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Year 6

School Closure Week 16

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Hi everyone. This is the last video I will be posting this term of all your creations. I have really enjoyed making them and hope you have enjoyed watching them. A really big THANK YOU to all of you who have contributed material. The pictures, videos, music and comments have all been really interesting and fun to see. I hope the videos have helped you cope with all the strange goings-on!! Have a great summer and we’ll see what September has in store. Cheers, Sam.

School Closure Week 15

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School Closure Week 14

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School Closure Week 13

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This week’s video is our Portrait Challenge, with some bonus content at the end.

School Closure Week 12

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Battle of the Bands 4

Malham are clear winners again in our fourth Battle of the Bands. Brilliant effort everyone who joined in. Here are the most valued players for each class:


 Malham    Spencer, Christopher and  Lucy     


 Giggleswick   Oliver, Iyah-Rose and Sophie

School Closure Week 11

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6th June 2020

Hi everyone,

The staff have been working really hard in school for the past couple of weeks getting ready for the Y6 children to come back, along with quite a few more children whose parents are Key Workers.

School is looking a little bit different but once the children get back in I know it will feel like home again. The teachers have set the tables and chairs out so that everyone has a bit more space and we must try really hard to stay 2 metres apart as much as possible to keep everyone in school, and at home, safe. We will be using the work packs in school over the next few weeks but you will also get to do other activities such as PE, Art and Computing. I know you may be feeling nervous but please don’t worry – all the staff will be there to help you and make you feel safe and it will be great to get back together, have some fun and see everyone again. I am sure we will all get used to the new routines very quickly.

For those of you who are not able to come back into school we will still be sending the work packs home every two weeks. The latest ones went out on Friday but if you forgot to collect yours you can still pick it up if you give school a ring. I keep watching the videos you are sending in – the plants you are growing and the arts, crafts and baking you are doing. Some of you have learnt lots of super new skills. Keep the videos coming in and carry on exploring new activities whilst you have this time at home.

Over the past few weeks I have been growing lots of veg plants and some things have grown enough for us to harvest them and eat them. I’ve also been doing the Couch to 5k running challenge and have got to the last week. When I started I could only run for about 1 minute but today managed a 30 minute run from Baildon to Shipley – though if you see me you will notice I run very slowly!

Keep smiling, working hard and being good for the adults at home.

Love from Mrs Piotrowicz


Hello Year 6!

It has been a while since I last left a message so I wanted to check in and see how you all are. Are you managing to see some friends now that the lockdown restrictions have been lifted a little?


We are very busy at school getting ready for reopening on Monday and we are very excited to see the children who are returning to school next week.


I have been in work a lot so I have not had as much time to do the things I had started at the beginning of lockdown but I have learnt how to play the ukulele and I have written some more songs on the piano - including a funny one about a Yorkshire couple called Rita and Norman who have a whippet called Wayne!!


I have now been able to see my Dad properly - we ate fish and chips in his garden on Monday which was great fun. yes


I am really looking forward to seeing the children who are coming back and Monday.

Stay safe everyone


Miss Swallow

Battle of the Bands 3

Another win for Malham in our third Battle of the Bands. Fabulous effort everyone who joined in. Here are the most valued players for each class:


 Malham    Spencer, Alicia and  Edie     


 Giggleswick   Ava, Oliver and Louis

School Closure Week 8

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Battle of the Bands

Fantastic effort by Malham again this week. Well done to all the children who took part in our Battle of the Bands. Congratulations to the winning Band. 

Here are the Most Valued Players:

          Malham                                        Giggleswick

  Yasmine                                           Ava 

    Alicia                                                Louis

     Spencer                                           Oliver

Operation Bletchley


I saw this today: it's an advert for a walking / puzzle solving challenge that's going LIVE in July. 

It's exactly my cup of tea and I know some of you would love it too! So if you and your family are enjoying getting out and about for your daily exercise, why not sign up for this challenge in July? If you and your family enjoy escape rooms (normally), maybe you'd enjoy this too!


Mrs Taylor


A Catch Up with Mrs Taylor


Hello lovely 6G and 6M.


Hope you are all well and working hard and being active and creative.

It seems so long since we were all together, doesn't it? Hopefully, with the Prime Minister's latest message, we might be able to look forward to being together soon. Then we can start all of the transition work to get you guys ready for High School.


I've been keeping busy when I've not been in school teaching.


Like many of you I have been enjoying lots of home made cake.

