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Year 3

Summer 2

Gateway to the World


Our topic in the second half of the Summer term looks at how we are linked to other places, with a focus on a different country. In Science, we will be studying ‘Light’ (plenty of sunshine required!) and we will be designing

and making a travel accessory in DT, using inspiration from fashion designers around the world. 

Rotary Club of Aireborough Dictionary Presentation

We were very grateful this afternoon that Sally from the Rotary Club of Aireborough presented us with our very dictionaries. 


"I really loved getting my own dictionary". Lexie

"I really appreciate being given a dictionary." Evie 

"I will now be able to look up spellings of words." Lucas

"The illustrations are very clear." Evie 

"I always wanted my own dictionary." Seth

"Thank you Sally for giving us these dictionaries." Oscar

Summer Term 1

Roots, Shoots and Fruits

During the summer term we will be investigating the different parts of a plant, paying particular attention to the parts of a flower and the jobs that each part carries out. We will be also find out about plant life cycles. We will try to grow our own plants and investigate different conditions a plant needs to flourish. In DT, we will design and make sandwiches.

We had a very busy and exciting day, investigating, designing, making and evaluating sandwiches with the help of Sharron from Morrisons. Here are some of our thoughts on the day:

"This was the best day of school so far.' Evie 

"We got to try new foods." Alana

"I am going to go home and try some cutting skills." Mia

"I really liked making my design." Seth

"When I ate my own sandwich that I had designed and made it was like relaxing in heaven." Sam

"DT is 10/10." Logan

Spring Term 2

Footprints from the Past

Our topic in the second spring term was linked to The Stone Age to the Iron Age period in history, where we will be looking at how people lived within this time. In Science, examined rocks and soils. During this half term, we looked at strengths and challenges and celebrated differences in PSHE and who can inspire us in our RE work.


3L World Book Day

3B Dressed up for World Book Day.

"This was the best school trip ever" Freddie


"I loved playing on the adventure playground" Noah


"I want to build a den from sticks at home" Luke

Nell Bank. Learning how Stone Age people lived Part 1

Still image for this video
This slide show is of photos of our pupils basket making, wall painting and shelter building

Nell Bank. Learning how Stone Age people lived Part 2

Still image for this video
This slide show is of our pupils making fire, and a 'Stone Age' adventure playground.

Nell Bank - The Video I

Still image for this video
This shows our pupils basket making, cave painting and building shelters, followed by relaxation at the end of the day.

Nell Bank - The Video II

Still image for this video
This shows our pupils lighting fires the Stone Age way.

What Makes the Earth Angry? - Spring 1


After an exciting start to the new term, where we have looked at volcanoes, flooding, mountains and earthquakes during Our Powerful Planet project, Year 3 will be continuing to learn about volcanoes in more detail across the curriculum areas and largely focusing on geography.

We will be learning about and sorting different types of rocks within our science work. We will be exploring volcanoes including the location of well-known volcanoes. In Art, we will be creating volcano pictures based on work of American artist Margaret Godfrey, introducing children to shading techniques and different mediums. We will be making our own volcanoes, using them to produce our own volcanic eruptions!

Marble run challenge

"This was a different way to learn, but I really enjoyed it" Jacob

In PSHE, we have been looking at strengths and challenges. Each team was given the challenge of working together to make a marble run which would safer carry a marble over our volcano. The children had to note their feeling before the challenge and again after, thinking about the role they played within the team. 

Volcano Dance

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"We worked in groups to perform Volcano dances, it was great fun" Rowen


Still image for this video

"We thought our dance was amazing" Heidi


Still image for this video

"Using the scarves was fun and different" Eddie


Still image for this video

"I loved my volcano dance" Oscar

Pompeii Freeze Frames

After visiting the volcano in our hall and listening to a person from Pompeii recall the horrors of Mount Versuvius exploding in 79AD, the children produced time lapsed freeze frame drama as the day.  



Layers of the Earth

Layers of the Earth

As part of our Geography studies we learnt about the different layers of the Earth. The children enjoyed working together to create their salt dough models.

Autumn Term 2018

In the Autumn term we begin with our transition topic where the children learn about life at the Junior school. We discover what life was like 3000 years ago in Ancient Egypt in our exciting topic ‘Time to Meet a Mummy’. We learn about farming, the importance of the River Nile, the fascinating pyramids, the pharaohs and the different stages of mummification! In Science, we will look at ‘Forces and Magnets’, comparing and grouping a variety of everyday materials on whether they are attracted to a magnet. We then investigate human and animal skeletons. In music lessons we will compose and perform Egyptian music. D.T. involves investigating and making levers and linkages during our mechanical systems work.

Autumn 2

Remembrance Art

"I loved remembering the soldiers whilst doing art work" Ruby

Autumn 1 

We enjoyed a visit from the Leeds Museum Discovery Centre with lots of Ancient Egyptian Artefacts.

3B enjoyed making moving pictures in D.T.

3L loved their lever and linkages moving pictures.

3B dressing up as Ancient Egyptians to launch our Temple Cat writing.

3L voting for their class representatives

3B voting for their School Council representatives.

Roald Dahl Day


On Roald Dahl day we began by giving clues as to our character for the rest of the class to guess. We then looked at character descriptions and wrote a wanted poster for one of the mean farmers in Fantastic Mr Fox.

Roald Dahl Day

Matilda fancy dress for Roald Dahl day.

BFG fancy dress for Roald Dahl day

James and the giant peach fancy dress for Roald Dahl day.

The enormous crocodile fancy dress for Roald Dahl day

Charlie and the chocolate factory fancy dress for Roald Dahl day.

Fantastic Mr Fox fancy dress for Roald Dahl.

The giraffe and the Pelly and me fancy dress for Roald Dahl day.

We created Wanted posters to help catch Boggis, Bunce & Bean from Fantastic Mr Fox.

Year 3 enjoying Karate in P.E

3B taking part in a Yoga workshop.