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Homework Spring term

On Monday (14th January) the children will bring home two types of homework books. One is a revision book. This gives all information about different maths, spelling, punctuation and grammar topics. The spelling, punctuation and grammar book is blue and the maths revision book is burgundy in colour. There are 3 types of maths revision books, foundation, standard and advanced. Your child will bring one of these home.


The second type of book is a study book that the children fill in and complete. The homework to be completed in these books is detailed in a timetable that will accompany the books home on Monday and it will also be here on the website. There are 3 timetables, foundation, standard and advanced depending on which maths book your child has been given.


All the children will have the same spelling, punctuation and grammar homework, there are no foundation, standard or advanced books for these. 


This timetable will run until the SAT tests in May. Please try and keep the revision books in good condition as we collect these back in after the SAT tests.


It is important that your child does not lose these books, especially the study books. While we could photocopy lost homework in the Autumn term, we cannot afford to replace new study books.


If you have any questions regarding the homework, please feel free to get in touch with the Year 6 teachers.


Thank you


Images of the revision and study books

Autumn 1 Homework Timetable