Yummy Carrot cake - my absolute favourite and a Victoria Songe for VE Day

And, like may of you, I've been keeping in touch with family and friends via ZOOM. Have any of you tried a ZOOM call quiz yet? It's a great way to spend time with your friends.

I've also been working hard at the Food Bank, preparing parcels and delivering them to families in the community who have been really struggling during Lock Down.

Keep safe everybody, and hopefully I will see you all soon!

Hello, Year 6!

I hope you’re all well and coping with lockdown as best you can!

Thank you for sending in photos so that we can all see what you have been up to. All your baking inspired me to get bake some tasty treats too – so far, I have made banana bread, carrot cake and a Victoria sponge. Luckily, walking my dog three times a day is keeping me from piling on the pounds! Cassie and I are loving the opportunity to explore the local area (especially with the recent lovely weather), but I am hoping that we can get back to normality as soon as possible – I miss you all!

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the children of key workers in school on a Monday. It can be a challenge to teach a wide range of age groups (from Year 3 to Year 6), but we get to be creative with our learning. For example, yesterday we cooked/baked some wartime recipes, in preparation for a VE Day party that we are planning for Thursday. Of course, we had to sample it all once it was ready; the SPAM hash and trench stew with corned beef were a big hit!

Speaking of challenges, I have been completing increasingly difficult jigsaws and crosswords. Training my dog not to jump up on the furniture is tricky too (see the photo of me jokingly telling her off below).

What has been keeping you busy? Show us by e-mailing your pictures and videos to

If you want more activities to push yourself, please have a look at Mrs Taylor’s list below.

Take care and hope to see you all soon,

Mr Otto

Challenges for Year 6 from Mrs T




Find the countries of North America on a map:


Find the countries of Europe on a map:


(route 66) Find the states of the USA on a map:






Electrical Circuits:


Circulatory system:






Look at the work of Yorkshire artist David Hockney:

What do you like? What do you notice about his style? Try to produce a piece of art in a Hockney style.



Watch The Miracle Maker – available in 10 minute chunks on YouTube

Hello all,

The Leeds North West School Sport Partnership website has compiled a wide range of #STAYHOMESTAYACTIVE resources, including: strength, cardio and stretching activities; challenges set by the Leeds Rhinos and England Netball teams; and scavenger hunts.

I had a go at the 60 Second Challenge card below. Can you beat my score of 40?

Have a happy and healthy week,

Mr Otto

3rd May 2020

Hi everyone,

I have been sending lots of emails and texts to your parents and carers over the last couple of weeks, though haven’t written to the children who are not in school for a couple of weeks. I do, however, feel I know a lot about what you have been up to as I have watched your videos and seen all the amazing art, cooking, baking, gardening, science, music and other activities that you have been doing. I also saw quite a few of you when you came for the last work packs and look forward to touching base with all the families who make a brief visit tomorrow to collect the next packs. I have seen pictures of you all working hard on your school tasks. It would be really good if you could keep having a go at the work your teachers send. I know it is hard to do this at home as it is so different to working in school, but it will help you when you come back to school if you have kept your brain ticking over. Don’t worry if there are some things you cannot do – there is a lot in the pack – just do your best and have a go. Then, when we do come back to school, it will help you get back into the routine more easily.

I have also been really busy. I have been in school with Miss Swallow and the teachers who are able to come in most days and time passes very quickly! When I have done lunchtime duty I have been trying to get the grounds looking nice for when we are all back at school. Michael, Alana and Kayla have helped to plant up the hanging baskets and pots and clear the flowerbeds. We had fun (and got wet!) cleaning the bike shed. The gardening company that come to school have planted wildflowers where the adventure trail was removed and have fenced it off to start to develop a wildlife garden which looks great so far.

At home I have joined the bake off gangs amongst you, making bread and cakes!



 I have done more gardening and planted out the beans I have grown from seed. I am really proud that I have got onto Week 5 of the couch to 5k challenge. I am a very slow runner and when Pippa came with me today I ran at the same speed as she walked. I told her I was saving my energy! On other days I have walked and done yoga. My walk yesterday took me through Spring Woods at the bottom of Baildon and the bluebells and dam were beautiful in the Spring sunshine.


Take care everyone, stay busy and hopefully it won’t be too long before we can all be together again in school.

Love from Mrs Piotrowicz.


May 1st

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A Catch Up with Mrs T


Hey all you cool cats and kittens!


It's so wonderful to see your toilet roll art contributions! Well done Nikita on winning the competition! My personal favourite was Jake's toilet art! It made me laugh so much!


