthquake. This geography work will be strongly linked to our English non-chronological reports work. In computing year 5 will be looking in more depth about keeping safe online and will produce a whole school presentation on this important issue for safer internet day. In PSHE, we will think about how people respond to natural disasters, including some debating work. In music, we will create our own earthquake themed compositions and in art we will be sketching using the artist Lebbeus Wood as inspiration. In science we will be learning about properties and changes of materials.

Year 5 Geography learning planner - Spring 1

Year 5 have worked hard to produce some online safety advice within their computing lessons and have presented some of these to the rest of the school in assembly.

We enjoyed learning all about online safety and presenting it to the whole school in assembly BUT it was VERY NERVE RACKING! - Lola and Paige

I enjoyed writing about advice to keep you safe online - Gracie and Aimee

I enjoyed using Microsoft word to write about being internet kind and how to protect ourselves online - Libby and Daisy

I enjoyed writing about cyber-bullying and learning about how to report it - Evelyn and Sarah

Our earthquake survival performances

I liked learning all about how to survive in an earthquake - Gracie

I really enjoyed watching what everyone else had done for their performances - some were serious but others made me laugh - Matei

I liked how people used props in their performances - Oliver Ch

I liked how I was able to Iearn all about how to survive an earthquake - Grace

French - Le Corps (The Body)

Science Investigation - Recovering Substances from Solutions

We dissolved salt in water to create a solution. We then investigated whether you could undo the process of dissolving. We did this by applying heat to the solution and observing it over a period of time. It soon became apparent that the solution separated as the water vapour began to evaporate. We waited patiently and were excited to find the salt remaining in the base of the pan! So yes, you can reverse the process of dissolving and we can tell you all how! 

PSHE - Smoking

In PSHE this half term we are learning about the different types of smoking drugs and their impact to our health and wellbeing. We are exploring positive and negative advertising as well as peer pressure. So far, we have really enjoyed the role play lessons where we got to explore potential peer scenarios involving smoking and how we would respond in these situations. 

Science - Investigating Soluble and Insoluble Materials

5H Musical Compositions - Earthquakes

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We are practising playing percussion instruments to recreate the sound of storms and natural disasters. We have also explored our understanding of ostinatos, crescendos and decrescendos whilst writing and performing our own compositions.

5H Musical Compositions - Earthquakes

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5H Musical Compositions - Earthquakes

5H Musical Composition - Earthquakes

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5A Musical Compositions - Earthquakes

We are really enjoying our current topic and have been busy building our geography knowledge. This has included lots of map work and learning all about plate tectonics and their locations.

I enjoyed learning all about the tectonic plates - Robert

I have learnt so much about earthquakes because this was something I knew hardly anything about - Matei

I liked learning about the Richter scale

I enjoyed learning about the ways that tectonic plates can move - Cameron

We  found out all about the Nepal earthquake in 2015 - Ryan and Jaidon

This term year 5 are lucky enough to be learning karate from experienced teacher Andy. They're having lots of fun learning new skills.

5H were very proud of their Save The Planet club leaders as they greeted our guest speaker during a whole school assembly on littering and protecting Britain's precious environment and wildlife.

This term year 5 are developing their drawing skills in art and working towards sketching a 3D picture.

Autumn 2 - To infinity and beyond!

During Autumn term 2, we focused on finding out about the Earth, Sun and Moon in our science-based topic ‘To Infinity and Beyond!’  We learnt about our solar system and the conditions on other planets.

We also had an exciting visit to the Science and Media Museum - have a look at our photos of the day.

In DT, we rose to the challenge of designing and making our very own battery powered Mars Rovers; researching the current Mars Rovers within our computing work. It was great fun and a relief that they all worked!

In English, wrote our own short stories about journeying to outer space.

In PE we did orienteering despite the varied weather conditions and loved the mud!

We had so much fun in our run up to Christmas and deserved a well-earned rest.

DT - Mars Rovers: Mechanical vehicles -They were a success! We worked very hard using all of our DT skills and some science too.

5H Rover Race!

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Daisy, Robert, Archie and Evelyn

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I loved the part where we built the frame using the saws - Archie

I enjoyed all of it becasue we ALL got to a go at making the Mars Rover and it was fun - Evelyn

Jessica, Caitlin, Amelia, Libby and Grace

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I loved making the Mars Rovers because we made our own circuits and the DT was fun designing. My group was awesome! - Amelia

I liked designing the wheels and we were so creative with our ideas - Libby

It was fun watching it zoom across the floor and winning the race. We had great team work and it was fun designing as a team - Caitlin

Matei, Maris, Callum, Sarah and Aimee

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This topic was 100% fun! I love everything about it - Callum

I enjoyed doing our Mars Rovers becasue we were all part of making it - Sarah

I loved everything we did in our amazing DT lessons. I really enjoyed designing both the wheels and the roof and the circuit work was awesome - Matei

