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Year 5

Biodiversity - Summer 2

In Summer 2 the whole school theme is Eco-schools. Year 5 will focus on Biodiversity. Biodiversity is the variety of life that can be found on our planet including plants, insects, animals and even micro-organisms. We will be learning what biodiversity is and how it benefits nature; how the human population can threaten the biodiversity of different areas and finding out how we can help and encourage biodiversity locally and globally. This will lead into our Year 5 project which will involve making our own solitary bee houses and bug hotels to site around our nature areas in the school grounds. We will be spending lots of time outside and being at one with nature. This will include a ‘wild afternoon tea’ for us and our insect friends. Alongside the whole school theme, in science year 5 will learn about life cycles. We will also have SRE lessons learning about the life cycle of humans; more information about this will follow.

Summer Term 2022 - Year 5 Local Trip

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We went on a trip to Esholt Woods and Nunroyd Park. Our aim was to enter the domain of the woodland animals we are about to write our 'Journey' Stories about. We are reading 'The Animals of Farthing Wood' for inspiration and are about to embark on a journey of our own with our own group of animal characters. We walked through the woods, alongside the river and smelt, listened and observed. We imagined the creatures living there and witnessed nature first hand. Whilst it was a wet start to the day it soon cleared up. We thought about the dangers that our characters would face and how our stories would end on a cliffhanger. We used our sketching skills to draw what we saw and how we imagined our stories playing out. Then, we went on a scavenger hunt as part of our Biodiversity topic (Eco-Schools) to find materials to build pollinator homes with later in term - small sticks and cones for pollinators like solitary bees to shelter in and lay their eggs. There was just time for a quick game of Crow's nest which involved the Crow spotting the other children hiding in the woodland space.

After a picnic lunch, we headed off to find another area of biodiversity - this time the man-made pond in Nunroyd park. Here, we sketched and drew and watched and listened to think how the biodiversity of this are was different to that of the Woodland from this morning. We were surprised to find baby frogs and to see fisherman fishing in the pond's water. A swan and several groups of ducks with ducklings and moorhens were also observed. We noticed the different variety of plants growing here - the marsh marigold, lilies and irises which thrive at the edges in the water. It was quite a contrast to the ferns and evergreen plants under the canopy of the thick woodland where pine trees thrived.

We are all set now to start to write our journey stories using our trip as the inspiration!

Bustling Brazil - Summer 1

After an exciting topic launch, we are thoroughly enjoying our new topic about South America, with a focus on Brazil. Within our geography work we will continue to use our mapping skills to locate South American countries (focusing on Brazil), the equator and discuss climate zones, as well as the biomes in Brazil. We will be looking at the Amazon Rainforest in detail - finding out about the different habitats – and discussing the impact of deforestation and linking this with our English work. We will also compare the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Leeds. In DT, we will be using our sewing skills to make carnival masks and our music focus will be learning and performing Samba music… it’s going to be lots of fun

Spring Term 2022 - The Climbing Tower

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We all had a go at being mountaineers!

Spring Term 2022 - Class 5H - Easter Chickens!

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Our eggs have hatched in the incubator and here we are with our new chickens. Awesome!

Smashing Saxons - Spring Term 2

During Spring 2, our work is based around a history theme - Britain’s settlements of the Anglo-Saxons and Scots. We look forward to finding out who the Anglo-Saxons and Scots were, and where their place was in history. We will be using primary and secondary sources to investigate where the Anglo-Saxons came from and why they came to England. We will also be using artefacts and historical enquiry to look at the discoveries at Sutton Hoo. We will compare life in Anglo-Saxon and Scot settlements to life in Ancient Greece. Within our science work we will  continue to learn about properties and changes of materials. During the whole term, we will really focus on developing our group working skills during our PSHE, PE and RE work. In computing, we will use Scratch to create our own Anglo-Saxon themed games.

Spring Term 2022 - Class 5A - Anglo-Saxon Art

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Spring Term 2022 - Class 5H - Anglo-Saxon Art

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Anglo-Saxons were great craftsman producing many pieces of jewellery such as brooches which held up their tunics. This video shows our own brooches inspired by their work.

Spring Term 2022 - Science Day

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Many children came dressed as scientists. (Matilda Montorya was the first Mexican female doctor.) Lucy brought in some sea urchins from her trip to Scotland. James brought in some fossils.

Spring Term 2022 - World Book Day

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March 3rd.was World Book Day. The children were invited to come to school dressed up as an adjective. During the day they were involved with various reading activities. Here are some pictures of then dressed as adjectives. All the school winners can be viewed at Curriculum - English - Reading.

Our Active Planet – Earthquakes: Spring Term 1

During Spring 1, Year 5 will be studying earthquakes in detail to develop our geographical skills. We will be researching what an earthquake is and what causes them. We will be using our map reading skills to find out where earthquakes occur; developing our understanding of grid references and co-ordinates. We will also be looking at the impact of an earthquake and what you should do to stay safe during an earthquake. This geography work will be strongly linked to our English focus on non-chronological reports. In computing, year 5 will be creating our own vector drawings using desktop publishing software. In music, we will create our own earthquake themed compositions and in Art, we will be sketching earthquake inspired art using the street artists Joe Hill, Manfred Stader and Eduardo Rolero as inspiration. In science, we will be learning about properties and changes of materials.

Spring Term 2022 - Muddy Puddle Day Part 1 of 4

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We found cracks in the playground which might have been from an earthquake!!! and turned them into works of art.

Spring Term 2022 - Muddy Puddle Day Part 2 of 4

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We decorated our earthquake art with stick pictures and labelled the angles acute, obtuse, right-angle or reflex as appropriate.

Spring Term 2022 - Muddy Puddle Day Part 3 of 4

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Using found materials we built earthquake proof shelters and then tested them.

Spring Term 2022 - Muddy Puddle Day Part 4 of 4

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There are 2 activities on this video. For the first one we had to make a picture which said something complimentary about a classmate. We had 5 minutes. The best bits went into the bucket!
The second one was team building. We had to work together in groups to manipulate and carry the stick across the yard using just ONE finger each.

Some of 5H came dressed for Children In Need. Here they are.

Groovy Greeks - Autumn Term

Our main topic in the Autumn term is ‘Groovy Greeks’, where we study Greek life and their

 achievements and their influence on the western world.

Through our History, Geography and English lessons, children will look at everyday life; they will research who the gods were that the Greeks used to worship, Greek architecture, the theatre and the Arts, famous Greeks and the Olympics. In computing, we will be improving our skills in using Microsoft Word and creating our own research files about Greek food. We will also be learning about computer systems and networks. In Science, we will be learning about forces, gravity and the effects of air resistance, water resistance and friction.


After half term, we will be continuing our Ancient Greek topic, linking this again with a variety of subjects. In Science, we will focus on finding out about the Earth, Sun and our Moon. We will also learn about our solar system and the conditions on other planets. We will rise to the challenge of designing and making our very own battery powered Mars Rovers in DT; wish us luck.

Autumn Term 2021 - Halloween Disco

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We took some pictures of our pupils dressed up for the Halloween Disco.