Well done Maizie and Spencer on keeping active and busy. I am also keeping up with my yoga and am running every other day with my daughters. I think you are more inventive than I am, Maizie, and it must be fun to do yoga with a partner, and Spencer, I am so proud that you have been raising money for charity - well done you.


So, Times Table Rock Stars, Battle of the Bands. Congratulations Malham on your deserved win. Giggleswick, what can I say? I'm not very competitive (!) as you all know, but it would be awesome if we could smash it this next week. Go on, you know you want to! Do it for me! I'll post a crazy, proud face picture if you do!


I've been working hard from home, like all you amazing kids and parents. I've been learning all about Autism and also the kinds of Trauma that children can experience in their lives and how we can help you out in the classroom. It's been fun to be back in 'school' as a student instead of a teacher!


I've also loved my days in school teaching the children of Key Workers. We really enjoyed looking at the developing frog spawn in the school pond. Soon we'll have lots of frogs! It was also fun challenging Eleanor to super hard maths...she's not competitive either!! (Much)


A lot of my time outside of work has been spent Volunteering for a Community Response Hub, collecting prescriptions, supporting the elderly and vulnerable and delivering emergency food parcels to people in crisis. It's been great to be helpful to people who are going through a really hard time. It's made me very thankful for being fit, well and able to volunteer. Many people have it harder than we do.


I'm also eating LOTS of cake, so I'll be rather wider and heavier than you last saw me! Maybe we can do some maths on measuring and graphs to show increase!


Keep safe you awesome lot! Miss you.


Mrs Taylor





Battle of the Bands

Well done to all the children who took part in our first ever Battle of the Bands. Congratulations to the winning Band.

Here are the Most Valued Players:

          Malham                                        Giggleswick

      Yasmine                                           Felicity 

    Alicia                                                Oscar

      Spencer                                           Millie W


April 24th

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Join in our Battle of the Bands - 6M against 6G!

Who will be the winner?

Between today and next Friday we will be competing on Times Table Rockstars. Simply play any games on TTR as much as possible to earn points for your class team. At the end of the week the Band winner will be announced along with the 3 most valued players in the class.

Year 6 toilet toll entries and winner....

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Come with me on an art hunt......

Art Sculpture Trail

So I was out on my walk today and I went along the side of the River Aire next to where I live and there is an art sculpture trail, so I thought I would take some photographs so you could do the walk too.


Wycliffe Primary School in Saltaire worked with a local metal sculptor called Mick Kirby Geddes. They drew pictures of things that were inspired by their thoughts and feelings for the area they live in and Mick turned them into pieces of art.


Quite by accident, I have missed one of the sculptures so here is your chance to try and work out which one is missing. The first picture shows the trail and labels all of the 15 sculptures. My favourite one is the Dog in a Dinghy.


Next time I walk along there, I will try to find the one I missed! Enjoy.

Miss Swallow

A quiz from Mrs Jennings - answers to follow later!

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Things to stop me from getting bored....

So I have been trying to keep myself occupied at home and my friend has set up a thing called 'A task a day keeps the boredom away' and everyday she sets her friends a task that they have 24 hours to complete. I have really enjoyed getting crafty with it. These are some of the tasks for the above pictures:


1. Fish - that was all the task said - so I pulled some Christmas crackers I had and made some fish out of them swimming about in the plastic toys that were once inside them.

2. Draw a self portrait - I wasn't very impressed with this as I think I have made myself look very old! surprise

3. Create a collage - I had some colourful buttons so I made a rainbow.

4. Make a puppet - I made Gerry the Giraffe out of toilet rolls. I even filmed him dancing in the garden to 'Happy'.

5. Make a soft toy - I decided to learn how to make a pom-pom and made a COVID-19!


If you would like to do any of these tasks, then get involved and please send some pictures to news@. Some of the other tasks I have done that you could have a go at are:


6. Create a picture out of food.

7. A compilation: something beautiful, something unexpected, something blue, something smelly.

8. Recommend a book for me to read and tell me why.

9. Recreate a famous painting.


Keep being creative everyone!

April 17th

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A story from Miss Swallow

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Miss Swallow has written a story about a Little Bird who has a very bad case of the hiccups! If you would like to do some illustrations for her story, draw some, take some photos and then email them to news@ or draw some on the computer and email them. She would love to see some fantastic pictures to go with her story.

Easter message from the staff.

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Clapping for the NHS.

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Our NHS banner

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A little song from Miss Swallow

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April 3rd...

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Keep in touch!