Paige, Lucia, Freddie, Cameron and Lola

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The Mars Rovers were fun but a challenge to make - Lola

I have enjoyed the Mars Rovers this term - Paige

I enjoyed making the Mars Rovers because we got to work as a team - Lucia


Ryan, Oliver, Jaidon, Taylor and Harry

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I loved the mechanical vehicles because it was cool how the motor spun and made the wheels move! - Harry

I enjoyed using the saw and all of the tools and cutting up all of the wood. I was so pleased that it worked - Oliver C


Alex, Oliver, Elliott, Oliver, Gracie-Mai and Ollie

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It was fun building the circuit and watching it move was fun. Our team work was amazing - Elliot

I loved the sawing and drilling to make our Mars Rover - Ollie M


Competition time - Take One!

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Competition time - Take Two!

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Orienteering - Year 5 have been enjoying orienteering this half term. Mrs Clarkson has particularly enjoyed this sunny day incomparison to the rest of the weather this half term!

I liked orienteering because I loved running around, reading the maps and finding all of the numbers - Grace.

I enjoyed orienteering because it was a fun way to stay healthy - Daisy

I liked orienteering becasue it was super fun! - Aimee was fun and sometimes there was a monster orienteering game - Taylor

DT - Making Mars Rovers in DT with mechanical systems. This was quite a challenge but a very enjoyable day.

Our fantastic day out to the Science and Media Museum in Bradford

I LOVED the trip because we found out about the Milky Way - Robert

When we went on the school trip the mirror maze was easy but fun because of the twists and turns - Jess

I loved the mirror maze on our trip - Archie

On the school trip I really enjoyed the space show - Matei

The Wonderlab on the school trip was amazing - Caitlin

DT - Beginning to make our Mars Rovers.

English - Writing Short Stories

Having fun generating exciting vocabulary to support our 'Journey to Space' stories that we shall soon be writing.

Autumn 1 - Groovy Greeks

Our first topic in the Autumn term was ‘Groovy Greeks’, where we studied Greek life and their

 achievements and their influence on the western world.

Through our History, English, DT and music lessons, children looked at everyday life; they researched who the gods were that the Greeks used to worship, Greek architecture, the theatre and the Arts, famous Greeks, democracy and the Olympics. Our music was linked to Ancient Greek literature and the Heroes of Troy.

In computing learnt how to use Sketchup to design our own Greek temples and theatres, as well as reinforcing our word processing skills and creating research files about Greek Food. Linking to our DT we celebrated Greek Food by researching, taste testing and then making our very own Greek food in the outside learning environment.

What a fun-filled term we had!

History and English speaking and listening - Greek Democracy. We looked at democracy during the Ancient Greek period and discussed whether we thought it was a fair system!

Other cool and exciting things Year 5 have been doing over Autumn 1:

Amazing Greek architecture!!

We have made Ancient Greek buildings using Sketchup in computing - Amelia G.

One of my favourite things this half term was using Sketchup in computing - Matei.

We had great fun using Sketchup in computing - Gracie-Mai

I liked Sketchup because it was fun to do different designs for Greek temples - Jess




We have been loving gymnastics and learning new ways to balance - AG

I enjoyed playing netball this term because I like playign sports that get me fit - OM

I loved PE because we did NETBALL AND ....GYMNASTICS. PE is amazing - Grace W



English is my favourite lesson and we wrote about the ancient Greeks and Hercules meeting the Hydra - Daisy

We learnt all about Hercules and his twelve labours in English - Maris

Learning all about Greek mythology was so interesting.


Science - Experimenting with water resistance.

History - The Olympics. We looked at the history of the Olympic games and ordered events in time. It was interesting to find out that there were no Olympic games during the World War I and II.

DT Greek food cooking - we cooked our own souvlaki outside

I loved the souvlaki, it was delicious and I loved sitting around the fire as it felt like I was camping! - Nellie

I liked the fact that they let me make a vegetarian skewer, it was gorgeous. I loved the Greek salad too - Nicky

DT - making our own Greek salads and Souvlaki.

I liked making the Greek salads and Souvlaki because we got to cook them ourselves - OM

Making the Greek food was lots of fun, especially making the skewer and chopping up the tomatoes - Josh

I liked cutting up the chicken and mixing it up with the garlic and onion.

 I enjoyed making the souvlaki because we roasted them on a fire. The best part was eating them with the whole class - Kaylan.

I really liked the souvlaki because it had loads of flavour - Alannah

I enjoyed making the chicken skeweres and cooking them on the fire outside. THEY WERE DELICIOUS! - Brooke

I love souvlaki - Liam

DT Greek food tasting - today children in year 5 enjoyed(!) tasting different Greek foods.