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Harmony Group

What is the Harmony Group?


Our Harmony Group was originally formed when Yeadon Westfield Junior School worked towards the Stephen Lawrence Award. We were really pleased to achieve Level 2 of the award. The focus at that time was to raise awareness of different cultures and to encourage respect for others and their beliefs or way of life.


The Harmony Group work closely with the School Council and continue to promote these values. They help to lead assemblies and projects in school, particularly those which reflect different cultures or promote the idea of "Living in Harmony", both within our school community and beyond.


Every year the group organise "Fairtrade Fortnight" and are currently working towards gaining Fairtrade status. They also help to lead 'Anti-Bullying Week'. 

Meet our 2021-2022 Harmony Group Representatives

Our Harmony Group representatives this year are:

3L: Brooke P

3B: Isabella O

4I: Dougie R

4K: Owen J

5A: Rajan Bhamber

5H: Finley Barker

6M: Seth D

6G: Olivia C


Bradford North Foodbank

Summer Appeal 2018


The Harmony Group are supporting a local foodbank's appeal for food and toiletry supplies for the summer holidays. We have set a target of filling 1 box per year group of key food items that the foodbank is in particular need of during the holidays. 

Please see the poster below for information about those key food and toiletry items and, if you would like to help, please kindly send your donation into school before the end of term. 

With many thanks for your support,

The Harmony Group

When the Harmony group met the Swedish Students


The Swedish students came to visit the children at Yeadon Westfield Junior School on Tuesday 28th November to observe and ask questions on school life in England. The children had great fun showing the students around the school and they were very enthusiastic when asking the Swedish students questions.

Here are a couple of the questions that were asked: 


  • What is it like in Sweden?

It snows quite a lot and it is very cold.

  • What is the Population of Sweden?

Around 10 million.

  • What are Swedish schools like?

The children don’t have to wear uniforms, they have a normal school dinner like we do, however they don’t have dessert.

  • Do you have school Councillors in schools in Sweden?

Yes, and they change each month to allow children to have a fair turn.

  • What is Christmas like in Sweden?

We celebrate Christmas on the 24th December and Santa comes during the day to us.

  • What do you eat for Christmas dinner? 

We have Ham instead of Turkey but the rest of our meal is the same as the English Christmas dinner.

  • What is your average school day?

9.30am until 2.30pm.

  • How do your school years roll?

August to June.

  • What is the general school age for children in Sweden?

Nursery to year 6 and then the children go on to high school the same as English children do.