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                                                                                                                1st April 2020

Hi everyone,

What a strange week or two this has been! I am thinking of everybody at home – I know from speaking to the staff that we are all missing the children a lot. I was in school for the first couple of days but then my daughter and I had symptoms so I have had to leave the school in the capable hands of Miss Swallow and the other teachers and staff. They have done a brilliant job and I hope to be back in next week. Meanwhile I am also doing lots of “Homeschool work” too back in Baildon and speaking to Miss Swallow about fifty times a day to keep the show on the road between us all! My home office is not as nice as some of the little offices you have made at home.

The children who are still in school have been having lots of fun I know, but those of you who have sent in videos and photos of you at home are doing some amazing things too. I have been making bread with my daughters but not sure it is as good as yours Louis! I have eaten it this morning for breakfast and it tasted good for a first attempt. I can recommend the kneading of the dough to get rid of a bit of energy!




I have also been planting and growing seeds – runner beans, tomatoes and chilli’s. We are going to get the onions into the garden next. The children who were in school in the first week planted onions and potatoes in the school plot so we should have a harvest to look forward to at school too.



My daily walks have taken me all over the village but also up onto Baildon Moors. I will definitely try to keep up this new exercise routine when school life returns to normal. I have also managed to fit in a few exercise routines in my front room!

Keep sending the photos and videos in everybody – it is great to see what you are doing, Hope to see everyone soon. Thank you to all your parents and carers too for working so hard with you – they are doing a great job.

Love from Mrs Piotrowicz.

A message from Mrs Jennings, one of our Governors.

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Week 1...

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Route 66! - Spring Term 2


After February half term, our next topic is ‘Route 66’. Our Science theme becomes electricity and circuits and we will be making fairground rides in DT using an electrical circuit.

In Geography, we will be studying the continent of North America, comparing and contrasting countries within North America. We will continue to have specialist teaching in music, enhancing our skills on the ukulele, and in PE, hopefully making use of the better weather! It’s going to be fun!


Y6 - Journey planner - geography - Spring 2

Shipwrecked - Spring 1

In Spring 1, Year 6 will be studying the book Kensuke’s Kingdom. We will be doing lots of work based around being stranded on a desert island including an artist study of Hokusai, a Japanese artist who painted amazing images of tsunami waves. In Science we are looking at Evolution and Inheritance, including the exciting task of designing our own dogs!  In Computing we are creating Travel Guides using Google maps, snip, print screen, and hyperlinks and in RE we are deepening our understanding of Judaism.

What we have enjoyed about our Shipwrecked topic.....


"I took part in a cross-country event for school. It was challenging because the course was really long and very muddy!" Ava


"I found dodgeball enjoyable because I learnt how to use a 'jumping side-step' to avoid the ball." Jack


"I enjoyed the doing the Hokusai wave picture because I've never done any art like that before. I liked using the felt tips and the paint to create the wave effect." Megan


I liked playing dodgeball because I learnt how to catch the ball so that my team members could re-join the game." Felicity


"In my drum lesson, I have learnt how to do a rock beat. It is complicated but I can now do it!" Jake


"In ICT, I have enjoyed completing the travel blog because I found out many things about new places." Hollie


"I have enjoyed playing the ukulele in our music lessons. I have learnt how to play chord 'G' and can play it in a song!" Sophie


"I liked doing the Hokusai painting, especially when we splashed the white paint on." Eleni


"In our work on Kensuke's Kingdom, I enjoyed writing the formal letter to Michael's headteacher to ask if he could travel around the world." Imogen




Year 6 Art journey planner - Spring 1

6Gs outstanding versions of Hokusai's Great Wave off Kanagawa

Which is the most successful beak adaptation? We've been investigating the Theory of Evolution in our exciting Science lessons!

Invade, Raid and Stayed! - Autumn 2

In Autumn 2 we learnt all about The Vikings! We were excited to find out what made them such good warriors; where they came from and how they travelled to Britain. We researched what the Vikings ate and we had a Viking feast at the end of the topic which linked with our food technology in Design and Technology.

"I found learning about the Viking Invasions of Britain challenging, but fun!" Felicity

In Science, we learnt about animals and humans.

"I enjoyed learning all about the human body." Megan

"I really enjoyed doing science this half term." Jack

We also practised for the Christmas concert and got involved in lots

of different festive activities!

I found gymnastics in PE challenging because we are learning to do headstands. I'm getting better, but I still can't do them." Sophie

"I was struggling with Orienteering because I couldn't read maps but now I've got a lot better." Hollie

Our pizzas went down a storm during the Christmas Party afternoon!

We had a great morning using our food technology skills to make pizzas for our Christmas party! 17.12.19

Computing - producing, filming and editing adverts


In computing this term, we have been using i-movie on the i-pads to film and edit our own pizza advert. We started by researching existing pizza adverts to look at the narrative, music, text and filming style. Then, we planned our adverts by drawing story boards. We enjoyed two fantastic lessons acting out our adverts before finally, we could of editing our films clips. We've cut and split the film segments, added text and music. We think they're rather special. What do you think?

Check out our amazing pizza adverts!

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Check out our amazing pizza adverts!

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Check out our amazing pizza adverts!

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Check out our amazing pizza adverts!

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Check out our amazing pizza adverts!

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Check out our amazing pizza adverts!

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Check out our amazing pizza adverts!

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Check out our amazing pizza adverts!

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Check out our amazing pizza adverts!

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18.11.19 In Science, we recreated our digestive system and particularly learnt how nutrients and water enter our blood stream. We had good fun doing it!

A great Viking workshop day learning all about Viking Sagas, Battle tactics and Viking homes. 14.11.19

Acting out Viking Sagas


Part of our fantastic Viking workshop day was acting out sagas in the classroom. We had some very dramatic and enthusiastic re-enactment of Thor, Freya and Loki. Don't EVER try to steal Thor's hammer!

Lest We Forget

Enjoying serving one another in our Sikh Langar 


We have been learning all about the Sikh religion in RE this last term. This afternoon we had great fun selflessly serving each other delicious Indian food and drink, as we imagined what it must be like to serve and to eat in the Langar kitchen of a Gurdwara.

Selflessly serving each other in Year 6 RE

Royal Society Science Book Award Trip

If you watched our video we submitted by our judging panel, you will know 6 year 6 children, helped by Miss Swallow, judged some brand new Science books to pick their favourite. We were lucky enough to be invited to the award ceremony at the National Science and Media Musuem in Bradford with schools from all over the country! 

The children took part in lots of exciting Science activities inspired by the books including a chem-mystery, coding a game and learning about how amazing water is. We all joined together at the end of the day for an award ceremony and Lindsay Russell from CBBC presented the awards.

It was a brilliant day and the children were great - we even had fun catching the train! 🚂 

Who can believe that we're almost at half-term? 

We've had so much fun in Autumn 1, learning about how World War 2 impacted our local area. Do you know about the AVRO and what it was used for during the war? Can you explain why it was such an important target for enemy bombers and why it was never discovered? 

We've also enjoyed amazing investigations in Science as we explore how we see and how light travels. We're all improving in our Science skills, especially in how we present and organise our findings.

All of Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed researching, designing, creating and testing Anderson shelters in DT. Next week we will be testing them out! Will they survive a bombing raid (weight), bomb blast (fan) and the weather (water)?

Please remember to ask us about our wonderful designs for new Apps in Computing. We shall be presenting our designs, Dragon's Den style, to see which design is voted the best original idea.

What a great half term! Enjoy the holiday!

Keep calm and carry on! - Autumn 1

In Autumn 1 our topic was about World War 2, a real favourite within school – it was linked to a local history study where we learnt about how the industrial estate at Yeadon Airport was used to build Lancaster bombers; how Thwaite Mills made putty to help with the war effort and the visit of Winston Churchill to Leeds. We made air-raid shelters in DT and learnt about light in our Science topic linked to the blackout. In Music learnt WW2 songs and linked this to remembrance in November. In computing, we learnt about apps and even made up our very own apps for a mobile phone.

RE - drama - Exploring the story of the forming of the Khalsa (Sikhism)

6M have had great fun this half term designing, building and testing shelters!

6G Anderson Shelters and one Morrison Shelter - can you find it!?

Chloe, Iyah, Jack, Jake, Oliver and Sophie were selected as judges for this competition. They each read the six science books. Then they discussed them and scored them for different qualities. Eventually they came up with their best book. Some of their work was used in a video to send to the Royal Society. Their work will be judged and hopefully they will win a prize of some book tokens. The award ceremony will be livestreamed at 1pm on 13th November. Watch this space! Watch their video below!!

The Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize

Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize 2019

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Talk like a pirate day! 19.9.19

In Science we used wool as rays of light to demonstrate how we see things.

Thwaite Mills Visit

Still image for this video

A fantastic, but VERY windy afternoon exploring structures and constructing tents and dens!

We learnt some amazing skills in Den Building.